Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from The Gatsby......

Halloween was the time of year that we spent getting costumes ready and figuring out the best neighborhoods to hit for the most candy and lack of adults (always seemed fitting on Halloween to be unsupervised). Days leading up to Halloween were filled with school parties, evenings with family, and dressing up with friends. Today it takes on a new meaning for us at the Gatsby. It is now the fashionable holiday for adults to indulge around the US. It always has been.......but in this day of "recession, war, and uncertainty," it has become more. It still allows kids to be kids and adults to let loose, but now it is something to enjoy because the little things aren't the same today. Across the country people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and beliefs dress up and unite. It's unity in it's rawest form. People expressing themselves for one night night to show the world what you "want to be." We see parties, festivals, and extravagant evenings across the planet and this day is always something we look forward to being a part of. It brings all races, sexes, and people into one night of partying and celebration. It's a great evening out on the town!!

From Hollywood to Hotlanta, people step it up for Halloween. We know you have a friend that is known for the "most elaborate costume" or the girl that always has "a classic original" or the kids that have to wear "a costume my dad made" (usually looks like Tim Allen was on something while they put it together). All in all, we wanted to say thank you to all the people that make Halloween what it is today. The people hanging decorations at 9am in a grade school. The people chalking down sidewalks for kids to know that their house is "the best candy on the street." The person that remembers to bring the pumpkin spice to the party of "forgetfuls." The people that help you "figure out" your costume in the stores. The people that scare the shit out of you in a haunted house. The person pulling the tractor for the "hay ride through the pumpkin patch." The unsung heroes of Halloween...........we salute you!!!!!

Tonight, before you start your saunter of scare, take a second to remember the people that made you feel about Halloween how you do today.......We all have plenty of Halloween memories.......share them in the comment section.....or tell us of something that you will never forget about today. We all got our Halloween pride somewhere.....where did you get yours??

Happy Halloween
Spread the Grime,

The Gatsby

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Brands turning Grimey into Gatsby.......Recycled Rubber!!!!!

We discovered this brand in LA this past week. In the city that gives "grimey" a whole new name, this brand is bringing some great movements across the fashion industry - environmentally friendly and fashionable. If your part of the "reduce, reuse, and recycle" crew that we are, you'll want to take a good look at this company. They are turning trash to treasure, grimey to gatsby, and old into new. Their "up-cycling" is one of the most Gatsby in the business. They have a great line of products that can be used for any aspect of the day. 

"While medieval alchemists sought to turn lead into gold, we strive to turn useless stuff like blown-out inner tubes, old seatbelts and advertising banners into useful stuff like bags and wallets. Another word for this is upcycling. Recycling turns stuff into the same thing over and over again. Upcycling turns something of lesser value into something of greater value." - Alchemy Goods

Recently on a trip to Denver, I was introduced to Beatrice Holiday at Megafauna. The crew there told me of the bike culture that is sweeping Denver. Earrings, bags, bike accessories, and all things for "eco-riding" that you could want. They have some of the hottest touches for the "Green Team." The need for carrying your belongings on any bike ride is a decision making process. Not with the handle bags and comfortable seat covers. In Denver, every Wednesday, the Denver Cruisers take the streets in communal interaction, community awareness, and fun. As they mob from place to place the streets are completely filled with bikers. It speaks volumes to those of us that enjoy the outside and keeping it clean. It also is a new way to express yourself and your bike in the "herd." 

ORBITAL - Recycled Bike Inner tube Necklace - ecoFABULOUS

"I also wanted to support an alternative mode of transportation
and promote the positives of biking versus driving your car.
Beatrice Holiday donates a percentage of profits to local
bike shops that offer FREE parts and knowledge.
Change at a community level."
-Allison Franson - Owner

ROBERTA  -- Vintage Upholstery Handlebar Bike Bag with Recycled Innertube Shoulder Strap

RECYCLED Bicycle Inner tube Feather Earrings

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Avalanche control is more than just a bomb………

Living in a small mountain town you become accustomed to blasts in the early mornings, signs of “skull & bones” that advise for danger, and “avi controlled” areas within the resort that you can’t ski. I learned this from my “locals” around the world. The less you flinch…..the longer you been here!

To make the slopes “fun, groomed, and safe” it takes a lot of early season work and continued help throughout the day and night for “perfection.” Sno-cats move endlessly throughout the night to pass over the fairways of winter. People walk up and down staircases of ice and fluff to “secure and pack” the snow for children to experience their “first try.” Patrollers clock-in, time and time again, in the dark of morning to get ropes, bamboo, signs, and areas ready for the day. Bombs litter the high elevation like dark holes in white Swiss Cheese.

People across the globe have been involved with snow and it’s massive force for centuries. They have battled glaciers, snowstorms, avalanches, and Mother Nature since the existence of humanity. Where have you seen nature and realized how meaningless you really are? Have you scaled a mountain recently? When do you walk and realize that the trees, earth, and environment that engulf you are more than you will ever become? It’s easy when you sit at the top of a field that is filled to the knee in untouched snow; when the breeze blows you can see the snow fall from the branches and leave the first “indent” of the day on the ocean of powder’s top layer.

We all enjoy the winter life and the burst of adrenaline every time we sit on the chairlift. It’s something that is synonymous with winter. The experiences with friends on the mountain, from the first time to the last time, are always something we remember and yearn to re-live. Some of us can’t imagine a winter without walking to the slopes daily; but all of us can recall the first time you put on a pair of goggles and headed out for the day.

Next time you’re about to get your gear ready, think of all the people working behind the scenes like the “airport of winter.” The people tirelessly pushing buttons, controlling machines, and serving up love all over the Mountain. They keep it safe, controlled, and open for you, the end user, to remember the days of laughs, pictures, and happiness.

All the work starts when the chairlifts stop…………

SBE- Keeping the Gatsby Satisfied!

By: JR                                                                        

The Redbury

Founded in 2002, sbe has quickly emerged as one of the most transcendent forces in hospitality, real estate and entertainment. Helmed by its visionary Founder, Chairman and CEO Sam Nazarian, sbe has established a thriving collection of award-winning hospitality and lifestyle destinations that are developed and managed through its Hotels, Restaurants, Nightlife and Real Estate groups. With the ability to speak to a wide array of lifestyle experiences, sbe has authored a refreshing new vocabulary in hospitality through a voice that's re-imagining an entire industry.

SBE's website      

       SBE believes hospitality, like art, is not something to confine to one definition alone. Rather, they view hospitality as fluid and ever changing, influenced by culture, preference and an innate desire in us all to enjoy something meaningful. With this in mind, sbe allows guests to customize their lifestyle experiences through a diverse portfolio of hotel, restaurant and nightlife venues-and enables them to stay, eat and play with a seamlessness never before realized.

XIV Dining Room

Their exclusive partners include world-renowned design icon Philippe Starck, photographer and pop culture luminary Matthew Rolston, and master chefs José Andrés, Michael Mina and Katsuya Uechi. Each one has uniquely influenced the sbe Hospitality Collection and further reinforced SBE's commitment to curating an uncompromising culture for guests and employees.

The Colony
Already a proven leader in Southern California, sbe is poised for significant growth. Currently, sbe is expanding many of its flagship hotel, restaurant and nightlife brands into the New York City, Miami, Las Vegas and Houston markets.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

First Time in Cali..............

By: JR

          I have done a lot of traveling in my 30 yrs on this planet and seen a lot of amazing places.Unfortunatly due to a little speed bump (Las Vegas) I have never made it to LA, until this past weekend. I came in with all kinds of things in my head about what this place would bring and what I should expect, needless to say, this place was everything I could hoped for and more.

    I started out flying in to LAX around 6pm Friday night. Within 20 mins of getting off the plane and on to the 405 I knew first hand what LA traffic was all about. If you think you have seen traffic and never been to LA then I laugh at you....come test your luck. We stayed at our partners spot in Hollywood right off of Sunset and across the street from were they filmed Nightmare On Elm Street. The first night out in Hollywood was everything I thought it would be bouncing from spot to spot in a "Swingers" style, switching it up when each place was "Dead anyways." We started off at The Surely Goat with the cast of TMZ for an afterwork event. It never hurts getting in with the cats that are first to know everything. The next spot we hit was the world famous Bar Marmont in the Chateau Marmont Hotel. This was as Gatsby as it could be. It reeked of old hollywood and had that feel that it was something special. Next it was across the street to The Den, we checked this place which was real cool indoor/outdoor bar. Finally around 1230am, we checked out the diner at The Standard Hotel this place was as chic as you will find in Hollywood (also see their hotels in downtown LA, Miami Beach, and New York). We finished off the night at an after party at the home of DJ Ryan Kenny who was spinning some ill tracks and keeping the party going till the early morn.    

The Spot for the 1st Night!

The Morning after -101 Coffee Shop

    Saturday started with a nice little surprise from my boys. We went to go grab some breakfast to help with a good hangover, they waited till we got in the 101 Coffee Shop to tell me that it was were Swingers was filmed. Swingers happens to be one my favorite movies and I have been quoting it all weekend to the point of excess. The spot is located in what I would have to assume is the most famous Best Western ever. It had pictures galore of the legends who had stayed, everyone from Lucille Ball - Kurt Douglas - Angelina Jolie. Next it was back to the spot to "Do what it do." Then we went to a meeting at the luxurious Mondrian Hotel on Sunset at Sky Bar.  It was amazing and had an incredible view of the LA Skyline. The evening then kicked off at a place called "Harvard and Stone" this was a gigantic bar with a three piece band playing "Rockabilly" tunes. They had a great burlesque show and the dancer was literally swinging from the rafters. The setting was very 1950's with fantastically grimey lighting and fixtures. Next was off to another late night dinner at Jones - Hollywood. This was an Italian restaurant/Bar with great food. Their establishment has been host to Alice in Chains, The Stones, and other famous bands like STP, Radiohead, and the list goes on and on like the line out the door. That was the end for the night.

The Sky Bar - Mondrian Hotel


    Sunday was full of meetings. We finished the evening off with a sunset hike in Runyon Canyon. LA has been so exciting so far and there is still so much for us this week. Check back at the end of the week for the Final recap



By: Savage

In 1945 World War II was over and the British were rebuilding.  With huge overseas debts to repay, the British government took on the slogan "Export or Die."  Steel stocks were rationed, and those car makers who could guarantee a high percentage of exports were the ones who would get the limited sheet steel supplies.
Rover Car Company early Viking emblem logoRover Car Company early Viking marqueRover Car Company was a successful British car maker, with an excellent reputation since at least the mid 1930's. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, their track record for exports was not good - they were successful at selling cars locally but had no experience with exporting. This meant they would not be able to get enough sheet steel to keep their factory at Solihull going if they simply proceeded with producing the same Rover cars they had in the past.  They needed something new - a stop-gap - either a vehicle for which they could be sure of being able to reliably and consistently export, or else one that did not use much sheet steel, or really both. What to do?
Well, first let's back up in time and cover Rover's history prior to 1945.  Rover Car Company was founded as Starley & Sutton Company in 1878 in Coventry, West Midlands, England. Initially they built pedal cycles (first tricycles, and later some of the first modern-style bicycles), then motorcycles, and starting in 1904, motor cars. 1905 red Rover car1905 red Rover car In the late 1890's, the company was named the Rover Cycle Company Ltd. - so the Rover part of Land Rover has been around since the 19th century.  Rover produced distinctive cars and was successful in a feast or famine sort of way, sometimes struggling to survive.  It was when Spencer and Maurice Wilks joined the management team that Rover's then lagging reputation and profitibility was built back up and by the mid-1930's they were profitable and had an excellent reputation.  This led to the British government inviting them to join their "shadow factory" scheme to increase production of aircraft engines, and ultimately to Rover managing two large new factories in Acocks Green and Solihull.  Rover kept its car making business in Coventry.
World War II broke out and Rover put all of their efforts into military contracts.  The Coventry plant was badly damaged by bombing during the war, but neither of their shadow factories were hit. The end of the war saw Rover with a car plant in Coventry in need of major rebuilding and too small for future expansion, and offers from the government to take over larger and newer shadow factories that were rapidly losing the military contracts that kept them humming with work for a large labor force.
Back to what to do? Maurice Wilks, his farm, and the Willy's Jeep to the rescue. Maurice Wilks found that his war surplus Willys Jeep was an indispensable tool on his 250-acre farm in Newbourough, Anglesey.  When his brother Spencer, visiting Maurice one weekend at his farm, asked him what would he do when it finally fell apart, Maurice is said to have replied "Buy another one.  There isn't anything else I can buy."  Bingo! -- a stop gap found, and since it would be an agricultural-oriented vehicle, it would have greater export appeal and it could be built with plentiful aluminum stocks - no need for steel bodywork.  With lots of post-war aircraft aluminum available it could be used for the body work, and would give their new do-everything farm vehicle great resistance to corrosion.  Maurice Wilks returned to Solihull immediately, gathered a design team, and the new project, christened Land Rover, was born.
-- adapted from "Land Rover -- Series One to Freelander" by Graham Robson, The Crowood Press 

Land Rover is pretty busy turning out its new model – the LRX, due out sometime early next year. According to insiders, the Tata Motors owner company has also started work on its replacement to the 62-year-old iconicDefender. Known internally as Project Icon, Tata Motors has signed off funding for a complete redesign and reengineering of the model.
Sources say that Project Icon should be in Land Rover’s product cycle by 2014.

Versace for H&M Men's

By: Savage

Versace for H&M Men’s

A preview of the Versace for H&M Men's collection
We first announced the Versace for H&M collaboration back in June, and four months later, the full look book for the men’s collection has found its way to the Internet. The iconic Versace look, featuring all the signature design elements, both in terms of materials and graphics, has been translated into a lower-priced collection for the retailer, slated to hit stores on November 17th.
Versace’s collection for H&M is full of the pieces that have made the House legendary. Dominated by color, print and a relaxed silhouette, the brand’s creative director Donatella Versace has gone back to the archives to bring selected Versace classics to a whole new audience. For the first time, an H&M designer collaboration will also include home goods, and all of the collections will be available in around 300 stores worldwide, as well as online for countries where H&M is available.
The men’s collection is a mix of slick tailoring and extravagant pattern. Suit jackets and trousers come in either black or pink, while a dark tuxedo jacket has metallic trim on its pockets, and shirts have metallic wing-tips on the collars. Versace’s palm and optical prints are used on T-shirts, as well as on thin-knit cashmere sweaters, while bold motifs are also used on velvet bombers, jeans, and even underwear. A quilted leather jacket is trimmed with gold studs in the Versace classical Greek pattern, which is repeated down the sides of black cotton shorts and a rolled-sleeve T-shirt. Accessories include embellished beanies and patterned caps, printed scarves, as well as hi-top sneakers and classic dress shoes.


By: Savage

If you want to be inspired I recommend this book the photographs are so beautiful and original, the book has everything you need to know about being a make up artist including invaluable advice on portfolios, work, kits and technique. Looks lovely on the coffee table too.

Stunning work from AOFM Makeup Artists Jana Ririnui, Rachel Wood, Jade Hunka,  to name a few and fabulous photographers Fabrice Lachant and Lou Denim

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mr. Gatsby meet Mr. Black!!!!

Mr. Gatsby meet Mr. Black!!!!  When Luke Nero moved to Los Angeles, he brought with him one of the most infamous night clubs  in New York City. The challenge that Nero faced was would this same concept work in Los Angeles. Just after celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of the Mr. Black infestation the answer is absolutely.  Bringing some unique grime to the Los Angeles Night Life Scene Mr. Black was welcomed with open arms.

For the opening of mr. BLACK, he collaborated with Gregory Alexander (A Club Called Rhonda), Lenora Claire  (Golden Gals Gone Wild) and Rusty Updegraff (Beige) to bring in a cross-section of the city's nightlife denizens. Grimey Gatsby will be making a stop by tomorrow night at the infamous Bardot club in Hollywood.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art presents a major retrospective exploring the full range of Tim Burton's creative work

By: Savage

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art presents a major retrospective exploring the full range of Tim Burton's creative work, both as a film director and as an artist, illustrator, photographer, and writer.
Tim Burton was born in Burbank in 1958. After studying at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), he worked as an animator at the Walt Disney Studios before breaking out on his own. Taking inspiration from popular culture, fairy tales and traditions of the gothic, Burton has reinvented Hollywood genre filmmaking as an expression of a personal vision.
The exhibition brings together over 700 drawings, paintings, photographs, moving-image works, storyboards, puppets, concept artworks, maquettes, costumes, and cinematic ephemera, including art from a number of unrealized and little-known personal projects. Many of these objects come from the artist's own archive, as well as from studio archives and private collections of Burton's collaborators. Hundreds of never-before-exhibited artworks and sketches will be joined by a selection of film posters accompanied by music composed for the exhibition by Burton's longtime collaborator Danny Elfman.
Two large-scale outdoor artworks are also installed on campus: a topiary inspired by Edward Scissorhands (1990), and Balloon Boy, an enormous figure based on an amalgamation of characters that Burton first introduced in his 1997 book The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories.
Tim Burton will open at 10 am every Saturday & Sunday through the run of the exhibition. On Saturday, October 22, the exhibition will be open until 10 pm.

These STUDS aren't just for the ladies.

By: Savage

 These STUDS aren't just for the ladies.  Heeled sandals, pumps and even sneakers are all breaking out in studs in the foreseeable future.  Grimey Gatsby spotted a stud while at the 101 Cafe in Hollywood.


From Men to Women, New York to LA.....Denim on Denim is no longer just for the Canadians.

By: Savage

From Men to Women, New York to LA.....Denim on Denim is no longer just for the Canadians.  We all know that the Canadian Jumpsuit has been popping up everywhere in the fashion scene over the last year.  What used to be a good excuse to make fun of your little brother or sisters fashion sense is now one of the hottest trends to be hitting the streets.  

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rossignol Super 7 - A ski for the Gatsby - Winter Products

The Rossignol s7 has been around for a few years and when it came out; it revolutionized powder skiing. We definitely know all about it and trusts us; it's amazing.  New for 2012, they have "beefed" it up and made the super 7 Available in both 188 and 195. Which means? One of the best ski's we have tried; is now stronger and better!!! 

    It just won the "2012 Outside Magazine Gear of the Year Award" as an overwhelming favorite!!!!! They said, "the super 7 retains the fatigue free maneuverability , effortless steering and instant speed control that made the s7 one of the most recognizable and popular powder skis ever designed." The super 7 is an increasingly stable and lively big mountain powder ski that charges through powder, crud, and variable conditions.  This ski's combination of "powder turn" rocker and centered sidecut deliver a renowned blend of float and versatility. Its simple, its made powder skiing "easier and more fun" whether slashing big mountain windlips, poaching backcountry pow, or surfing through secret glades. We have a pair in the office that is just itching to get out and harvest some POW!!!! Whether your a "back country bro" or a "vacation skier," it's something to try, demo, and test where ever you are this season.

"heaven, simply heaven" 
Is how Powder Magazine put it......

So Gatsby and So Grimey

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rodeonexis - Photography - Nature's eye on the Gatsby....

Rodeonexis photography was started by our close friend Jeremy Weir. The pictures he takes our mind blowing! We have been watching and "exposing" his pictures for the past year. It is an amazing thing to watch a tourist see something this majestic. Jeremy's goal, "to strive to capture the world that surrounds me. My aim is to captivate and motivate my viewers. So they appreciate the world, they live in, more each day." Jeremy hails from Maine and found the west while freestyle skiing for the highly competitive Carrabassett Valley Academy. The same school that produced countless Olympians and huge names in the ski and snowboard world. Just a couple of names like.........Bode Miller and Jeremy Jones.  He then decided to attend the University of Colorado; where he earned a BA in psychology. Jeremy is as humble as they come and embodies the, "speak softly...carry a big stick" lifestyle. 


Jeremy now lives in Aspen; which has the greatest backyard to take amazing photographs. It also puts him close to some of his favorite spots to shoot:  Moab, Green River, Aspen/Snowmass, and Telluride.  During the winter you can find him "slaying it" on the hill. He has found the summers here amazing and is an avid camper. As he puts it " I look for locations off the beaten path that simply cannot be put into words."

Friend him on Facebook

"Paris at Night" is one of our favorites. 
Rodeonexis captures the lifestyle of the fabulous & the grime of nature!!!

Enjoy the Gatsby Images!!!!!