Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Numbers - Vacationland - Music for Saturday afternoon.......

Joshua Abbot and Mike Fadem have gotten together to bring a sound of clarity and intensity. Mike on the drums carries the songs with great impact and solid rhythm and Joshua with a varied group of sound amplify the guitar. Their sound is unique and comes through with brute force. The Brooklyn musical duo New Numbers have a Midnight Cowboy inspired music video, directed by Matt Collison  for “Talk About Yourself”


Its grimey and its Gatsby. The music I listen to on Saturday afternoon is the music I set myself to for the weekend of hierarchy and debauchery. New Numbers is a must check out for any indie or club music buff. I was sent their CD from my cousin in Manhattan. It read...."Listen to it. Its right up your alley."

New Numbers is on the list for this it on yours?

The Gatsby

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