Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hair Chalking - The new trend from Coco Gatsby

Hair Chalking has been used on fashion runways and shoots for ages, as an industry secret for non-commitment hair color.  When former reality star- turned beauty blogger - Lauren Conrad put the technique on her blog The Beauty Department, it blew up and has been featured in magazines like Seventeen and on blogs across the internet. 

Coco Gatsby loves this trend because it's non-permanent....which means that even the most Gatsby of ladies can experiment and get a lil Grimey for a bit!  Also, this cheap and easy technique lends itself to creativity and play.  Soft Chalk Pastels (DON'T use oil pastels, or you'll end up with a mess!) can be purchased in sets for under $10 at craft stores, giving you a whole rainbow of possibilities!  

Styling is a blast with chalked hair.  Try a fishtail braid, or a cotton candy bun.  See below for some inspiration. There are lots of step by step tutorials on YouTube, We've included one at the bottom of this post to get you started. Plus a few helpful hints...

A Few Tips

  • If you have DARK Hair  DO wet it before applying chalk, but if you have  BLOND hair DON'T wet it (it may make the chalk into a semi-permanent dye).  Redheads should experiment with both ways
  • Twist sections of your hair before applying chalk, the texture will help it stick better
  • Chalk will get on your clothes, so try to wear something close in color to the chalk you're using
  • Updos with chalk will lessen your chances of getting pigment on your clothes
  • Clarifying Shampoo and Deep Conditioning are a must, post-chalk, to fully clean hair and replace moisture that chalk can suck out 

Styling Ideas:

A Step by Step Tutorial:

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