Monday, October 24, 2011

Mr. Gatsby meet Mr. Black!!!!

Mr. Gatsby meet Mr. Black!!!!  When Luke Nero moved to Los Angeles, he brought with him one of the most infamous night clubs  in New York City. The challenge that Nero faced was would this same concept work in Los Angeles. Just after celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of the Mr. Black infestation the answer is absolutely.  Bringing some unique grime to the Los Angeles Night Life Scene Mr. Black was welcomed with open arms.

For the opening of mr. BLACK, he collaborated with Gregory Alexander (A Club Called Rhonda), Lenora Claire  (Golden Gals Gone Wild) and Rusty Updegraff (Beige) to bring in a cross-section of the city's nightlife denizens. Grimey Gatsby will be making a stop by tomorrow night at the infamous Bardot club in Hollywood.

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