Monday, November 21, 2011

Secrets from the Gatsby-Rossignol Soul/Squad 7

By: JR

From time to time, we at the GG, are fortunate enough to have information "leaked" to us.  Today we got to see a serious "game changer" the Rossignol Soul/Squad 7. This is a new ski to the Rossignol lineup next year (2013). This ski is a BOSS! It's 120mm in the waist making it a little bigger than the S7. It looks a lot like the S7 at the tip of the ski, but a slightly shallower shovel. It feels stiffer than the Super 7, but it doesn't have a metal core. The tail is flatter than the S7, but it's still is enough for switch on pow days. We cant wait to ski these!

The particular set we got to see today was 1/50 that have been made and were the Soul 7 this ski will never be released and when they do drop they will have a different top sheet and be called the Squad 7. They were cut in the Rossignol Race Lab and designed with help from Dan Treadway and Sage, before he went to Atomic. If one of the team hasn't been to naughty this year Santa will be bringing him one of these super rare skis! So look for them "floating" around the West this winter. Special thanks to "you know who" at Hamilton Sports in Aspen for all the Love!!!!!!!

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