Tuesday, October 23, 2012

EdiPure - Pumpkin Marshmallows - Product Review

Pumpkin Marshmallows
Product Review

Just in time for Halloween....Adult Candy - Medicated from Edi Pure

We heard about these marshmallows that were going to drop in the MMJ world. "Something that you can't believe....," is what we were told by a client that called us up. So we waited....and waited.....and waited...and this week we finally heard they hit the shelves for Halloween. The pumpkin marshmallow's from EdiPure are what we are talking about. 8 marshmallows that are infused with 25 MG of hash each. Yup that's right..it's an adult candy that brings on an adult nap. So we decided to see what the patients thought of this product before you miss out. 

Patient field & product test:
3 patients to eat the edibles & report effects
2 patients ingest 3 
1 patient ingest 2

Both patients that ingested 3 marshmallows reported effects from the edible within 12 minutes. 
The patient that ingested 2 marshmallows reported effects in 19 minutes.
After taste was the only aspect of the edible that didn't satisfy the patients.
All 3 patients reported an ease in stiffness and alert mind activity after 20 minutes.
All 3 patients stated they would use the product again.
1 patient reported effects from the edible after 180 minutes (3 hours).
1 patient reported that it the medicine wore off after 120 minutes.

Some of their gummy treats.....

A snap shot of some of their products...always tasty and effective


  1. spray or inject expired food you find at the dollar store....now you make edipure edibles too. Should of done a story about how bad this company is for the industry. -the real GG

  2. There are features coming about "how to" and "how many" work...but first you have to gain attention --- thank you for writing in