Tuesday, October 30, 2012

HHL x GRC Collaboration - Sustainable Grime

Hemp Hoodlamb

The new Hemp Hoodlamb and Grassroots California jacket and hat collaboration is a first for both companies, but a logical fit for these industry leaders known for their commitment to pushing design and material standards.  In keeping with Grassroots Limited Edition design model, only 210 of each color way was made of the jacket. Both black and brown jackets come with a matching snapback hat in the same hemp material. Fitted versions of the hat are available as well. The durable hemp is balanced by a delicate embroidered motif which is mirrored across the tail of the coat and the back of the fitted camp.  The hat features a simple design on the front, with a brown GRC Bear and a single red leaf, much like the classic hat that started the brand.

 Green Gatsby is all over the hemp movement...we're championing industrial hemp and partnering with businesses like Evo Hemp Bars andHemp Hoodlamb. Whether it's food, fuel, fiber or medicine GG knows Cannabis Sativa is an over-looked solution to many of our society's dilemmas.   You can show your support for industrial hemp (and stay wicked warm) by snapping up this jacket-hat combo from two of the heaviest hitters in this movement. 

Hoodlamb's jackets, like GRC's hats, feature all the pockets you need. Tucked in that luxurious faux fur lining --which is made of hemp and recycled plastic bottles--there is a rolling paper dispenser, a music device or cell pocket, and other hidden gems.  The softness of the lining balances the rugged exterior.  Make no mistakes though, the shell of the jacket is finely finished, with a specially developed environmentally friendly cellulose weatherproof coating.  Your HHL x GRC jacket is bound to be a classic, and a long-term closet staple, as these things are built to last. 

If you're in Denver, you're gonna wanna head down to 2209 Larimer swoop one of these jackets pronto, before that cold weather sets in for good.  While you're down there, you can walk a few blocks down to the You can order online  HERE too. Only a limited number were made and you know they're gonna go fast so you'd better get on it quick! 

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here at Grimey Gatsby....so in honor of the festivities, here's a digest of some of our Grimey halloween coverage (costumes, pumpkins, crafts and more!).  Plus...to get you pumped up as you prep that costume... a fresh new video for the collab track from British artists Feed Me and Crystal Fighters....

Have a Gonzo Halloween!

Zombie Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez

Zombie Go-Go at "Stay Alive" Party at Casselman's Denver

Upcycled Wine Bottle Decorations

Ray Villafane's Pumpkin Carvings

DIY Milk Jug Candy Holders

Denver's Zombie Crawl..Which is scarier, the zombies or the riot police and mercenaries?.....
Don't forget to VOTE!!

Teenage Mutant Grimey Turtle at the Belly Up

Take a cue from the protagonist of this video (and from the Gatsby himself)....and be whatever you envision...this Halloween and every day!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Stop Motion for your Monday from the Gatsby....

If you're looking for the freshest in video production, step up to the stop motion game.  Artists like Ian Robertson  are serving up quirky and nostalgic works featuring classic games and toys for dubstep artists, while stop motion guru PES is bringing to life  video games (and furniture "games"--see below).  Nokia is utilizing the trend to showcase the video capabilities of one of their smartphones (on the world's largest stop-motion animation set--11,000 square feet!) You know the GG Fam is up on this one too.  We told you about Derrin Carelli's Circle of Corduroy , which took home "Crowd Favorite" at this year's NESPA awards. The stop motion flick documents a day in the life of an Aspen SnoCat driver. Check out some of these videos to get your week started with a healthy dose of grime!

Classic toys meet their match in Delta Heavy's video by Ian Anderson

Here's A Grimey One from PES

This ambitious effort was shot entirely on a Nokia N8 smartphone

Of course we can't forget GGFam Derrin Carelli and his stop motion piece documenting the lives of Aspen Sno Cat drivers....

Friday, October 26, 2012

Jason Lauve - Hemp's Industrial Man!!!!

Jason Lauve
The architect of Industrial Hemp

Jason Lauve

Bill HB12-1099 is the piece of government that we are going to talk about. It was passed...and now that means that Colorado has the ability to produce industrial hemp. The first crop will be coming down shortly. Yes, there is a crop of industrial hemp growing in Colorado...and it's legal. And most of all, it's about the change the entire world and it's view on sustainability. 

Imagine that we could make plastics, feed our livestock, filter water, build houses, and make clothes all out of the SAME plant.....seems to good to be true according to the American Government. But now in Colorado...we are going to start to do that very thing - Research and Implement Industrial Hemp!!!! 

It can be used for many things....why can't we grow it again?

Jason has been the figurehead at the front of the march. He wrote the Industrial Hemp Remediation Program Act for Colorado. He is traveling to Canada (Nov. 4th-11th) and California (Nov. 12) to speak about his Remediation Program and the Colorado future of Hemp. This is a huge piece of the puzzle to get "outside eyes" on our program and to get people to rally behind the act. Once we, the consumers, start to make a conscience decision to buy sustainable, organic, and USA made hemp products we will see the cost of many things decrease. We now pay for shipping of many items that we can manufacturer domestically now with industrial Hemp. Imagine an IKEA store...that was grown, made, and sold in the USA....now you can see the potential we are talking about with HEMP!!!!

Jason & Hunt at the Hoodlab in Denver
Hunt, our president, caught up with Jason at Hoodlab in Denver for a fundraiser. Jason is collecting money to help with his travels to Canada and California for this lectures. He is a keynote speaker at the Canada Hemp Trade Alliance (CHIA) this year in Edmonton. He is also going to speak at the Hemp Industry Association (HIA) conference this year in California.

In 1929 this picture was taken in the USA of a hemp grower.

"The biggest issue that we face is the lack on knowledge & data. We need to research the plant and all of it's uses before we start to implement "how" and "what" we are going to do. If you don't know what it can do or how we can do it....then we have potential that is not going to be optimized. This plant can change the world and it's ability to aid in an industry is unlike anything humans have made.....since we eradicated the plant a while back." -Jason Lauve on the future of hemp....

Before and after harvesting a hemp field

The regentrification of Mother Nature is the focus. We removed this plant from our country-side years ago. Now, we realize that this plant is the piece of the puzzle for sustainability, organic, and soil stabilization. Hemp not only gives us what we need but it can also "take out" what we don't need --- research the Chernobyl project with Hemp plants if you need more data. 

Hemp 2x4's are 2.5 times stronger than lumber. They are rot-resistant, fire resistant, and pest resistant.
Also we can produce more hemp than trees in a short grow cycle with geographical territory. This means, in simple terms, we can grow more hemp with less area than trees. And just imagine all the jobs that will come from this new industry.....

Spread the Grime & Keep it Gatsby
Get educated on Hemp, get ready for the evolution, and start to make conscience decisions about who & what you are supporting.....

Denver Hash Review - Who's the best in the 303?

Denver Hash Off
Welcome to Dabcity - Shatter Capital of the World
Denver is known as the "New Amsterdam" and we have been asked plenty of times where to get the best medicine. We "secret patient" dispensaries around town and compile information for our features and reviews. We decided to find out which hash in Denver is the best. We narrowed it down to three places to test this round and have 3 others to test next round. 

This competition had 6 flavors in two categories BHO and CW. Butane Honey Oil was the first up and we brought in our resident taster/connoisseur Dankasaurous. The cold water hashish was second for the testing. Dankasaurous is the local guru of cannabis for GG. He is well known throughout the MMJ industry and has signed on with Grimey Gatsby for tasting, testing, and over all critique of the Denver medical marijuana arena.....he is new to the family but steeped in the game. Make sure to follow him on Instagram as he is dominating the game. Back to the competition...

Testing elements:
Smell - Taste - Effect - Cough (Y/N)
The first three are judged out of a 10 point scale.

All types/flavors judged Dankasaurous himself.

Each dab was measured at .3 gram.
Each dab was followed by a 15 minute waiting period.

Native Roots Apothecary
Skywalker OG
Smell 8/10 - Taste 8/10 - Effect 8/10 - Cough Yes
"My brain feels like it's doing the 'cha cha cha' with Yoda right now. It's some heavy stuff, man. Did I already try the next one yet? Wow....yeah I'm sky walking right now..."

Dan is the man that keeps it Top Shelf at NRA for their wax game

Bruce Banner #3
Smell 8/10 - Taste 9/10 - Effect 9/10 - Cough Yes (almost puked)
"Grown man dabbing right there - straight bouldering like a mountain man. Pretty numb all over from the knees to my noggin. I kinda love Bruce Banner for that. Head, shoulders, knees, and toes....knees, and toes...What where you asking me about again? Oh yeah...Banner...#1. I approve this message."

Blue Cheese
Smell 6/10 - Taste 7/10 - Effect 8/10 - Cough Y (more like kinda)
"It's smooth but I would rather smoke anything but 'the cheese.' Never liked it in my garden and that usually makes me loathe it anytime I see it. Upper frontal lobe is at ease but I still can't enjoy it as much as a real strain..."

Smell 7/10 - Taste 6/10 - Effect 7/10 - Cough N
"Slight sizzle on the end but it has the heavy effect that should occur. I don't think it will compare to the Banner or Skywalker.....Kizzle is 'aight' but it ain't no heavy weight. Ya need grown man dabs for the mile high culture..."

Essential Extracts
LA Romulan
Smell 7/10 - Taste 8/10 - Effect 7/10 - Cough Y
"It's a great taste for the dollar but full melt is usually the way to go. Kevin Spacey high for sure and that Romulan comes on hard at the end. Water hash is still my favorite for the personal nights. I would prefer something heavier for Friday evening..."

Essential Extracts keeps the water hash stocked all over Denver...
Bruce Banner #3
Smell 8/10 - Taste 8/10 - Effect 8/10 - Cough Y
"Ohhhhhyeeeeeeeeeeee that's what I need. Heavy true Banner. Makes you take step back before you decide what to do next...Never disappoints. True water hash never disappoints..."

The Winner:
Bruce Banner #3 BHO from Pink House....
Clean, smooth, powerful, and effective - this is something to get for your
next dab off.....

A Silver Medal was given to the Skywalker OG for it's true
taste & effect....also worth a dab or two ;) 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Team Death Star - Fashion for the troops

We were introduced to this brand at the Cannabis Cup this spring in Denver. We have been watching ever since...from custom pins to gangsta sweatshirts they do not disappoint. TDS has the grasp on the organic mechanic market like Yoda has the force. They are dropping shirts that sell out faster than storm troopers enroll and they are now taking on Denver. They hit the streets here running with the Grassroots Colorado store and have never looked back. They just dropped the GOLDDUST collabo pin this week (see below) and their Saki Bomb C3PO shirt is going fast....

If your looking for the next brand in your winter wardrobe....here it is!!!

Yoda being a grower was bound to happen....

Saki Bomb's C3PO

The Vader hoodie....

GRC x TDS collabo hat...

the GOLDDUST pin - Facebook.com/golddustcouture

another GRC x TDS hat -- get one while you can...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

EdiPure - Pumpkin Marshmallows - Product Review

Pumpkin Marshmallows
Product Review

Just in time for Halloween....Adult Candy - Medicated from Edi Pure

We heard about these marshmallows that were going to drop in the MMJ world. "Something that you can't believe....," is what we were told by a client that called us up. So we waited....and waited.....and waited...and this week we finally heard they hit the shelves for Halloween. The pumpkin marshmallow's from EdiPure are what we are talking about. 8 marshmallows that are infused with 25 MG of hash each. Yup that's right..it's an adult candy that brings on an adult nap. So we decided to see what the patients thought of this product before you miss out. 

Patient field & product test:
3 patients to eat the edibles & report effects
2 patients ingest 3 
1 patient ingest 2

Both patients that ingested 3 marshmallows reported effects from the edible within 12 minutes. 
The patient that ingested 2 marshmallows reported effects in 19 minutes.
After taste was the only aspect of the edible that didn't satisfy the patients.
All 3 patients reported an ease in stiffness and alert mind activity after 20 minutes.
All 3 patients stated they would use the product again.
1 patient reported effects from the edible after 180 minutes (3 hours).
1 patient reported that it the medicine wore off after 120 minutes.

Some of their gummy treats.....

A snap shot of some of their products...always tasty and effective

"Chosen Life" - Derrin Carelli's newest flick

Chosen Life
by: Derrin Carelli

The most recent flick from NESPA winner Derrin Carelli. Derrin edited the music video we did with Dirt Monkey & Ishe and most recently he won the NESPA award in Aspen for his "Circles of Corduroy." Brad Dingess, Patrick Cooke, and Derrin took off from Aspen over the Independence Pass to Arapahoe Basin for some early season turns. Best part was the stop at Punch Bowl....these guys are crazy and their all about the MOUNTAIN LIFE....

Enjoy the life as an Ajax SnoCat driver....Hunt used to work with these crazy folks.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Have a Grimey Halloween- Ray Villafane

Have a Grimey Halloween!

Born in Queens NY Ray Villafane has been no stranger to the arts at a very young age. After watching in on a colleague sculpting for Disney, Ray new just the art he was born to do. His sculpting gained recognition to his name, but it wasn't until his "new level" pumpkin carving in 2007. That truly brought on the Vallafane and Villafane Studios name. When High Noon Entertainment contacted Ray to participate in the Food Network's challenge show "Outrageous Pumpkin". It was here that Ray swept all three rounds and claimed the Grand Prize, also noting the episode reached the highest ratings of any episode. He was able to defend his title in 2008 and even won Grand Prize yet again in 2010. You have now seen him all over, from the White House October 2010 and the New York City Botanical Gardens in 2011. Definitely taking the Halloween grimey traditions to all new Gatsby highs.

 Villafane Studios

Green Gatsby for a Grimey Halloween

Think green this Halloween! From the decor to the Grimey costumes you can use your waste to make for a very Gatsby Halloween. A unique Booze Viking is always Gatsby at any party and who doesn't have a bunch of beer and booze boxes stuffed into a bin this time of year? Even for the kids out trick or treating a few plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and some old boxes can build for an adorable eco-friendly  costume. Which may even win over the bigger handfuls of candy from the neighbors. Sure we all love carving pumpkins, but this year maybe add in a few milk jugs or old wine bottles that can look just as Gatsby. How ever you do this Halloween - collect your Grime and Keep it Gatsby. And if you keep it Green Gatsby this season, you know we'll wanna be apart!

From the Grimey to Gatsby- LifeStraw

We all know their are billions around the globe with unfit water sources. With the Australian product LifeStraw, designed to raise funds for distribution of humanitarian aid in this cause. We could be witnessing the beginning of a revolutionary tool to lowering the numbers of these billions in need. With every purchase of a LifeStraw you are donating this innovative product word wide to those in need. Not only helping yourself in a time of need on your grimey travels, camping trips, and survival adventures, but you are giving a family clean drinkable water for their everyday survival. This extremely effective and portable water filter prevents 99.99% of common waterborne disease and bacteria. With no need for power and no moving parts this cost effective tool is perfect for the tough outdoor conditions of any kind. LifeStraw was perfectly mastered to need only basic care and no maintenance. The ability to filter up to 1,000 liters of fresh surface water to .2 micron allows for about 18 months of adult drinking water use. This perfect and easy to use tool is the best for emergency work. Passing out LifeStraws to the community in need and knowing they are set and ready to go as soon as it touches their grasp relieves any worries. From the communities across the globe in constant need and even to the local community under natural disaster LifeStraw is here to save the day!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

BodyPainting - trends from the Gatsby's eye

You may have seen this image making the rounds on the Internet. A smashed up car, that upon closer inspection is  made up of painted human bodies. Acclaimed Australian body painter, Emma Hack, (who painted Gotye in his "Somebody That I Used to Know" video) painted 12 men and five women and sculpted over the course of 18 hours. Grimey Gatsby digs the precision, creativity and innovation of body painters who are pushing the limits.  Not to mention the yogic capacities of those models!  Inspired by the Car Crash image (which keeps popping up on social media and blogs), we've gathered a few examples of other talented artists taking body painting to the next level.  Feast your eyes on these magnificent works and stunningly composed photos...

More Emma Hack

Trina Merry, with the i.d.e.a. agency, painted models into slick street bikes and classic rides for the International Motorcyclye Shows

 More Trina Merry

Guido Daniele is  an established Italian artist  who began painting hands in the early 90s.  He created the 2009 AT&T ad campaign  that featured landmarks, animals and cultural images  representing AT&T's global coverage. Check out his "hand"diwork....

More Guido Daniele

Craig Tracy from New Orleans, is a body painting visionary.  His gorgeous photographs, with painted backdrops and carefully composed bodies,  really stir emotions. Tracy admits that after 20 years painting, the human body is now his favorite canvas.

More Craig Tracy