Friday, July 29, 2011

Casey Olejniczak - Tattoo Artist, Artist, Master Fabricator -


Casey Olejniczak, or Casey for the rest of this post (with that last name its hard not to hack up a hairball), has been a close business associate for over a decade. Casey and I worked on numerous collaborations in the 2000's for South Swell Sports, Adrenaline, All Out Lacrosse, All Out Sports, graphical design, brand managing and designing, and most of all as a great friend. He is truly gifted with a mind that sees the unseen. I have watched him take supplies from thrift stores and make it into masterpieces over the course of 3 days of stripping, painting, and re-designing.  The first piece of art I bought from him still hangs over my living room. Adorning the room with "Clarity" and insight that we are not alone. It is a clean and concise contemporary piece (5 pieces in total all covered in Plexiglas and hand cut from an oak door). 

 Casey is more than an artist. He is a master fabricator, carpenter, inventor, and most of all an phenomenal tattoo artist. For the past 5 years Casey has been traveling the country for the passion of the ink slinger. He has a collection of tattoos that is from the highest level of the "tattoo hierarchy" (and you know that's Gatsby!!). He also has tattooed in Los Angeles, Aspen, Salisbury, Washington DC, and Michigan just this year. He is a hot commodity now matter where he lands. I watched his phone blow up after being in Aspen for about 3 hours this last trip. He will book appts where ever he can. He is a true hustler.

   On his last trip to Aspen, Casey and I build a retail store from the ground up. Complete with Casey's finishing touches on the cash counter, shelves, and a kiosk made from old planks and tables. This was one of the most exciting collabo's that we have worked on. In 15 days we build and branded a store from nothing. This takes more than a creative stroke of genius.

Counter of wood, concrete, and gangsta!!!!

     Casey's art has always been that of crisp, one-of-a-kind color schemes, and dashingly designed. He is a "detailed oriented" human. All the way down to the brush strokes, just like the gun strokes. Casey is full of imagination, design, creativity, application, and finishing touch.

Whether it's graphical design for his business card, a new company's branding kit, or a skateboard........Casey is always going to make it new, original, crisp, clean, and most of all "his own." His script work has been featured in many clothing lines and sign shops. He has had two art shows in D.C. this year.  

The wood furniture that he has made is elegant, dashing, and opulent. It is the touch of a finished carpenter with the design of a master Gatsby. He is currently in the works of rebuilding his home and it is turning into a museum of hand-crafted expertise. You can check out his website, tattoos, and other works at

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