Saturday, May 19, 2012

LFL - Women's Contact Football

Las Vegas Sin Player
Lingerie Football League

The Lingerie Football League (LFL) is a women’s full tackle, 7 vs 7, Arena style American Football League,  founded in 2009 by Mitchell Mortaza.  The League has quickly gained a dedicated fan base, recruitment of the best female athletes, exceptional television ratings, and a strong consumer demand. Business Week (April 2012): “The LFL is a rarity in sports – A Women’s Professional League that’s Actually Growing.”


The League’s growth is constant and continuous, and to quote the League’s Commissioner, Mitchell Mortaza (@MitchellMortaza) as of this week: 

“Growth, Growth, than Growth. #LFL.”

Approaching its 4th Season with Expansion teams Nationally and Internationally, adding teams above the border with the OFFICIAL addition of LFL Canada.  Nationally televised Global Exhibition All Star Games, the one already held on May 5th in Mexico was a Grandeur event as it filled the Sports Palace in Mexico City with 15,000 FANS, and the next to be held this June in Australia.

As a Player, I will tell you, this is NO JOKE FOOTBALL.  All of the Ladies take their field play extremely seriously.  It is a rewarding relief to be surrounded with talent, ambition, and a shared will and pursuit at the most elite level of play I have ever personally experienced among competitive sports.

My Las Vegas Sin is a strong franchise, losing last year only once the entire season with an upset in The Championship Finals to LA.  This year we plan on taking that title HOME!!! Our veteran roster is strong, as we have LFL's MVP quarterback, Nikki Johnson, as well as many other ALL-Stars, including Wide Receiver Cassandra Strickland and Tight End/Linebacker Sunshine Misa-Uli.  We have a depth chart of raw talent in the rookie line up. Raw as in my girl, Elise, is the daughter of NFL Legend Timmy Smith . . . you want to talk about some good gifted athletic football genes, and with the right focus, work, and skills set technique taught, this could be the Strongest Roster in the League.

Our interim Head Coach has been The Commissioner. Let me tell you, the respect I have for this man is immense.  Here is an Individual that turned an idea into a company. And that company is now a League. It has cultivated and nurtured its maturation to the Global recognition and reality it has become today. He continues to manage the entirety of it’s success on the Executive Level. He has single handedly united hundreds of thousands with his creation of The LFL.  

Every pracitce I hear a little voice inside of me testing my mental focus with a serenade of ‘OH my BaH GeEz UhhhS I’m gonna die, puke, and tinkle my self all right now, simultaneously, at the same time, It’s happening, is it happening?,’  I put my hands on my hips, stand UP taller, and wait at attention for that big hopeful . . . 

“Great Job Ladies, Bring it IN!”

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