Saturday, July 30, 2011

WeSC - Aspen - lovely straight forward tastes and fashions........

WeSC (We Are the Superlative Conspriracy) is located across from the Fire Station in downtown Aspen. I recently went to an art show there for local artist April Brooks. I was drawn to their sleek, crisp, and contemporary design. Their layout features mechanical lights and Plexiglass boxes attached to mechanical lifts from the ceiling. Truly an artist's touch and designer's dream. The white floors and the felt lined stands all compliment the colors of abundance that line the store.

They feature clothing, bags, and accessories for the "liked minded and competent individual." Their color swatches are universal for the jet-setting traveler. You can wear their line on the east, west, Europe, and  Africa and always see others in the Conspiracy around you.

Headphones for the silence of your surroundings
 The accessories and photos in the shop bring it to life with interaction and inspection. The headphones are noticeable on the street with their color selection and logo placement. Solid sound for the person on the move and above the noise around them. They have many items that come and go fast; so be sure to keep a constant on our their new lines and products.

Check them out on Facebook

Fall colors for the upcoming season
 Their men's line features shirts, hats (snapback mesh), collars, pants, denim, and jackets that are all for the "forward male on the go." They have an excellent women's line for the soft and comfortable with elegance and grace. The women's line has some unique cuts for tanks, dresses, and jackets that are all great for your confident counter part.

The women out there looking for a slender and sheer style that can accessorize or up date your existing wardrobe. They have many designs for the out spoken and a hefty amount of "look at me just a little."

A rack of women's delight

April B Creations - ART - "Surfaces" at WeSC Aspen

April at her show "Surfaces"

April Brooks has always had class and a touch of passion for her interests. I met her years ago in Aspen during one of the many strolls through town. Her artwork has been just as solid as her friendship. She has an artist's touch for elegance and astonishment. And her new show, "Surfaces" is a testament to her ever changing style and grace.

She used many different "Surfaces" in the show which came through in truly Gatsby fashion. Her show was a hit in town as well. I saw many people coming through, sales, gatherings, networking, and most of all her art.

Her attitude will show you that she watches things down to the last detail. Her vase's and cup's are great pieces for any one's kitchen, bathroom, or accented throughout your collection. The wall peices have great color tones and exquisite design. The tray's that I saw are a stunning piece for a bathroom counter, bed side table, or a coffee table. The earth tone colors are great for Sante Fe enthusiasts and the earthly women you know. 

Her concepts and thoughts come through vivid as sun beams in her work. The astounding simplicity of the art and its complex message are what I truly enjoy. Her paintings, sculptures, and other works are all unique and in touch with our world of today.

One of the pieces I thought was fantastic were the "treasure boxes." She has the most subtle touch of grain and the re-assurance of grace. The boxes are perfect for the women you know with too many jewels, watches, bracelets, rings, brooches, or iPhone cords. It adds style to a simple use.

"Treasure Box"

April Brooks has an eye for the market. In Aspen, her work is easily assimilated with our people, places, and needs. She has high class touch for the high class needs of today's Gatsby's.

I urge you to check out her works and site. She is continuously working on new pieces, projects, and perfection!!!

A special thanks to WeSC Aspen for the great atmosphere and exposure for April.

It was a great event with the ISVERA tribe, WeSC, and many other tasteful locals to eye and spy the evening.

Bowl of Birds

Check out the rest of the pictures and be sure you see April and her work at:

April B "Surfaces" Show

April's Art

Always keep Art in your Arsenal!!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Brixton - Hats - The most dashing accessory........

Brixton Mfg. Company are based out of San Diego. I met Jayson, an owner, years ago playing indoor soccer in Encinitas. I started seeking out the brand there after. I have seen Brixton in Aspen, New York, St. Louis, Hawaii, San Francisco, and Austin on my travels and I'm sure many others that I can't remember as well. Their Hat collection is top shelf. Their eye to detail and the designs is regal and elegant. Their slightest touch of a feather or button truly sets their products apart.

They described themselves as:
"Inspired by music, culture, and the people who surround them, Brixton is the collaboration of three friends who wanted to convey their lifestyle through unique products. Created in 2004, the timeless and clean design of the Brixton collection is hard to duplicate and comes in a variety of styles that appeal to the individual in a modern yet traditional way. Each piece is constructed with the commitment to bringing the customer a high quality and limited product that they'll want to hold onto forever."

If you have not seen their products lets take a loot:

Brixton Pinch (Oatmeal)
The Pinch is a classic baseball cut of the finest quality. The short bill is great for a bike ride or a slight tilt can evoke the ease of the Grime. Its a must have for an Rawlings Finger mustache enthusiast out there. If you know someone that owns a fix gear (or single speed these days), loves old school baseball cards, or is a hat aficionado then this is their style. Its subtle; yet stands out.

Brixton Oath (Heather)
The Oath is a traditional cut hat. Six panels of durable heather grey. The logo is classic and timeless. Great for your morning surfer or car mechanic. Its versatile in its use and can accessories many outfits. Check the colors available to see which fits your closet best!!

Brixton Route
Probably my favorite hat in their line! This hat is solid in its design and the mesh back is the trend right now. The logo is great and perfect for anyone you know by a large body of water. The white hat with royal blue bill are great for Sunday afternoons and Sailboats. If your a beach bum then this cap can increase your style points in the local pub. Very Gatsby!!!!

Some of the designs and t-shirts they have for men are of the essence of "strong men at the carnival" and "coastal crisp coolness." The fabrics are of the highest comfort and durable cuts. I have had a shirt for 5 years now that is still continually getting compliments and has never missed a travel bag packing.

"So many styles of hats, and so little time"

Brixton has a remarkable Women's line that is filled with Hats, Caps, and Bonnets for all seasons. They also have tops and jackets that are truly dashing. Here's some of our favorites in the women's hat section. They have an unmatched style and design. Their colors reflect the opulent environments in which Brixton resides. The northern county of San Diego basked in the orange glow of the sunset.

Brixton Kat
The Kat is the essential piece to any girls "glamour closet." Its astounding subtle design allows for any season to debut this classic cut. Its great for the city walks to work. The weekend in the Hampton's. The stroll on South Beach. The car ride on the 101. In any event, if your Gatsby then this is you.

Brixton Busker
The Busker is a "tom-boy" hat in full essences. It allows a women to make a statement and stand behind it. The ruged style is great for camping, vacations, nights out, and the airport (keep them eyes off the madness). I strongly urge you to snag one for yourself. It will be a "keeper"

Brixton Sable
The Sable is a perfect jacket for your Fall routine. It works well in the evening on the way to dinner. It is great for the Coastal winds and chilly morning walks. A great military jacket for the season. The unique pockets and slight flare on the cuffs adds to the sleek, elegant,  and ravishing look.

Tomorrow's Bad Seeds - Music - Listen to the Tribe!!!!!!

Tomorrow's Bad Seeds (TBS) opened for the Wailers on their "Exodus" tour in 2009. I met the tribe in Aspen at the Belly up after their show. We exchanged some stories from Cali and Hawaii and then started to figure out that we came from the same area. Needless to say, the tribe stayed at our house and we all enjoyed the evening of festivities. They have been on tour ever since. Warped Tour '09,'10, and '11. They were just recently on Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show.

Their first CD "Early Prayers" was a great collection of reggae and soft rock. I would put them with Sublime, Slightly Stoopid, Citizen Cope, and Rebelution (if you are looking for "liked" sounds). Their new release, "Sacred for Sale" is nothing short of the first CD. Great vocals and truly inspiring lyrics along with the great sound of the tribe. Check out "Change" if you want a Sublime infused track. Their music is soft and influencing to hardcore punk out. They have something for everyone in their bag of tricks. If you like the lyrics of Jack Johnson, the sound of Sublime, and the heat of the beach............Tomorrow's Bad Seeds are what you need to hear.

Try them on a Thursday afternoon or a Tuesday morning............they'll make it to you weekend playlist I promise.

Always Gatsby and Sometimes Grimey

Moi, the voice of TBS

Casey Olejniczak - Tattoo Artist, Artist, Master Fabricator -


Casey Olejniczak, or Casey for the rest of this post (with that last name its hard not to hack up a hairball), has been a close business associate for over a decade. Casey and I worked on numerous collaborations in the 2000's for South Swell Sports, Adrenaline, All Out Lacrosse, All Out Sports, graphical design, brand managing and designing, and most of all as a great friend. He is truly gifted with a mind that sees the unseen. I have watched him take supplies from thrift stores and make it into masterpieces over the course of 3 days of stripping, painting, and re-designing.  The first piece of art I bought from him still hangs over my living room. Adorning the room with "Clarity" and insight that we are not alone. It is a clean and concise contemporary piece (5 pieces in total all covered in Plexiglas and hand cut from an oak door). 

 Casey is more than an artist. He is a master fabricator, carpenter, inventor, and most of all an phenomenal tattoo artist. For the past 5 years Casey has been traveling the country for the passion of the ink slinger. He has a collection of tattoos that is from the highest level of the "tattoo hierarchy" (and you know that's Gatsby!!). He also has tattooed in Los Angeles, Aspen, Salisbury, Washington DC, and Michigan just this year. He is a hot commodity now matter where he lands. I watched his phone blow up after being in Aspen for about 3 hours this last trip. He will book appts where ever he can. He is a true hustler.

   On his last trip to Aspen, Casey and I build a retail store from the ground up. Complete with Casey's finishing touches on the cash counter, shelves, and a kiosk made from old planks and tables. This was one of the most exciting collabo's that we have worked on. In 15 days we build and branded a store from nothing. This takes more than a creative stroke of genius.

Counter of wood, concrete, and gangsta!!!!

     Casey's art has always been that of crisp, one-of-a-kind color schemes, and dashingly designed. He is a "detailed oriented" human. All the way down to the brush strokes, just like the gun strokes. Casey is full of imagination, design, creativity, application, and finishing touch.

Whether it's graphical design for his business card, a new company's branding kit, or a skateboard........Casey is always going to make it new, original, crisp, clean, and most of all "his own." His script work has been featured in many clothing lines and sign shops. He has had two art shows in D.C. this year.  

The wood furniture that he has made is elegant, dashing, and opulent. It is the touch of a finished carpenter with the design of a master Gatsby. He is currently in the works of rebuilding his home and it is turning into a museum of hand-crafted expertise. You can check out his website, tattoos, and other works at

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Alife - Forever Classy Forever Street Forever Grimey

Alife is a brand that I have been kicking around on my feet since the mid 90's. They brand is solid as the concrete streets they rep. Their hardcore hip-hop, rap, skate, and all over aspect the city stoop can bring your way. The shoes are as fly as the Jordans that innovated them. They have collaborated with Clarks, Reebok, and G-Shock. They colors and creativity exudes total Street Gatsby. They musical influences of the Wu are truly to the core. I have never missed a second to stop by their shop in New York. Its always worth the cab trip to see what's inside and who's inside.

I have the Gucci edition Alifes and have kept them in the weekly rotation because of their rugged look, durable wares, and most of all the fly touch of the Alife. You need to keep up with the crew. They are current as the New York Times and as filthy as the sewers. Always keeping a touch of Gatsby around. Their accessories are top shelf. Their hats are legend in the skate world.

Their line breathes individual statement along with subtle humour. They are the kids on the corner. They are the people that stand out on the sidewalk. They are the Alife.

The Alife is Gatsby and Gatsby is the Alife

Gold Dust - Underground Fashion peering on the Masses

This unbelievable artistic creation is from Denver. I've been seeing them all over the underground music scene from Denver to LA to Aspen. Their hoods are one of a kind creations from Carmine Diaz (BLK MTL), and clothing designer Emyli Dahlia. They are the new DubStep Couture. Creation of artistic touch on hoods that are made of superior fabrics. The hoods are secured with all types of charms, chains, ropes, and other creations from this duo of DubStep.

When you feel that the need to cloak yourself from the world around you, this is the item of your dreams. The soft, heavy, and durable fabrics make you feel in another dimension.

Its full Grimey on this product...with a dash of Gatsby!

Jordan - new fashion with a solid name

The Jordan brand is the upper echelon of casual street fashion. Style after the man himself, Michael Jordan, it has continually sold millions of shoes, shirts, hats, jackets, socks, and accessories. The brand as transcended anything that Nike could have ever imagined possible with a young basketball player that was dominating his game.

The Ladies Jordan Boot

The Jordan brand continues to change its fabric and design appearance with every season. This season's over sized logo shirt is by far one of the best accesorizable pieces out there. The New Era caps and the shoes from the brand all match color swatches. You can find it in numerous color combinations. Truly a smart selection for the avid street Gatsby. Keep it fresh and new...but most of all keep it smooth and consistent.E

The shoes are timeless. I still have a pair of Olympic XVI that are still in the box. The soles have turned light beige and the paper in the box doesn't make much noise anymore. They are still Grimey and Gatsby. The original XI's are some of the most proper shoes on the planet. Even the Spikez are reproduced now for the a new generation of "free speakers and sneakers."

Everyone knows the Jordan brand, right?

But not everyone knows they have a casual line of shoes for the mature baller. The Grown V.2 is a comfortable Jordan that can sneak past the bouncers at clubs. They are subtle yet expressive. They are creative yet stylish. Smooth and Gatsby.

New Numbers - Vacationland - Music for Saturday afternoon.......

Joshua Abbot and Mike Fadem have gotten together to bring a sound of clarity and intensity. Mike on the drums carries the songs with great impact and solid rhythm and Joshua with a varied group of sound amplify the guitar. Their sound is unique and comes through with brute force. The Brooklyn musical duo New Numbers have a Midnight Cowboy inspired music video, directed by Matt Collison  for “Talk About Yourself”


Its grimey and its Gatsby. The music I listen to on Saturday afternoon is the music I set myself to for the weekend of hierarchy and debauchery. New Numbers is a must check out for any indie or club music buff. I was sent their CD from my cousin in Manhattan. It read...."Listen to it. Its right up your alley."

New Numbers is on the list for this it on yours?

The Gatsby

The Gatsby

Jay Gatsby is the main character in the Jazz Era classic "The Great Gatsby." Gatsby is known for parties that go on for up to a month, hot Jazz and cold champagne, women as demanding and exotic and "hothouse flowers," and the lives of "too much, too soon." His opulent demeanor and elegant tastes are truly second to none. He has closets of custom made suits and custom cut linens. His endless army of cars were polished daily. He had fresh flowers monthly brought to his Palace in the Hampton's. Saddle shoes and top siders for the yatch and parties by the water. His uninvolved approach to fashion, women, and parties is the best trait of the Gatsby. He subtle attitude and solid fashion are enough. He is elegantly removed from the culture around him. He is alone in his kingdom.

The Jazz era of the 20's and 30's were the epitome of hierarchy in our country. The lavish habits of the super wealthy are still talked about to this day. Gatsby and his extravagant nature are just the looking glass into a time of Zeppelins, the World's Fair, and decedent living.

He is the pocket square in your suit. He is the cuff link in your shirt. He is the diamond in your brooch. He is high class, a baller, a player, a whale, a gentleman, a scholar, and most of all
he is the Gatsby!!

UNIV - The brand of chill, cheers, and classiness

If you need to sharpen your threads, caps, socks, shoes, watches, or earrings this is a stop that you shouldn't miss.

They carry many brands in the shop. All of their gear is worth a look. The UNIV brand has great accessory pieces for you ladies too. Their earring collect is top notch. They are continuously updating their lovely stash of goodies in the store. If your in San Diego its worth a beach front drive to a shop that will up grade your digs!!

In4mation - Hawaii -

I met Jun Jo is San Diego years ago at a trade show. He was the most cordial individual and exuded a pressence and tranquility that was truely captivating. Listening to him talk about surfing and the soul, the music of Hawaii and their very connected life to the water, noises, and spirits of the island.

We started talk about In4mation and also of the upcomign trends in the market. This was back in 2006. He and I had a long conversation on shoes, hats, the effectiveness of branding to the young culture of kids. The "stickiness" that is needed to keep your brand on the kids minds for a long time. It has to be "cutting edge, fresh, jive, kicking it" are some of the words i remember throwing around.............His smile from the island lits up very slightly but unfolds a gigantic feeling of acceptance.

                                                 CHECK OUT THEIR SITE:  IN4MATION 

(the new "batteries not included" skateboards)

We can fastfoward now to 2011, I spoke with Jun just last week on the computer about his new products, his clothing stores, events, and most of all the conitued success of In4mation and their Aloha Army. Jun and the crew have 2 stores that satisfy the skate, surf, and lifestyles all over the world. They are featured on many clothing sites and custom skate shops:

                       Karmaloop.....Radio Boardshop.......5 & a Dime..........UNIV

The In4mants keep the designing clear and concise. Their messages are pure and GRIMEY......"REPSECT LOCALS" is the one i feel comfortable with. Living in an area of resorts, tourists, and our huge government; it takes a second to realize that before all of us came to be.....there were the OG's, the LOCAL's, the FRONT RUNNERS of our progressive lifestyle. The ones that stepped out of the box and showed us the way to "abnormal greatness." Stepping out of the box is something that Jun is comfortable with. He is a champion surfer (leash free) and now is tackling some of the biggests natural waves in the ocean.

Jun Jo was just featured in "Red Bull's Tai Fu" movie. It is worth a watch and a breathe taker. Jun takes down a huge wave from the Typhoon in Japan.

If your looking for the Islands, the low key bros, or just some killer threads In4mation is where its at. Check the new Salessie line (hat, shirt, and watch).