Monday, November 28, 2011

Frends Crew - The Grimiest Headphones in the Game



      There is no "i" in this Frends Crew!

"Frends" is a crew of snowboarders who all share common mindsets. Though each
 has their individual personalities, they all are bound together by the common interest
 of snowboarding, music, partying, having a good time, and trying to keep the world 
informed that life is better with your friends.

So who are the “Frends?" And what makes them so cool that they don’t need the “i” in 
their name? Well, the Frends are a group of uber-talented snowboarders who just 
happen to be friends in real life. The group is comprised of pipers, parkers, streeters, 
pow-hounds, and cliff-huckers who all just happen to get paid mondo bucks from
sponsors to do it all. The Frends consist of Mason Aguire, Jack Mitrani, Danny Davis, Scotty Lago,           Luke Mitrani, Kevin Pearce, and Keir Dillon.

Frends started out as just a crew. Since they've had alot of fun making videos and a website, they decided it was time to get into their next venture. After battling
 about what to make, they came to the realization that music is one of the biggest
 influences in their lives. So they are stepping outside of the snowboard world and
 into the business world, being that they listen to music on the hill, off the hill, on the
 plane, in the car, and basically any chance they can. Headphones made perfect
 sense. So there you have it, Frends is making headphones!

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