Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Gentlemen's Guide to getting laid in a mountain town......

The GG Guide to being Gatsby........

In mountain towns around the world, there are men that continue to use "another day on the hill" as an option for evening attire. We term this as "lazy." We have women writing in asking for "suggestions" for the men in their lives. They asked us to give men a HEADS UP since they are lacking in some areas. First, to get laid......you must look good. There is a saying, "don't judge a book by it's cover....." We feel...."the more Gatsby the cover the faster someone will pick it up!!!"

Men, this is for you, it's free, and most of all.....you don't know it, but you need it. Sorry to come across like that.....but we, women, have spoken (from Aspen to Manhattan, Whistler to Wyoming, Tahoe to Texas, NYC to LA). Here are three styles for you to USE this winter instead of the Patagonia jacket your rad bro told you to buy because, "DUUUUDE, Patagucc is the best shit out." And he was right for the mountain......not as a walking sleeping bag for town.

 For the nightclub, the dinner date, the music show, a day trip, a party, or just an evening with the crew...........PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE......take a second and make yourself look Gatsby. Your lifestyle will thank you.......and the women will notice!!!!

The Professional 

duncan quinn, Gucci, Burberry, cuff links, black shoes, closing deals, and pocket squares

Don't forget that class and color can be mixed when needed. In today's look, you need to set your subtle standard higher than the next Gatsby. It's always in good taste to look crisp, clean, and concise when being professional. Try complimenting ladies on their look and never forget to hold a door. Keep it true to form, old chap! If you are above the curve......dress like it. Change is constant and so should be your wardrobe in the professional realm. If your always closing; your always looking Gatsby!

The Street Boss

 alife, the hundreds, ISVERA, UNIV, jeans, hats, freshness, and beanies

The street culture is a class unto itself. The hip, the cool, the old school....it's all here in 2011. Keep your accessories clean and your bills flat (20's and New Era's). Color is something that you can play with and match (hat, shoes, and belt). Don't forget your local brands from the streets - REP YOUR HOOD!!!! They always have parties and fun ways to meet other Grimey's. Your style is your SWAG and your SWAG needs to be Gatsby. Tongues out for the new shoes and bring your game to another level with our help. You will always look Gatsby with our Rolodex for the streets.

The Mountain Man

5 O'clock shadow, flannels, sweaters, earth tones, Red Wing Boots, and the outdoors

When you live in the mountains, they can try to consume you and your attire. Remember there is a difference between DAY and NIGHT. You can keep your edge of rustic realness even with a pinch of Gatsby. Your style is you and you must transform from mountain to town......and vice verse. The winter allows for layers, accessories, and blending old with new. Old boots, new jeans, and your favorite Brixton hat make for a solid base. Thrift stores in mountain towns are littered with flannels, jackets, and accessories. Haircuts and shaving are great ways to start a "new look." Keep the local women on their toes with subtle changes to your wardrobe.

duncan quinn - Fashion - Dapper suits for today's Gatsby...

"Arguably one of the people responsible for the resurgence of tailoring in the USA," is how we were introduced to duncan. And it is a statement that is bleak in the true message of this man, his brand, and his dream. He has a touch a sophistication with a dash of grime up every sleeve. His designs and tailoring are truly remarkable. His patterns are that of genius, in today's world of super saturation. With a heart for "practice" and an over whelming case of "never satisfy for less," this brand continues to open eyes, turn heads, and close deals across the globe.  Holder of the "Fashion Group International Rising Star Award," we are sure that more things will be coming your way from duncan. And we are ready and waiting for them all......

duncan quinn is for the James Bond of today.
"Anything less would be uncivilized"

Monday, November 28, 2011

Frends Crew - The Grimiest Headphones in the Game



      There is no "i" in this Frends Crew!

"Frends" is a crew of snowboarders who all share common mindsets. Though each
 has their individual personalities, they all are bound together by the common interest
 of snowboarding, music, partying, having a good time, and trying to keep the world 
informed that life is better with your friends.

So who are the “Frends?" And what makes them so cool that they don’t need the “i” in 
their name? Well, the Frends are a group of uber-talented snowboarders who just 
happen to be friends in real life. The group is comprised of pipers, parkers, streeters, 
pow-hounds, and cliff-huckers who all just happen to get paid mondo bucks from
sponsors to do it all. The Frends consist of Mason Aguire, Jack Mitrani, Danny Davis, Scotty Lago,           Luke Mitrani, Kevin Pearce, and Keir Dillon.

Frends started out as just a crew. Since they've had alot of fun making videos and a website, they decided it was time to get into their next venture. After battling
 about what to make, they came to the realization that music is one of the biggest
 influences in their lives. So they are stepping outside of the snowboard world and
 into the business world, being that they listen to music on the hill, off the hill, on the
 plane, in the car, and basically any chance they can. Headphones made perfect
 sense. So there you have it, Frends is making headphones!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chambers Clothing-The lazy man's way to be Gatsby


Chambers Clothing, a Downtown Los Angeles born line, established last year by artist Matt Goldman (Marketing Director), designer Devin Carlson (Creative Director),  Jake Denney (Sales Director), and Jack Anderson (Operations) all of whom are the co-owners.  Their approach to the making of the brand incorporates building within the accomplished design community and utilizing the valuable resources attained over the years.

Their new line, Chambers -- full of easy-to-wear collared shirts, jacket and sweater standards treated with a stylish twist—is perfect for lazy guys who don’t want to think too much about their outfits.

Gen Art recently awarded them the Fresh Faces Award for their innovation and attention to detail on the impressive collection of cardigans, flannel and denim, pullovers, jackets, pants and shorts.  We have an inkling that Chambers is sure to be on the top of shopping lists of dudes all across the board–from fashionistos to skaters to artists to party animals.  With a “No Leaders, No Followers” mentality, they can’t go wrong.

The Jackets look Fresh!

Art Show - Jason Earz - Aspen culture with GG

Jason EARZ Art Show - Radio Boardshop, Aspen

Last night in Aspen, we had a gorgeous art show put on by Jason EARZ. His art is simplistic in message but vast in application. You can contact him here to commission a piece or purchase one you see. The show had different sizes with great insight into his view on today's world. Sales were flowing around the room filled with music by Berkle Beats (a local DJ with the sound to hear!!!). The event roared all night with the fireworks from Ajax Mtn. in the background. Locals, fans, family, friends, and industry folks all gathered to see the new art of Aspen. It was a energetic evening of culture, creativity, and connections. Thanks Jason!!!!

Bike - simple and great color scheme......

Rainbow Unicorn - Elegant and Mysterious 

Shades - pouring out color into the world we see.....

Spread the Grime!!!!!

Use your bike!!!! - smaller size than above piece  

** Pabst Blue Ribbon Logo & Black Skull pieces are not pictured - Contact Jason to see these pieces**

Holiday Wardrobe Tips from Coco Gatsby.....

By: Coco Gatsby

Keeping your wardrobe Gatsby this winter is something we all need. There are easy ways to keep your legs looking lavish, your face looking fantastic, and heads turning everywhere you play. Enjoy these simple tips for the Holiday's.....to find a new man, keep the current one, or make the old one "jelly" with your Closet of Gatsby!!!!

Be sure to always have: 
a classy pair of long black pants (hanging and pressed) 
a blazer 
a simple black dress 
a fitted men's white T 
your favorite blue jeans 
costume jewelry 
these will always make people gush over you.
A girl is never too far from her black or pinstriped blazer!! Rock jeans with it and turn heads. Wear it over your favorite dress and set your own trend. 

For days that you feel more grimey, rock black tights with your favorite white men's T-shirt and never forget your Black Wayfarer Raybans.
On your nails wear something that pops, OPI gives you lots of choices that can set you apart from everyone else (HOT TREND - 4 nails one color; 1 nail a different color).
Mix and Match these pieces together for more styles!!!! Try a sparkly shirt under your blazer or a purse that BLINGS. Wear it during the day or evening; wear it whenever you feel like it's needed.
Dress up any of your outfits with a Gatsby set of red, blue, or silver heels coupled with some of your favorite accessories for a extravagant look.
Have fun with your wardrobe, be yourself & set yourself apart. You deserve to look and feel Gatsby. It's something that I do daily.......try it and enjoy!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

December Shows - Belly Up, Aspen - The Winter of Gatsby


12/1 - Kottonmouth Kings

12/2 - Movember, Aspen  - 40 oz. to Freedom

12/3 - Hell's Belles

12/13 - Bare - Dubstep!!!!

12/22 - Rufus Wainwright

12/27 - The Flaming Lips

12/28 & 12/29 - G. Love & Special Sauce

12.30 & 12/31 Jane's Addiction

Music Vids for Saturday.......

Friday, November 25, 2011

BLACK FRIDAY - The Grimiest holiday in the US.....

Black Friday --- These videos could be from somewhere near you.....today.....

Tata Harper - 100% Natural Gatsby of Gorgeous......

By: Coco Gatsby
The visionary......The leader

We had some VIG (Very Important Gatsby's) drop us a "heads up" about this brand of true amazement. Tata Harper is changing the world of Health, Skin Care, and Women. After our research on this beauty, we realized that she is everything we heard and more. She started a 100% natural farm that manufacturers her recipes for unbelievable products and are completely harmless to the body and the earth. This is a real Gatsby in the flesh. She over-sees the entire process from seed to sale. Her story is great and her brand is limitless. 

"For the past five years, I have literally traveled the world on a grand adventure that has taken me to unexpected places and allowed me to meet extraordinary people. I have hopped on planes with a moment’s notice to meet with world-renowned botanists, chemists, and experts in related fields, always searching for solutions.  My quest has taken me to ancient-walled laboratories in European castles, to English lavender fields that stretched out like a sea of purple and white and to the verdant green valleys of Vermont. My goal remained simple enough: to create a unique skincare line that really works. Because I was trained as an engineer, I was able to understand the science behind the kinds of effective formulations I wanted to create. The challenge was harnessing the specific plants and extracts that provided skin rejuvenation, hydration, radiance, vitality, elasticity, and more."

TH Labs.....

Her quest has landed her on a farm in Vermont. Seems that her goal is attained and now her brand is going to explode. If you haven't hear of Tata.....you are now fortunate enough to. Check out the website and see which products are best for you. 

"TATA HARPER is now headquartered on a 1,200 acre farm in the spectacular Champlain Valley of Vermont.  We fell in love with this farm and the authentic lifestyle it offers; we are inspired by its beauty and by being in the heart of the organic farming belt!  In Vermont, we oversee all aspects of production and manufacturing and continue to source many of the essential ingredients that grow so well in the clay soil of Lake Champlain. The remaining 80 percent of our premium ingredients are sourced from farms I have found on my adventures around the world, including farms in the Amazon, Israel, The Czech Republic, The U.K., France, Tasmania, and New Zealand."

Tata in the field....purest form of beauty

Thanks to Tata Harper 

Green Gatsby - Back to Basics for the Winter.....

By: Green Gatsby

Being "Green" is a lifestyle we all have come to agree with in America, we all wish to be a bit smarter when it comes to Mother Nature, Father Time, and The Present Bastard. We have been gathering information from around the country to help with some "Green tips" this winter. 

#1 - Use one cup daily - wash, rinse, repeat - doesn't just work with shampoo.......

#2 - Replace your bulbs with CFL's....if you haven't already this is an easy one for you rookies

#3 - Take your old, not gonna wear, don't need, and don't fit clothes to the local thrift store....RE-USE is an amazing concept

#4 - Tupperware is best if USED......try it out sometime 

#5 - Cook for yourself three nights a week - its "green" in more ways than one...

#6 -  Learn how to "can" for preservation......

#7 - Start a compost pile with your waste....

#8 Volunteer at a farm....they can always use more help

#9 - Pick up trash and throw it away........it's not hard to HELP OUT

#10 Keep re-usable bags in your car - NO MORE PLASTIC BAGS!!!!........think about all the plastic that can be saved if we do our part...

If you have one - 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Go Pro Hero 2


We loved our Go Pro. It was simply the sweetest wearable action camera we'd seen... until now. The brand spankin' new Hero 2 isn't dramatically different, they just made everything a lot better. I may never take it off.

Video shot with the HD Hero looked good. This looks way better. They put a fancy new sensor in there and it really delivers. Colors were way more vibrant and realistic, details were sharper, and brightness and contrast are much more balanced. The older Hero had a tendency to be washed out and blown out; that doesn't happen anymore (see first water shots in the video). You can also now get a full 170 degree field of view while shooting 1080p, and it has more options for frame-rates and sizes. It can shoot stills at 11 megapixels vs 5 megapixels on the Hero 1, and it can process images much faster, meaning you can take a time-lapse with one shot every half-second, or you can shoot 10-shot-per-second bursts.
The Hero's UI has been refined, making it much easier to set up. It's actual words on the little screen now, not incomprehensible abbreviations. There are now 4 LEDs that blink while you're recording, so you know you're rolling no matter which way it's facing. The Hero 2 has added a mini HDMI out and some built-in Wi-Fi awesomeness. GoPro's upcoming Wi-Fi BacPac will allow for remote control and realtime streaming from the Hero 2, which is pretty sweet. Lastly, the Hero 2 is the exact same size/shape/configuration as the Hero 1, meaning all of your Hero 1 accessories will fit just fine, including the LCD BacPac which allows you to line up your shots and play them back. And yes, it still comes with its housing that makes it waterproof to 180 feet.

Shot with Hero 2

No Like
The Hero 2 performs poorly in nighttime settings. Yes, it makes the images brighter than the Contour ROAM it was next to, but it brings in a ton of noise and graininess to do it. Also, while the UI is extremely improved over its last iteration, that's not saying a ton. Navigating through the settings is still a slow, unwieldy process. Also, the buttons can be stiff, which sometimes makes turning it on/off tougher.
Oww my ears! At the default setting the Hero 2 is super loud. I had to turn it down 4-7db in the video because it was peaking like crazy. There's a setting for wind-reduction which I haven't messed with yet, but it seems to me that the default should have a bit less gain. Also, while it's great that there's a mounting system for virtually every application you can think of, it's worth noting that setting these up is not always easy and intuitive. 

Thanks Gizmodo for the Review


Spread the Gatbsy!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Aspen Tree - Community - Free Food for the GG

Tonight, Aspen Tree arranged a meal for well over 400 people at Aspen High School. Their approach was simple but their message is deep.  "Our mission is to support and encourage creative, sustainable, and regenerative education and living practices in the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond through practical demonstration.

That is about as Green Gatsby as it gets!!!!

Looks like they achieved their goal tonight.....

"I feel 10 years younger...."
"Healthy, delicious, and good for Mother Earth....."
"I'm full and my soul is happy....."

It looked like Fantasia with broomsticks carrying pitchers of organic hand turned juice from the back over and over and over and over again. The local staff picked up plates like Dozers from Fraggle Rock. Kids were running around the tables breaking smiles out across all the faces. I even brought a set of the biodegratable utensils home....just to keep it Green. Aspen Tree brought the message to the masses this evening. Check them out and toss a donation for a great cause!!!!

The Aspenites came out in droves.......COMMUNITY UNITE!!!!
We would like to say THANKS to Eden Vardy and his crew of local volunteers that made this all happen. Many many many weeks of preparation, planning, and action came through in tonight's evening. All locally supported, served, grown organically, sustainable, and enjoyable. We can't wait for the next one!!!!

Education is power....Action is world changing

Monday, November 21, 2011

Secrets from the Gatsby-Rossignol Soul/Squad 7

By: JR

From time to time, we at the GG, are fortunate enough to have information "leaked" to us.  Today we got to see a serious "game changer" the Rossignol Soul/Squad 7. This is a new ski to the Rossignol lineup next year (2013). This ski is a BOSS! It's 120mm in the waist making it a little bigger than the S7. It looks a lot like the S7 at the tip of the ski, but a slightly shallower shovel. It feels stiffer than the Super 7, but it doesn't have a metal core. The tail is flatter than the S7, but it's still is enough for switch on pow days. We cant wait to ski these!

The particular set we got to see today was 1/50 that have been made and were the Soul 7 this ski will never be released and when they do drop they will have a different top sheet and be called the Squad 7. They were cut in the Rossignol Race Lab and designed with help from Dan Treadway and Sage, before he went to Atomic. If one of the team hasn't been to naughty this year Santa will be bringing him one of these super rare skis! So look for them "floating" around the West this winter. Special thanks to "you know who" at Hamilton Sports in Aspen for all the Love!!!!!!!