Sunday, November 6, 2011

Snow Angels, The Gatsby, and the Backcountry

Yup, It's Sunday. Some of you are relaxing by a TV, others are recovering from the festivities, and some are walking off into the white abyss this morning. It snowing all over the country in depths. We have seen NYC, the south, and the mountains all receive their snow early this year. Ullr is up-and-at'em or something is different this year. Something is "brewing" as my northern friends would say. It just isn't how it usually is this time of year. 

"Investigate this riddle, we shall," as Yoda would profess. I think it's time to get out into the back country and take a look at the snow, the environment, and most of all "the pack." The Grimey's are headed out today into the "white ocean of fluff" to see whats going on. We might find Bigfoot, Jim Hoffa, or the Dolphin's winning strategy out there. We are hoping to find some logic on why we are receiving so much snow at the beginning of this season. The Indians in Southwest Colorado have enlightened us that it is "time for recognition of the earth" and "it's overall health." They are worried that things are changing the "food bearing schedule." This is something every person needs to know. If the season's change and the timeline to grow food is will we sustain?

Off to see what's out back........check in for more information on the winter analysis from
Grimey Gatsby

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  1. You must seek the answer for yourself as you sit it the sweat lodge and seek your spirit guide... ;)