Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from The Gatsby......

Halloween was the time of year that we spent getting costumes ready and figuring out the best neighborhoods to hit for the most candy and lack of adults (always seemed fitting on Halloween to be unsupervised). Days leading up to Halloween were filled with school parties, evenings with family, and dressing up with friends. Today it takes on a new meaning for us at the Gatsby. It is now the fashionable holiday for adults to indulge around the US. It always has been.......but in this day of "recession, war, and uncertainty," it has become more. It still allows kids to be kids and adults to let loose, but now it is something to enjoy because the little things aren't the same today. Across the country people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and beliefs dress up and unite. It's unity in it's rawest form. People expressing themselves for one night night to show the world what you "want to be." We see parties, festivals, and extravagant evenings across the planet and this day is always something we look forward to being a part of. It brings all races, sexes, and people into one night of partying and celebration. It's a great evening out on the town!!

From Hollywood to Hotlanta, people step it up for Halloween. We know you have a friend that is known for the "most elaborate costume" or the girl that always has "a classic original" or the kids that have to wear "a costume my dad made" (usually looks like Tim Allen was on something while they put it together). All in all, we wanted to say thank you to all the people that make Halloween what it is today. The people hanging decorations at 9am in a grade school. The people chalking down sidewalks for kids to know that their house is "the best candy on the street." The person that remembers to bring the pumpkin spice to the party of "forgetfuls." The people that help you "figure out" your costume in the stores. The people that scare the shit out of you in a haunted house. The person pulling the tractor for the "hay ride through the pumpkin patch." The unsung heroes of Halloween...........we salute you!!!!!

Tonight, before you start your saunter of scare, take a second to remember the people that made you feel about Halloween how you do today.......We all have plenty of Halloween memories.......share them in the comment section.....or tell us of something that you will never forget about today. We all got our Halloween pride somewhere.....where did you get yours??

Happy Halloween
Spread the Grime,

The Gatsby

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