Monday, January 9, 2012

Gatsby Sneak Peeks - Inside look at 2013 Smith, Rossi, and Salomon

By: JR

We are fortunate enough to see things a little early from time to time. Next up we are giving you a sneak peek at some of next years ski's from Rossignol and Salomon. As well as Smith's goggles which include some new colorways and the brand new, game changer, the I/O X.

Rossi is bringing the heat as always with the S3, S7, and the Super 7. It also looks like there is a new member to the team...the Rossi Squad 7. If you remember, we wrote about the Rossignol Soul 7. This is, basically, the same ski with a different name. Check them out left to right S3, S7, Super 7, Squad 7

 Salomon's wall looks very impressive with some good looking graphics. The rocker 2 looks to be the highlight again this year.

Smith is coming with dope colorways and they are also dropping a new goggle that we can't wait to get our hands. The I/O X looks great and looks a little bigger than the I/O. 

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