Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Baked Goods" - Garrett Fierstein

"Colin Tucker Leap Year Rail" - Zach Hooper

"Do Your Thing" - Gorillaz, Andre 3000, & James Murphy

"Ego Killer" - Eligh & Amp Live (Timeline Remix)

Timeline is the definition of Dub - his music is played all over, his remixes are that of fantasy, and now the videos are killing the scene. Keep your eyes peeled for new EP's with Gryme Tyme and others coming this summer.

Trike Drifting ---- Grimey as it gets...

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Timelapse Colorado - Danny Brown

Grilosode - Big in Japan

What is this fashion?

"Got a New One" - Juicy J

Monday, February 27, 2012

"Eris" - Warsnare

"Calgary" - Bon Iver

One Love Video - Made by Grimey Gatsby


It reads:
"Stephen Marley, Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley, and Julian Marley are pleased to confirm that on Saturday March 3rd, 2012 they will in fact be performing at the 9 Mile Music Festival due to the love of their fans and the music. 'We are in it for the Love' - Stephen Marley"

The Marley Family just put out this announcement today for the 9 Mile Reggae Fest this weekend in Miami. Stephen, Damian, and Julian will all be performing and Daniel Bambaata will be as well. It's going to be a great time with the Marley's. Keven will be playing some "live dubstep" for the first time ever at the event and that is something that we will not miss.

Get ready to rock steady to the ital riddems!!!!

"Livin" - Curren$y

NEW Bon Iver

Sunday, February 26, 2012

"How's the soup?"

An elder man walks into a deli in New York City. He takes off his cap, removes his London Fog jacket, and places them on the coat rack near the front door. He saunters over to a table for two and sits down. He busts out a few newspapers and starts reading........
"Hi, I'm Roger. I'll be helping you today. Do you know what you would like or do you need a menu?"

The man replies, "I'm okay without a menu, kid. I'll take the soup of the day, glass of water, and some oyster crackers please."
"No problem sir. I'll have that right up for you."

Some time rolls by and the man continues to read the papers, Roger brings over the soup, the water, and crackers to the table.
"Soup, crackers, and water...just as ordered. Let me know if you need anything else."

The man looks over the paper at the table and then puts the paper back up to read. Roger has a slight look of "huh?" on his face but heads to his other tables to wait on them.

10 minutes roll by and Roger notices the soup and crackers haven't been touched.....
"Excuse me sir? Is there anything wrong?"
The man puts down the paper and crosses his legs...."No, I don't believe anything is wrong?"
"How is the soup?"
The man smiles..."I don't know how the soup is..."
"Is it too hot? too cold? Did you order a different soup?
"Sonny, take a second and look at the table. Is there anything missing or out of place?"

"Soup, water, crackers.......seems like your order is here. Did I make a mistake?"
The man's smile is as soft as your pillow after a long day...."You made no mistakes with my order."

Roger is starting to feel like this is a joke..."I don't get it sir. You have your order. You've been here for 30 minutes. And I have no clue what's wrong..."

The man leans over to Roger's ear and says, "When I plan on eating my food, I don't like to use my hands. So before you loose your cool, kid, go get me a spoon so I can taste this cold soup. And remember, not all of us are going to let you know about a mistake. Sometimes you have to figure it out. That's life. Like how I figured how to sell this diner 23 years ago and start a new company.........have you ever heard of Boars Head Meats?"

Roger - "Your food is on me sir. And I apologize for the tardiness on the spoon."

"Not to worry kid, I had one in my pocket the whole time. It's what you learn after being around long enough. You should always be prepared to eat your own meal. Or someone else will eat it for you."
The old man ate the cold soup, tipped Roger for his help, and strolled out into the NY streets whistling off to the next place.......

We remember this story often as it speaks to today's world of hurry, the fast lane, and "game." When you find out how to beat the game.....things slow down and you can truly enjoy your journey....until then you get to choose....are you Roger or the Old Man?

Tripping Barrels - Environmental

Wanna know how they get shots in winter movies......

Flying cameras have been used for a long time in winter sports --- heli's where the they have flying machines that are controlled from the ground to capture shots, angles, and footage that was never able to be captured before...from Red Bull to your never know who has these lovely machines. Expensive, secret, and wonderful...these cameras make us smile again and again.

Pawn - Victoria Taylor

Friday, February 24, 2012

DMX Swizz Beats - SOB

We have a DMX sighting with Swizz Beats.....SOB

Carnival de Brasil - enjoy how people party around the world...

Asher Bradshaw - At 6 years old...he's the man already....

"Sweet & Sour" - Band of Skulls

Girls going longboarding........

"Fuck up da City" - TI ft. Young Jeezy

Cypress Hill ft. Marc Athony & Pitbull

Expansion - Vital Films

Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Faded" - Tyga ft. Lil Wayne

FADED - TYGA ft. Lil Wayne

Popped Off - T.I & Dr. Dre.....yup that's Dr. Dre spitting the flow

Blackouts Jamaica - Vans off the wall TV

"Off the Wall" - Yuksek

Kenny Power introduces "K Swiss Blades"

Kenny Powers is taking you through the journey that is the blade!!!

GO VOTE MAGGOT!!!!! - It's an election year

Gunny, former Marine Drill Sargent, is taking his mentality from Full Mental Jacket to the

Fighter knocks himself out......poor guy

Is this a TKO, a KO, or a WTF?!?!?!?!?
And for the guy that "won".....cmon....let's be honest.

Smart Cars, Smart Lights, and Normal Humans....

The world around us is becoming "active" and now the lights and our cars can all have a nice little chat about us picking our nose all the time at the red lights.

Nike+ Basketball - Gear for the ballers

Now you can workout and record your data from your shoes....

"Simple Song" - The Shins

11 year old skating like a pro....Nanaka Fujisawa

Nanaka Fujisawa is 11 and skating some stuff here for your entertainment...

Project Mapping onto Turntables

Gigi Ruf slaying back country

DELETE stuff like this when you can...

A sick boy decided he needed to check out the "tablet" at Best Buy.....think twice before
you start loving on some "free gear"

Forrest Burki - now with Givin Vids

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dana Flahr and TGR!!!


Why is dancing something that only "some" people do?

"some" = with rhythm, ability to control swinging arms, ability to keep body 
upright during gyration, able to hear and induce movement to sounds, ability 
to hold poses for time during songs to show "pause," making a gorilla 
stomp look like Michael Jackson, sliding your feet back and forth,        
              slow dancing, ability to "lead," not standing against the wall.........

This all being said, it seems that most of the people have lost the subtlety of "getting down, the ability to feel the music, and RAGING," that has now become standard at musical events. You can see 'dirt twirlers' at the Wide Spread Panic shows in Aspen and you can see 'suits' watching Reggae in Jamaica. So where does that leave the average human that doesn't know how to "dance" to the music that is compelling them into society to find friends, partners, and new ways of fun?

1) Listen to the music before you attend the show:

This will give you the chance to get all of the nonsense that
you call "dancing" out of the way. Stand in front of 
                                                            the mirror and start dancing to the music.  

IN THE VIDEO ---- please go get a confirmation from a 
trusted friend (DO NOT LET THEM RECORD YOU
ON THEIR PHONE)......Once you have practiced "getting 
down" for a while in the comfort of your own home you are
now ready to step into the arena of music in 2012. 

2) Get your ass ready for the event:

You should know how to get there, have your ticket, and 
(hopefully, if it isn't your first rodeo) have your people ready
to enjoy whatever music you are headed to see.

3) Bring your A game and enjoy the scenery: 

If you head to Red Rocks - check the weather - it's outside :)
If you are going to Mansion in Miami, make sure to hydrate!
If you are going to New York -- save up!!
If you are headed to Europe --- practice dancing for another month.....
If you are going to Denver -- google "whoomp"
If you are headed to San Francisco - google "the bay"
***things that will be valuable research tools for your required fun levels***

4) RAGE:

You must unleash your inner child to destroy the beings that 
try to keep down the DANCE. Watch the hot women get down.
We don't care who is around.  We will RAGE 'till we are content. 
Most of the time, you can establish a great place in the crowd
with finding like minded people. You just have to make calculated 
decisions as to not make yourself offended with your surroundings . 

IF you like weights, beef, and beer - DON'T go stand behind the glow-stick
girls at the Deadmau5 show with your "bros" will not add to your evening

IF you are a couple on a date - DON'T go into the mosh pit - unless agreed
upon by both partners.......simple communication will solve this issue

IF you are late to the show - DON'T expect to weasel your way to the front 
of the stage -- I WILL HEEL YOU!!!  straight up.........

IF you have no money in your wallet --- DON'T pawn money/cigs/drinks/merch off people.... 

5) Celebrate the Music you enjoy:

Everyone loves some sort of music whatever it is. That is the 
best thing about music, "When it hits you feel no pain." You
can enjoy your music and everyone can enjoy THEIR music
So lets all unite in MUSIC.....the fact that people make it,
the fact that people hear it, the fact that people dance to it,
and the fact that people ENJOY IT more than anything

The best memories can be summoned by a simple chord. 

"The Mad Ones" - Teaser Video

iWatch - Apple is changing the game again...

Revolt TV - Diddy, Comcast, NBC come together for a network of GRIME!!

Rusko & Cypress Hill - Official Video

Rime - Miami Art Basel - Graffiti

50 CHARACTERS IN MIAMI from TheSeventhLetter on Vimeo.

"Homegrown Ep. 4" - Surfing


Monday, February 20, 2012

JazzHeads Unite - Mellow Orang by Freddie Joachim & Question

"Rella" - Hodgy, Domo Gensis,Tyler the Creator - Music Video

"This B*tch By My Side" - Juicy J ---- by Taylor Gang

"The Lufthansa Heist" - NEAKO ft. Young Jab

"So Good" - B.o.B.

"Dirt Money" - Niki Minaj

"Dead Man's Shoes" - Mobb Deep

"Mission Statement" - Shane McConkey Foundation

Santigold's new one!!!!

"This must be the feeling" - Nero

"Marley" - Documentary by Kevin Mc Donald

The documentary we have been waiting for........

"Back to the Money" - Skrilla Kid Villian ft. Bankmen

Skrilla Kid Villain ft. Bankmen --- Skrilla is from London, Bankmen is from Norway, and the clothes are from Benny Gold (USA) --- ENJOY!!!!

"Asan Jones" - Raekwon's note to ODB

For all of our friends that have pass away.....RIP FOREVER!!!!

Batman showing society some love....

Joe Rogan Experience - #16

"A Dreamer's Dream" - Tyrese, Jill Scott, & Blair Underwood

HST - The Original Grimey Gatsby

Hunter S. Thompson

He was the literary genius of his time. His impact with his writing has circled the globe thousands of times. But we in Aspen, we know a personal side of HST. From throwing the shot glass over his shoulder at the J Bar to having Bob Braudis & Johnny Deep at his place for late night talks on subjects not even your mind can't grasp. We have been to Owl Ranch for the High Times Bar B Que many many times. HST was one of the main promoters of High Times in it's beginning and his ads can still be seen today. 

His view on the world, it's players, and the big gig that we are all in; he couldn't take that anymore. Today is the Anniversary of his suicide. Every year in Aspen we take a second to realize what he really did for the "counter-culture" of America.......Screw that.....what he really did for ANY COUNTER CULTURE in America. For the people that exacerbate Freedom of Speech till the last breath, owe HST a big thank you. He was true, pure, spiritual, in tune, and fully involved with what was happening in HIS WORLD!!!!

From the campaign trails to the Vegas trips, HST showed us all how to unlock our inner self to become the Demon that society needed to face......REALITY!!!!!

Grab a book and start reading.......

"Slow Down PIG FUCKERS!!!" - HST as he hit speeding Land Rovers with a foglight and megaphone at the Woody Creek Tavern

"He who makes a Beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man"

HST speaking more truth

Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Nothing to Lose" - K'NAAN ft. Nas

Speedflying & Acro-Paragliding.......

Alex "Wheelz" Fotheringham - Double Back Flip in a Wheelchair

Divine Beauty - Design Wars

"I'm Leanin" - Soulja Boy

Frostgun Invitational

Strafe Outerwear - Sickbird Oney - Product Review

John & Peter at the Strafe Headquarters

John & Peter Gaston have been turning heads with their new outerwear all season. From ski base jumps to freeride comps, this brand is taking over the industry. We have seen many athletes rocking the "ski tracks" all season in the videos, competitions, and mountain towns all over the US. We were blessed to get our hands on a "SickBird Oney" (available in Fire, Chlorine, and Stealth) this past week. The team was stoked to get out into the snow with the Strafe brand. We had three people in the suit this week for a combined 5,000 vert uphill, 7,500 vert downhill, and 3 hours on a sled. This suit is like Teflon for the back country. We would know....we live in the back country. 

The Sickbird is ready when you are!!!

 (Back Country Mtn Man/Rasta/CEO of Grimey Gatsby/Freeskier/Green Activist) wrote: 
"This suit not only made the wind a 'non-issue' but it has enough flex and warmth for a 3 hour uphill with just base layers underneath. The waterproofing is like a submarine and the TPC (total pocket count) is right up my alley as a back country kid. I have been in some pretty bad situations and I'm sure if I had Strafe would have helped with the cold, wind, and storage." 

Strafe Athlete with a ski base jump image......GNARLY!!!

Nathan Ratledge
 (Director of CORE/climber/back country enthusiast/mtn man) said:
"For a person my size (6'3"), I look for flex, storage, and functionality. The flex is truly awesome. I walked uphill with no drag, snags, or 'red flags.' I enjoy the pockets and storage but for my large hand it could be a bit bigger ("NOW YOU CAN FIT A DEAD FISH INTO EACH POCKET" --- that statement came right out of Peter Gaston's mouth). Overall I am satisfied with Strafe and I think it's time to get out of this Patagucci and into some real stuff"


Josh Tankersly 
(Yogi/Nutrionalist/Climber/Back Country Enthusiast) said:
"It's like, the best jacket and pants I have ever bought for the crazy stuff I like to do. It's that simple. It's waterproof, windproof, sealed, big, and functional. After years traveling all over trying products out, Strafe is the best thing I have used in the past season. Every time I strap on skins....I strap on Strafe."

Strafe Outerwear

Helmet compatible hood with 3-point adjustment
17” pit vents
Mesh skin pockets
Media Pocket with wire routing
Wrist gaiters
Articulated storm cuffs
Waist adjustment
16” thigh vents
Boot gaiters
Superfabric® instep and heel reinforcement
Flare zips
Cuff adjustment for hiking and skinning

Gelanots® Softshell 3L fabric
4-way stretch hybrid Softshell fabric with 20,000mm waterproofing and 25,000mm breathability, and a Super DWR water-repellant coating.
YKK Aquaguard® Zippers
Polyurethane coated to keep wind and water out, and your valuables safe and dry.
Superfabric® Instep and Heel Guard
Heavy-duty reinforcement for maximum protection against ski edges and pant-drag.

Fully taped seams
17 stitches per inch

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bon Iver - Grammy Winner - Best New Artist

"Stupid Hoe" - Niki Minaj

Steve Aoki....

"Sail" - Wanderlust....

Supernatural Video #1

"Bad Girls" - M.I.A.

Grilosode - the mini.....

Flying without a motor in some sweet places...

X Games by The Good Life Ft. Raekwon, GhostFace Killah, Louie Vito, Trouble Andrew

We have many locals featured in this video. Our local shop, Radio, is the logo you see on the hoodies for Raekwon and the family. The Sundeck Monster Party, Wu Tang at Belly Up, and some great thoughts from The Chef on mountain sports and mountain athletes. Enjoy some of the lifestyle that we put together daily. Thanks Good Life!

"Affairs of the Heart" - Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley

New Video released this week "by Jr. Gong"

Jeremy Lin - before the Knick's explosion

Jeremy Lin was just another basketball player when this video was he is turning the league into LINSANITY!!!

"Bangarang" - Skrillex (Official Video)

Flash Mob --- funny stuff....

Friday, February 17, 2012

Glow in the Dark Snowboarding.......

Mint Julep - To the Sea...

Great Indie Rock....and amazing video....ENJOY!!!!

NYFW - from the Wander Lust Girls!!!!

We have had the fabulous life of Emily & Abigail  from WanderLust on our screens all week !!! The girls have been working in the industry for years and have the best eye on fashion, NYFW, the celebs, and the parties. We were fortunate enough to watch WanderLust cover the event and they did nothing but DOMINATE the week of Fashion. Enjoy some pictures here from the girls and be sure to check them out for more NYFW and FASHION information!!!!!

Follow them on Twitter
Like them on Facebook
Check out their website
and never never forget where Fashion comes first.....

Joy Cioci 

Betsey Johnson

Norisol Ferrari

WanderLust  at Fashion Week
New York 

Signature Betsey splits....

Betsey Johnson

Leather Japan

Norisol Ferrari 


Vantan Tokyo

Whitney Eve

Vantan Tokyo

All photography: WanderLust Girls - Emily Bache & Abigail Breslin 

Happy Birthday Mr. Jordan

Michael Jordan has forever changed the game of basketball and the industry of shoes....
Happy Birthday Michael and thanks for practicing all those free throws!!

Andres Fresko - Miami's reason to rage....

We have been sifting through information for the launch of our new sites --- NEW YORK, MIAMI, & LOS ANGELES!!! With all of the research, compiling, and listening we felt that it was time to share something with the audience. In Miami, there is a man named Andres Fresko that is making people dance, sending crowds into tantrums, and is working on his career for the next chapter of Grime!!! He is currently playing all over Florida and the Islands. His new mix is below and you can enjoy his sound and vibes for your Friday....He is featured in clubs all over South Beach. You know...the place that never stops partying!!!

If you are able to see this entertainer...please mark your calendar...
We, Grimey Gatsby, will be at Mansion to watch him perform on March 2nd. 
Gonna be a Grimey Good Time!!!!

Maestro Knows.........

Enjoy some skate life....

Aspen Open Course Review......GG style

ERIC ANGUS gives you a preview of the course in Aspen....

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tupac lives on.....

this is for the single mothers and rappers out there......

"Never define success for yourself....."

Steve Will make you work harder any time you need it.......

"Rush Hour Traffic" - The Cool Kids

"Became" - Atmosphere's new video......

Human Beings......a great laugh....

Enjoy some more Viral Videos....

"Drop it on the 1" - The Grouch & Zion I

enjoy some new tunes from the desk of GG....

Simply Clean III for the Car Kids......

American Ninja Submission Video......Straight Gatsby Kung Fu

Funny Stuff from around the World - Grimey Gatsby style...

Hedonskate - Check out this video of Grime

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Some Girl Shred -- Gatsby & Grimey

Colter put this together for some of the local girl rippers of Aspen.....

RE:GENERATION - Music Project Screening - Belly Up, Aspen

Music Project

RE:GENERATION MUSIC PROJECT, a documentary film directed by Amir Bar Lev—who made the award-winning documentaries "My Kid Could Paint That" and "The Tillman Story"—set for a unique nationwide, one-night only theatrical release in select citiesand venues Thursday, February 16Encore screenings in select venues to occur Thursday, February 23. RE:GENERATION will be screening at THE CRYSTAL METHOD show Thursday, February 16 at Belly Up in Aspen, CO prior to their performance.

Produced in association with The Grammys, the film looks at the history, songwriting and studio process of different musical genres through the eyes of five of the most influential electronic producers/DJs in music today, whowrite and record a brand new track with a grouping of influential collaborators in that genre. The tag line for the film is“5 DJ’s Turn the Table of the History of Music.” The stories of these five DJs are documented inRE:GENERATION

In the film, current five-time GRAMMY®-nominated artist Skrillex heads into a Los Angeles studio with members of the iconic rock band The Doors to collaborate on a new song, “Breakn’ A Sweat.” Meanwhile, The Crystal Method touched down in Detroit to work with Martha Reeves of The Vandellas and The Funk Brothers on the R&B number “I’m Not Leaving.” Mark Ronson created a southern brew of New Orleans jazz in “A La Modeliste” that boasts a veritable all-star cast of Erykah Badu, Trombone Shorty, Mos Def, Zigaboo Modeliste and Members of The Dap KingsDJ Premier tapped NAS and Boston's very own Berklee Symphony Orchestra for his“Regeneration,” and the documentary culminates in Nashville on the dusty, intergalactic twang of Pretty Lights'"Wayfaring Stranger" featuring vocals from LeAnn Rimes and Dr. Ralph Stanley.

The documentary is making an impact with music fans, having garnered more than 2 million views of the aggregated clips from the film, as well as more than 1 million streams of the tracks in the first six weeks since they launched.

Giro - Onset Goggle 2012-2013 - Product Review

Onset Goggle 2012/2013

We were given a pair of Giro Onset's this week. They will be coming out next season and offer a great weight to visibility ratio.  You can watch the video from SIA with the features and the design (below). We had someone uphill, someone downhill, and someone snowmobile in these bad boys. They are light weight, great for flat light (grab the gangsta green lens), and the ventilation is perfect for those sweat rippin' telemark kids! Drew Ingardia (our local ripper for Giro) dropped them off before his knee surgery to get an "on hill" test. Within 48 hours we had 11 hours of use on them......

Uphill (2,200 vert climbed):
"Lightweight made it an easy choice to put in the back pack for the way up. Once I got about 1,000 feet into the climb it started to snow and the wind picked up. I tossed on the Onset and started hiking. Pretty soon I was closer to the top and getting the heat going from the terrain. The Onset kept it clear through the deep breathing and also helped with wind since it covered more of my wind burn on the crow's feet...ya know"

Wanna ski like this? ----> Get the Giro Onset

Downhill (6,470 vert skied):
"They are really light and when the flat light hit on Ajax I didn't have to worry...well I did worry because all my other goggles fog up or they don't stay in place. These, Onset, really stay in place and they keep me pushing downhill. Keeps it easy when your able to see clearly through the pow pow gnar gnar."

Snowmobiler (2 1/2 hours on the sled):
"They were a little 'bright' in the color department but they worked better than anything I have in my arsenal. They were comfy and didn't fog up when I had to dig the sled out of the backside. It's nice to have a goggle that can keep up with the sled life."

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

Shredly - Mtn Bike Fashion for Grimey Gals.....

Ashley Rankin.....designer/owner of Shredly

We had the enjoyment of swinging through the Skyy Hotel and 39 degrees to see the Shredly Fashion show this past week. Ashley did a great job with the show & girls to premiere her new line for Shredly. These shorts are something of can ride, swim, run, hike, ski, and relax all in these fashionable and functional shorts. The ad campaign is great...(well, you can see the topless women below)....We enjoy the ability to keep these fabrics on from trail to pool to sunset!! You can get them in some great designs; we really like the skulls and peacock feather designs. They are made by Ashley Rankin who not only is a biker and designer...but is also a normal chic that wants things to work and last. It was great touching base with her on Shredly's current affairs and the future. This spring be sure to keep an eye on Shredly as it makes it's way across the country. If you bike....or your girl does.....then you need to get on this wagon as fast as possible. Follow them on Twitter, Like them on Facebook.....check out the website today and get with the new steeze for any trail-junkie!!!!

Keepin' it Gatsby.....

Perfect for a day of spring skiing....

Fallon showing off her skulls for a hike


Fashion Show Photography: Shawn O'Connor