Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Aspen Tree - Community - Free Food for the GG

Tonight, Aspen Tree arranged a meal for well over 400 people at Aspen High School. Their approach was simple but their message is deep.  "Our mission is to support and encourage creative, sustainable, and regenerative education and living practices in the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond through practical demonstration.

That is about as Green Gatsby as it gets!!!!

Looks like they achieved their goal tonight.....

"I feel 10 years younger...."
"Healthy, delicious, and good for Mother Earth....."
"I'm full and my soul is happy....."

It looked like Fantasia with broomsticks carrying pitchers of organic hand turned juice from the back over and over and over and over again. The local staff picked up plates like Dozers from Fraggle Rock. Kids were running around the tables breaking smiles out across all the faces. I even brought a set of the biodegratable utensils home....just to keep it Green. Aspen Tree brought the message to the masses this evening. Check them out and toss a donation for a great cause!!!!

The Aspenites came out in droves.......COMMUNITY UNITE!!!!
We would like to say THANKS to Eden Vardy and his crew of local volunteers that made this all happen. Many many many weeks of preparation, planning, and action came through in tonight's evening. All locally supported, served, grown organically, sustainable, and enjoyable. We can't wait for the next one!!!!

Education is power....Action is world changing

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