Saturday, November 5, 2011

Life in the Rockies


Rising to see the shimmer through the clouds and the smell of musk
along the earth as the day creeps into view.  In mountain towns around the globe this is the time to get ready, clean off, get in shape, and start getting down to Winter business. We scrape the cars off in the dark from their ice-filled slumber. Hot coffee and cocoa flow through the veins of men and woman that are clearing the roadways long before you "warm up" your little engine. The brisk air that sweeps across your face when you first walk outside into the world of cold, snow, and layers of clothes. It's a gnarly world in the mountains. One day you can be skiing with your best friend and the next; one of you could be gone. It's a realization that we all come to grasp: "The young go early and the old try to stay old." 

When the dark mornings come and the time change occurs, all of us in the mountains understand the existence of Mother Nature. The ever changing climate, big dumps, and lackluster storms fill our week of intrigue. Some get to enjoy the it daily and other's get to watch from the sidelines, but both get to stand in the shadow of the Mountain. The mountains loom over us as founding fathers in nature. The grey skies surround the mountain like vultures waiting on the next feast. They envelope the massive rocks and show us how lucky we are to experience the day we have. Whether grey, sunny, or snowing.....
It's your time to shine today. Are you up for it?

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