Friday, November 4, 2011

Movember for the Aspen


The word makes you think of your father, favorite baseball player, or the guy that you always asked about "how old is that guy and his moustache?" It seems that every year there are gentlemen that have 'staches as a part of them, and then there are the others that are just "men with a moustache." The later usually has the juvenile 'stache shaven off after a week or two of ridicule and shame from females and friends. The man that rocks a 'stache is a man that can open any jay in the kitchen. After my three year partnership with the hairy upper lip, I decided to return to "clean shaven haven" with the rest of the chaps. It isn't the same being a "former 'stache" as a "current 'stache." I've had the "oh man, I loved that 'stache." Or the ever famous, "I have you as J. Moustache in my phone." The best that I have received in the past 36 months is, "I don't think I can date you without the 'stache." All of them are great in their own way. The love of the moustache is ever growing in today's world of hipster, grudge, hippie, and the older gents. It is seen in "throw back" pictures to glorify the days of old (60's, 70's, & 80's). I know that everyone has someone that comes to mind when you say.....moustache. Maybe its the Monopoly guy, Burt Reynolds, John Cleese, or the ever engaging Salvadore Dali but someone pops up.

Since, "going hairless" and keeping things "tidy" on my lip is boring, I have decided to take part in Movember Aspen. It's a month long celebration of Mo's to raise money for the charities - Prostate Cancer Foundation and Livestrong. Prior to November 1st, participants must clean their face and continue to groom their Mo until the Gala event at the Belly Up, Aspen. I was told this Gala is where the crowning of the 'stache takes place. As the program indicates, "The man who grows a moustache is one that is a leader who steps up and shines with confidence and style." This seems like the Gatsby's daily motto. So I decided to step into this event and bring the Mo' back for Movember. I have had too many cold nights waking up touching my lip; thinking, "Oh, if only I had my 'stache. I could conquer the world, end hunger, and merge the 1% and 99% together peacefully."

In Aspen we have plenty of fun for Movember. It's featured across the nation (click here to find your hometown) and Aspen was on Good Morning America for their contributions and super status this week. This weekend there are free prostate, testosterone, and cholesterol exams (usually would cost about $300 in this area) at Aspen Optimal Health. If you haven't been checked, now is the time. I'll be there in line waiting. There are happy hours and parties all month at different bars for increasing donations and attendance. Nov. 17th Movember will be making their stop at Hunter Bar for Happy Hour. Nov. 19th Movember hits Escobar for an evening of 'Staches and style. The entire month concludes at the Belly Up for an evening of mo' laughs, mo' fun and mo' charity.

You can't be Gatsby if you don't know how to groom a Mo'

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