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Dampie - 75 Years of Prohibition

75 Years of Prohibition
by Dampie

Dampie admiring his art... (photo cred: Kim Sidwell)

"Dampie, who emerged from the Amsterdam underground scene in late 2005. Together with legendary organic hemp manufacturer HoodLamb, Dampie began printing his designs on t-shirts and quickly became recognized as one of the few authentic hemp artists. Today Dampie's designs are enjoyed by thousands of hemp enthusiasts, activists and smokers allover the world. He has developed a distinctive style that relates closely to smoker-culture and fits elegantly in a mixture of bold statements and clever use of subliminal messages. Dampie's goal is to raise global awareness on the many benefits that hemp possesses and the versatility of this ancient plant." This is a short intro to Dampie....the hemp advocate that is making moves all over the world...Amsterdam, NYC, Denver, and so many more to come....

Dampie giving Mr. Brianwash a t-shirt he designed

I had a great time meeting Dampie and talking about the world...not just hemp. Mostly art, the maturity of the street scene, the legends, Hunter S. Thompson, the future, and the exhibit. He has recreated some icon pieces of prohibition into "positive propaganda" instead of the Kisinger "shock & awe" tactics. Dampie is a true pioneer of the movement. He has been making designs for Hemp Hoodlamb since 2005. He is a stable at the Cup every year. He is widely known for his "four twenty" tag and he is the most sincere gentleman about his message. "If Banksy is 'open your eyes' and Mr. Brainwash is 'love'....Then my message is 'enjoy rights reserved.' We all decide how to use our time and we must be aware that it all 'costs' us something.....nothing is free. Make sure you enjoy what time you have here."

Dampie makes the designs for Hemp HoodLamb....

"The hemp movement has changed since '05 for sure. The medicinal marijuana scene in Colorado and California have definitely brought some new people into the industry. People are always working for the plant. Now we are more public about that work and we are able to show more people our work with the internet and the culture of the movement. People are for it and now we get to show them more and more what is right." Dampie on the Hemp Movement since he started...

We talked about some of my favorite artists as well as his. "Banksy and his manual 'Exit Through the Gift Shop' is why I am now doing public shows. We (the street artists) want people to interact and want the masses to understand what is it all about. Banksy and Brainwash did a great job showing the people how we make it and what 'goes into it.' It's not as easy as just painting a canvas to get an entire message across. That's where the maturity comes start just tagging to tag. Then you start to realize that people are reading and absorbing your you have to start spreading a consistent and positive message. I want people to know....that I know their watching. And these shows give a great way to connect with the streets....all over the world." As the creative architect for his brand , his message, and many others. You can feel his love for creativity and manifestation...

The Iconic piece of Dampie

I wondered what music he enjoyed and he chimed right in, "Cypress Hill for sure....I love those guys. Napalm Death for metal, French Underground beats like DJ Siens, Snoop sometimes...Anything that is positive and something that keeps me engaged in my madness hahaha"

Our favorite piece from the show...(photo cred: Kim Sidwell)
The Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam is the next big event for Dampie. He will be doing the usual tasting, judging, and relaxing with his people in his hometown for the oldest Cannabis Competition in the World. Dampie is a cornerstone in our movement for sustainable materials, healthier living, and the betterment of tomorrow. The education and enlightening of the masses is going to take some great teachers like Dampie....

Dampie made this camo for HoodLamb...and it's boss!!!!
"What artists should we be watching alongside Dampie?" You should have seen his face light up. "You obviously need to watch Banksy, Mr. Brainwash, and Invader because of their size, art, and following. Shepard is also making some moves and was recently here in Denver. I really like Simon Bisley these days. Most of it is keeping up with the 'scene.' Everyone is always making new things and campaigns but you have to enjoy (there's that word again) the messages and mediums." 

How does the herb in Colorado compare to the smoke in the Dam?
"Top shelf over here is the same. The people of the industry that are here can grow amazing flowers. And in the 'Dam we have some great medicine as well BUT the ability to get top shelf medicine is better in Colorado than anywhere else I have been. In certain circles it isn't a concern but for the average person on the street gets higher quality medicine here than in the Dam. It's always nice coming to Colorado."

What's the next thing on your plate with design?
"Making new shirts for HoodLamb, some other art concepts I have in my head, the Cannabis Cup always brings some new ideas and fun. Mostly the shirts, the brand, and the jackets for HoodLamb are the best and biggest thing right now. Oh yeah..a hat with Grassroots California too. Ruga and the guys are friends and I think it might be time. Also I would like to start making my art only on hemp...the canvas, the frame, the message....I think that would be a great exhibit."

Explain your analogy of "beer vs. wine"?
"You have people that will always want 'a beer.' Not about fringe but they are more about satisfaction on an easier level. They 'enjoy' things easier. The "wine-o" takes time to smell, swirl, and spit the wine because their level of 'enjoyment' is much harder to attain. Some people are easy going and some people are more invested in their 'enjoyment.' I try to find a happy place for both....'

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