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Thursday, January 3, 2013

STS9 - NYE - Denver 2012


Sound Tribe Sector 9 New Years run made it to Denver, Colorado and played three nights at the Fillmore Auditorium. The band is made up of five members, Hunter Brown, Jeffree Lerner, David Murphy, David Phipps, and Zach Velmer all of which are from Athens, Georgia.  STS9 was able to exceed the expectations and imaginations of their die-hard fans with another display of lights, sound, and energy.

The electronic jam band blew the Fillmore Auditorium wide open with their upbeat tempo and funky jams. The guys came out hard opening with “Musical Story, Yes” and “Arigato.” After the ball dropped ending 2012 STS9 made it snow inside the venue and played “Celebration.” The bassist David Murphy thanked the crowd for an amazing night and wished us all the best in 2013. STS9 kept the audience content and dancing as they wrapped up the evening with the encore and one of my favorite songs ""T.W.E.L.V.E. 

Sound Tribe Sector 9 sold out the Fillmore Auditorium with over four thousand people in attendance. STS9 put on an out of this world performance. They were simply amazing. The night was full of adventure and the show was mind-blowing. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Decadence - Sub.Mission

NYE 2012

We had a blast with Sub.Mission at Decadence. It was unbelievable to see over 10 thousand people raging in one area!!!! Big Ups to Sub.Mission, Fountain of Media, and all the people that came out to get down......Here's a little peak at the countdown from the Sub.Mission stage.

Thievery Corp - Aspen - Dec. 29/30

Thievery Corporation 
December 29th & 30th
Belly Up, Aspen
 For two nights in Aspen the Thieves took over. The buzz is built for months with Thievery Corporation comes to town. This time they sold out two shows and rocked the New Years right. Bringing the entire crew means there will be a great set from the group. See I rocks the reggae, Ras Puma sings the legendary songs with Lulu and the rest of the soulful sirens. The band is tight with their presence and their sound is mastered. The entire crowd moves from corner to corner as they sway to the rhythm. The first night brought on a long set and the "Who's who" of Colorado. Governor John Hickenlooper (Governor of Colorado), Ramona Bruland (New host of the X Games), and top tier of the Aspen social clubs were all in attendance to see the show.  They don't disappoint and the second night was just as energetic. 

Hash walking amongst the crowd.
When Thievery Corporation comes to Aspen it's more about joining in the party than seeing a infamous group that travels the world. The Thieves are in Colorado every other month it seems. Some how the family of the Corporation is embraced in the Rockies...."because of the freedom of expression and the love of music," said Hunt at the Belly Up. "Congo Sanchez, See I, Garza, Lulu, and the whole crew are like family here. When they come it's like the royal family is coming to town. And they bring the heat on stage every time," he added.

The Thieves rocking with Ras Puma on the mic.
You can bet the town is still talking about this experience. The second night was sold out and an early set at the Belly Up. As the music started you could see the people filter into the darkness around the stage. The reserved area was filled with the celebs, locals, and Aspen legends. During the set Hash, the bassist, walked out into the crowd and start increasing the excitement. The sitar brings the dancing to a steady pace throughout the set and keeps the air of the night thick with anticipation. They dropped all the favorite songs and hung out with the people after the show. 

Frank is the OG of percussion.....
Congo Sanchez, Jeff Franca the drummer, even tossed a great set of sound in Aspen after the second night. His reggae infused sound was blasting the night away at Regal. Hunt stopped by for the action, "It was great to catch Congo live finally. I've been listening to the tracks but it's not like hearing that beat live in person. The rhythm gets you moving and the roots, rock, reggae makes me smile like a raggamuffin." 

Jeff Franca on the drums and Congo Sanchez on the decks.....

Photo Cred: Joey Cutty, Hunt, and Congo Sanchez

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Clayton Vila -- "The Creep"

Clayton Vila

Gnarly Gatsby has known Clayton Vila since we took aerobics with his mom back in the day in our New England hometown of Block Island, RI.


A renaissance man in a tall- tee, Vila edited the video himself, creating a mosaic of clips that shows off  his skills and swagger. The clips are drawn from Vila's segments in films from Poor Boyz Productions, STEPT and Teton Gravity Research

Wally's Aspen - Food late night (8pm-3am)

Derek Koster is the man behind the plan. Known for his gourmet catering and cooking, Wally's Aspen was opened last winter as an avenue for late night dining. They are open Tuesdays-Sunday 8pm-3am. You can see why we love this place. It's perfect for our hours in the nightlife. We were recently in Aspen and rang up Wally's to see what all the talk is about......

Offering a comprehensive menu was the first thing we noticed. Coconut Curry, Steak Quesadilla, and a Wonder Bun was our order. But we could have added about 10 more things from the menu. Tacos, sandwiches, entrees, desserts, and drinks all from this late night hut of grub.

Hunt broke out the wonder bun and just stared....."I'm not sure if I can eat something that looks this good. It's like foodie art....cinnamon bun with bacon. I guess that's the high life in Aspen. Not sure where to start on this thing...."

Coconut Curry is a local favorite around Aspen....

If you're out at Eric's, Regal, or just finishing a long hut trip.....Wally's is there for you. The food is affordable. They deliver in minutes. It's convenient and you're giving back to the locals instead of the corporate boss men in town. Think about the future and the mountain kids next time you order in Aspen. Make it a Wally's kind of night.....

The Wonder Bun has bacon in it...yes, bacon is what we just said....