Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thompson Square is ready for a CMA tonight & styled by the Gatbsy!!!!!

With their gorgeous style, edgy sound, and heart-aimed lyrics we can see why Thompson Square is nominated twice this year at the CMA's (airing tonight night). We were lucky enough to see them perform in Hollywood a few weeks back and they are a sight to be seen. They have shot to the top like a sleeping dog and a firecracker. Keifer and Shawna, husband and wife, bring their natural chemistry to the stage to compliment their love of music and the band behind them. Thompson Square has been selling out shows, emptying CD racks, and occupying your "downloads" for the past year. They are the "most played song in country music," as one source told us. "When Shawna looks at Keifer it's what real music should feel, sound, and look like," was the description we got from their stylist, Cory Savage. 

Vocal Duo of the Year
Have you heard them sing? Have you heard Shawna hit her note with Keifer right next to her
just saying it's worth a look

Cory Savage has been styling them throughout the summer and has them looking "gatsby" for the CMA's this evening. Shawna's elegance and realness is transcended through her style and voice. She carries tunes that make grown men whimper and makes women wish to be her. When they have the entire crowd moving with their sound its like a race of dolphins out at sea. Hands, hats, and "hell yeahs!" fill the air throughout the show. You can't help but want to be Keifer when you leave the show because he's a real man. Keeps his fun-loving attitude at the front of his life and the music follows suit. The smile that emerges from his face when you speak of music, the band, the success, or the journey is the same. It looks like "I knew it would take time and it took as long as it needed" face that you see in the mirror when you get up in the morning. Country is about feeling at home, being with friends, or that hay ride on the weekend. Thompson Square brings their world right to your ears, fingertips, and heart. Tune into the CMA's, tomorrow night, to see them win and what their wearing. Our friends, Cory Savage and Traver Rains (of Heatherette), helped them out for the event. There's millions with their fingers cross for the hometown couple that made it big and still keeps their head's on the prize - the love of the music. 

New Artist of the Year 
Doesn't seem like anyone else has a chance in this one........12 straight weeks at #1

"Thompson Square has earned 12 awards show nominations in 2011 including an American Music Award nomination for New Artist of the Year; two 2011 CMA Awards nominations for Best New Artist and Vocal Duo of the Year; seven American Country Awards nominations including New Artist, Music Video and Single of the Year and two CMT Music Awards nominations. The duo has played to over a million fans in the past year – by both having been rapturously received as an opening act on superstar Jason Aldean’s tour and by packing high-energy shows of their own. They’ve seen the “Kiss Me” video become a favorite on CMT and GAC, even spending 12 consecutive weeks in the Top 5 of CMT’s Top 20 Countdown. They’ve earned a follow-up Top 15 hit with, “I Got You,” and traveled the national media circuit, performing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Conan, Fox & Friends, FOX’s All American Concert Series and more."  - Some info on the group........

Good Luck to Thompson Square from Grimey Gatsby!!!!!!



  2. i love this chick......she is very cutting edge and it makes me wanna listen to country music more!

  3. Kiss Me.........

  4. ......the Country Music Awards are tonight not tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats Keifer and Shawna