Monday, November 7, 2011


"you start and you set pace

you meet obstacles along the way
sometimes you take a break
sometimes you feel unstoppable
step by step you advance yourself
the path steepens in some parts
at one point you are halfway

you continue and set pace 
the reward is close, the risk is high

you will attain your goals if you proceed
your steps are shortened by the rising terrain

you are curious like a cat
you are where you have put yourself
your steps are stopped by a sound

you are not in control anymore

acceptance of fear
and then it stops

you see light
you see yourself

you are here or you could not be here

you brush off and continue upwards
you will attain your goals if you proceed

you reflect on the journey
you think about what matters
you think about the tomorrow that might not have been
you think about why you put yourself where you are

Then you realize, you wouldn't be you if you didn't....................."

I was in an avalanche yesterday. 
I wrote this as a reflection.
The more I think about it, it's just like life.

Nothing is easy or safe, if you wish to be successful in what you do.
There will always be "avalanches." You put yourself where you
choose to and you have to deal with the circumstances of that decision. 
The past, present, and future are just decisions......but you make your own
decision. Don't ever think you don't......

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