Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gold Dust - Underground Fashion peering on the Masses

This unbelievable artistic creation is from Denver. I've been seeing them all over the underground music scene from Denver to LA to Aspen. Their hoods are one of a kind creations from Carmine Diaz (BLK MTL), and clothing designer Emyli Dahlia. They are the new DubStep Couture. Creation of artistic touch on hoods that are made of superior fabrics. The hoods are secured with all types of charms, chains, ropes, and other creations from this duo of DubStep.

When you feel that the need to cloak yourself from the world around you, this is the item of your dreams. The soft, heavy, and durable fabrics make you feel in another dimension.

Its full Grimey on this product...with a dash of Gatsby!

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