Saturday, July 30, 2011

April B Creations - ART - "Surfaces" at WeSC Aspen

April at her show "Surfaces"

April Brooks has always had class and a touch of passion for her interests. I met her years ago in Aspen during one of the many strolls through town. Her artwork has been just as solid as her friendship. She has an artist's touch for elegance and astonishment. And her new show, "Surfaces" is a testament to her ever changing style and grace.

She used many different "Surfaces" in the show which came through in truly Gatsby fashion. Her show was a hit in town as well. I saw many people coming through, sales, gatherings, networking, and most of all her art.

Her attitude will show you that she watches things down to the last detail. Her vase's and cup's are great pieces for any one's kitchen, bathroom, or accented throughout your collection. The wall peices have great color tones and exquisite design. The tray's that I saw are a stunning piece for a bathroom counter, bed side table, or a coffee table. The earth tone colors are great for Sante Fe enthusiasts and the earthly women you know. 

Her concepts and thoughts come through vivid as sun beams in her work. The astounding simplicity of the art and its complex message are what I truly enjoy. Her paintings, sculptures, and other works are all unique and in touch with our world of today.

One of the pieces I thought was fantastic were the "treasure boxes." She has the most subtle touch of grain and the re-assurance of grace. The boxes are perfect for the women you know with too many jewels, watches, bracelets, rings, brooches, or iPhone cords. It adds style to a simple use.

"Treasure Box"

April Brooks has an eye for the market. In Aspen, her work is easily assimilated with our people, places, and needs. She has high class touch for the high class needs of today's Gatsby's.

I urge you to check out her works and site. She is continuously working on new pieces, projects, and perfection!!!

A special thanks to WeSC Aspen for the great atmosphere and exposure for April.

It was a great event with the ISVERA tribe, WeSC, and many other tasteful locals to eye and spy the evening.

Bowl of Birds

Check out the rest of the pictures and be sure you see April and her work at:

April B "Surfaces" Show

April's Art

Always keep Art in your Arsenal!!!!

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