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Bomb Hills Not Countries! - Skateistan


These kids have really learned to take their Grime and make a Gatsby time out of it. All it took was two Aussie skateboarders to gain all the attention from the local kids. These now empowered kids are able to get an education and share the love of skateboarding that so many of us do here in the states. This is a true "build it and they will come" tale seeing the mass amount of children joining the project. The project is even expanding into Cambodia and Mazar-e-Sharif. 

                                                                     Learn More                                                             

Every kid remembers when they got to learn fun, friendship, and creativity. These kids are getting to experience the world in a whole new perspective. And we dig that!!!


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mazda M2 - Best Car on Earth

By: Hunt 

After driving this car for the first day I was shocked. Every time I got in, I thought I would see the gas level just slowly fall like a meteor to earth and require more funds to move forward. In fact, it took about 4 days for me to grasp the term "gas mileage." I drive a Ford Expedition, I have no concept of gas mileage. It's like giving an old man a smart phone.....he just doesn't get it. WELL I GET IT NOW!!!! 

This car can park almost anywhere with it's sub compact steeze, it can roll from Denver to Boulder to Denver to Boulder on a HALF TANK!!!! That is about $17.00 dollars total these my life that would get me from the house to the City Market and back. The difference in your wallet is going to be MASSIVE with the cars of the future. I can't wait to get something that is better on the earth, my wallet, and the over all function of life.

This car has 4 doors, great storage for your "life on the go", and has made me contemplate the reason I have my "rig." It isn't necessary to have such large cars....unless your making up for something else...I guess. We have packed 4 "grown ass men" in this thing and taken it out downtown. I have driven it in the worst traffic conditions I can find and it just keeps on smiling away like Nemo in the ocean. It is a car I would tell any single, hipster, humanitarian, smart, graceful, speed demon, or environmentalist to buy. It works for many lifestyles and more than ways that you can think of. Never late for not finding a parking about having to "fill up" before you go anywhere.....or what about the dreaded "Do I have to kick in gas money?"

Starting at $14,530

Most of all, I can feel Mother Nature smiling down every time I turn the key. It's better for the world to use better technology, cars, and systems. Embrace the future. Take it from this "gas guzzling grizzly" --- I'm gonna be the next Larry David. I'm getting a sub compact and gonna enjoy all the laughs. 

get smart, get green, get a sub-compact!!

Medical Centers in Denver --- SECRET patients REVIEWS

Patients speak about their shopping experiences at the MC's of Denver. Where there are more dispensaries than McDonald & Starbucks combined!! We are in the search for the BEST Dispensary in Denver, Boulder, Aspen, and Colorado.

You can write in your anonymous experience to our company --- EMAIL --- If you have a place you like, or you know of a place that patients rave about often. LET US KNOW!!! We are on the hunt for the BEST of the BEST.  Enjoy the information so far and please SPREAD THE GRIME!!!!

Colorado Alternative Medicine - Denver
The selection was good (above average) for the shelf stock I have seen. They had a good store with easy access but the staff was confusing. One man helped me, another rang me out and charged me for the "free gram" the first man talked about. Changing my total from $30 to $40 with no explanation. The hostess was cheerful but way too "over the top" with the smiles for miles.

I purchased the Alien OG. The strain is a hybrid as did was it is suppose to. Which is nice, most places call it one things and the effects are completely different IE I want a day time high and get couch lock. The plant was grown hydroponically using chemical based solutions. Very easy to tell from the dense formation and the over excessive crystals on the stem & leaves. I have no problem with the hydro fire. It usually works great for my insomnia.

Overall Shop - 6/10
Medicine Visually/Salesmanship - 8/10
Customer Service - 6/10
didn't hear any bullshit but was charged for the "free gram" :/
cost - 6/10 - $30-$40/eighth range
medicinal effect - 9/10
first time deal --- no deal was given
member pricing - $30/eighth
The store has construction all over the main road which makes it harder to park and visit the store. The staff was friendly and they are talking about opening a location in Carbondale for the Roaring Fork Valley. There were 3 total patients during my visit. 2 edibles were sold to one & the other purchased an ounce. The atmosphere of the shop was marginal.

Good Chemistry - Denver
I called ahead to see if they had the strain I was looking for but they were "all out." They spent the time to talk to me about the strain I was looking for and the comparables they had to offer. It was enough information to get me off the couch and down to see "what I thought." I checked out a few other things that usually help me painful back. I didn't decide on any flowers but I was able to pick up a few edibles that made my night a little more enjoyable. When I get an evening off my feet I like to enjoy it without pain...if possible. Working in the night scene means your running, standing, shuffling, and lifting all the time. And it has taken a toll on my "off time." Good Chemistry helped me find a solution...not just what to purchase to help them out. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and honest (which goes the longest with me).

Overall shop - 6/10
Medicine Visually/Salesmanship - 6/10
Customer Service - 8/10
no bullshit lines just didn't have what I wanted
cost - 2 Edibles $8
medicinal effect - it worked the whole evening on my lower back
first time deal - I had been there before
member pricing - didn't look
The staff was cordial and informative. They gave me plenty of options on what "might" work best depending on my symptoms and previous experiences. They also were very informative about the other stores and what they may offer as for as flowers. This was nice to hear people being informative without cares of their profits.

Ballpark Holistics - Denver
I was told about them from a friend of mine and decided to check them out while walking through Downtown Denver. I was from out of town and figured it would be nice to have some medicine for the evening once all the walking and sweating was finished. I was greeted promptly and given great service. I hadn't been there before so they offered me a "first time" deal of a $15/eighth. Where I live the MC's are selling flowers for $40/eighth so you can understand how big my smile was when I heard the deal for me.

Their selection was solid and they had just about anything I thought I would need for the evening. A soda, a joint, and a gram of something to put me to sleep after a long day in the big city. The attendant helped me with ease and I was taken care of for $16.42 after tax with my eighth. I had a great evening at the hotel enjoying some room service and purple Afghan.

Overall Shop - 5/10
Medicine Visually/Salesmanship - 7/10
Customer Service - 8/10
bullshit lines:
"We grow all of our medicine in Denver, not like some of the other guys"
"We hand trim it all ourselves." "We have the hardest hitting indica in the city."
cost - $16.42 = 1/8 for the first timer
the actual medicinal effect - 8/10
first time deal --- see cost
member pricing - $20 = 1/8
They are two blocks from the ball park. That always helps when your heading to the Rockies game.
They neighbor is another MC and they feature $2/joints. They are always open to new clients from other cities coming to town. They asked me to tell a friend or two about their shop (that is now done).

The Giving Tree - Denver
I was told about this MC because they have the "most comments" on the Internet about their shop. My friends said, "If all these other cats go there and are jazzed then maybe you should." So I did.....what the heck...I feel like I should hit every MC to see what they have but also to make sure I know my medicine. The staff was great. All smiles, very helpful, and very knowledgeable about their craft. I was looking for Blue Dream....they didn't have it. But their Chemdawg Sister was something that is hard to find to a "bud head" like myself.

I was given a "free gram" of another type for my first time shopper deal. I also was able to ask a few questions about my plants at home. It's nice to know the people at the counter know enough about the plant to talk to me about some issues I have been having. My garden is baby. They helped me get it back on the right track. All in all I give this place a 9/10.

overall shop - 9/10
medicine visually/salesmanship - 8/10
customer service - 9/10
no bullshit lines here
the cost - $20/eighth
Medicinal Effect - 9/10
First Timer - It was my first time
Member Pricing - $25/eighth
The girls love Durango & Aspen. They are always happy to be there and working. They asked me to tell some friends about their shop or comment online to help them keep up their Denver Best's Awards. This place was the best one I have been to in the past month. Gonna go back too!!

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Memorial Day




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Dumpster Palace

One man's dumpster, Is another mans palace! Picture the place you once tossed your Grime- and now picture your Gatsby pool! Once your waste- Now your favorite get away place! First your Grime- Now you Dine! Artist Oliver Bishop-Young sees Gatsby all over the Grimey streets. These Urban installations bring a new breath to upcycling as a whole.

The Goldsmith Graduate's goal was to make easily accessible street dumpsters that were not being used and create a way to allow community interaction as well as to change the world's view on the common use of a dumpster. Simple paint and home furnishings open a new get away for office meetings and friendly conversation. Right on your dead end street with a new liner and water for a neighborhood summer pool. Think of a future when dumpster diving becomes a completely new idea not only for the pools but for the silent time to read or catch up with a close neighbor! 


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Re:Creation - Denver's Musical Movement marches on...

Euphonic Conceptions Presents Re:Creation  

Cervantes was at its liveliest this past week with an all-star line-up throwing down and fogging things up for Euphonic Conceptions’ Re:Creation.

Starting off early, Fisk got the crowd’s heads nodding and booties shaking with his fresh glitch-hop wizardry.  Coming correct in a blazer and Nuggets lid, Fisk’s trademark swagger was in full effect as he dropped an energetic and funky set.

Next up, Govinda wowed the crowd with a multi-sensory feast that featured live violin accompaniments and a belly dancer. The dancer’s presence reinforced the worldly feel of Govinda’s sexy ambient beats.  Govinda has been featured on lounge compilations like Buddha Bar II and has played with trip-hop stars Thievery Corporation, evidence of his seasoned world beat pedigree. His blend of “urban psychedelia” and world music makes for a delectably rich performance.

Gaudi’s prolific career as a producer spans three decades and numerous genres.  His act mixes dub, experimental electronic and enough air horns to make you think you were in a Jamaican dancehall.  Accompanied by MC Danny Ladwa, Gaudi brought an incredible energy to the stage, at one point jumping on top of his table in a fabulous spectacle.  It was during Gaudi’s heart-pumping set that the raver rain began to soak the crowd and a jungle vibe gripped the Cervantes’ packed dance floor.

Thoroughly amped by Gaudi’s set, the crowd was primed for a killer closer from Opiuo.  This New Zealand native dishes up a lush soundscape filled with futuristic funk and body-moving beats.  His original, glitchy tracks are infused with just the kind of rockin bass that Denver loves, and you could feel that love as Cervantes pulsed with Opiuo’s sonic manipulations. For a taste Opiuo’s flavor, check out this Ray Charles remix, one of our favorite tracks from last night’s set.

Euphonic Conceptions sure knows how to put together a line-up.  They know how to fill a venue with creation, too!  The balcony and vendor spaces were packed with artists like Dan Yolles, fresh lids from Grassroots California, body-workers, hoopers, clothing racks and even air-brushing!  Get up with Euphonic Conceptions to find out about more of their awesome events in Denver, Boulder and FoCo!


20,000 Whomps Under the Sea - Whomp Truck - Denver

20,000 WHOMPS under the Sea
Whomp Truck

Last week the Whomp Truck and Band Kitty threw down anchor and went 20,000 Whomps Under the Sea at a secret location on Santa Fe.  The all-night party delivered the whomp booty to all those faithful followers who sought it out via social media and a map point. The venue was decked out in a manner that would have made Ariel and Sebastian proud....The Whomp Truck itself was nestled in one corner, looking like a sunken ship, surrounded by speakers, projection screens and giant seaweed.  Lanterns dangled like bubbles and fish adorned the walls. Props to Paulo Wellman on the decor. The warehouse  featured 2 projection screens and an entire back wall displaying visuals & projections from Audio Visual Violence Club.


Whomp Truck's whole crew stepped out for this event, providing a full night of music from 10pm till 5 o'something the next morning!  Fisk opened the evening, setting the beat with his funky fresh glitch hop (read our review of Fisk's latest EP here). Next up was  Noah Deep who, true to his name, kept us deep in the sea of bass-heavy crunk.  Add that glitchy grime and you've got one dirty set. Whomp Truck founder Just Ben teamed up with  glitch and break pioneer Citrus to become Broseidon for the evening.  Bro-ed out and accessorized to the hilt, these two pushed each other's performances and delivered  a solid and dance-friendly set.

GG Fam's own Coult-45 brought things all the way down to where the whomp whales roam and dropped the last scallywags off the plank. Fresh off of Friday's Global Dub Festival at Red Rocks, Coulter still came correct and dropped the DubStep set for the night, delivering his trademark rumbling bass and dirty drops.

Best costume, in our opinion, goes to Alert, as Old Gregg from The Mighty Boosh.  Sampling dialogue from this British cult comedy hit, Alert had the best integration of the theme....not to mention how things got wild during Alert's a live performance several woman (mostly nude) climbed into an inflated balloon and danced amongst confetti.  Broads in bubbles, that's a new one for us!

The evening featured artistic mastery on the decks, on the dance floor, and in other mediums. A demo from one  painter, as well as art vendors added their flows to the ocean of creativity. In addition to a chill-out dome, plenty of partiers found their way under "The Wishing Willow of Light", a towering edifice decked out with dangling green LEDS that blink in different variations. Massage by donation also gave attendees a chance to bliss out. 

Ishe wrapped up the night with an energetic house set that felt very euro. That scandavian vibe was just the thing for that  sunrise dance, though.  The night was a success, raising funds for upgrades to the Whomp Truck. They continue to bring ya the booty-shakin beats come hell or high water!

Monday, May 21, 2012

INTERVIEW - Nicole of Sub.Mission Denver


Hunt had a chance to catch up with "Nicole Sub.Mission" as we call her in the office. She is the person behind Sub.Mission Dubstep and the woman taking music to the NEXT LEVEL in Denver. We were able to catch up to her after her show at Red Rocks for GlobalDUB. This is the first ever that Global has made a main stage of the genre. It was an ENTIRE DAY OF DUB at RED ROCKS!!!! Maybe now you get the importance of this little lady behind the scenes.....

"If I can get her to stop moving for 15 seconds...I'm sure I can get answers from her. She is as hard to pin down as the Loch Ness Monster but that's cause she's the Hierarchy of Dubstep," is how Hunt put it to us on Friday at the show. You can follow her on twitter, subscribe to her updates on Fb (click her name above ;), check out her Residents, and always GET TO HER NEXT EVENT. She is paving the way for the future......and we are watching every move. 

You can book her artists anywhere in the world, you can see her at Electric Tuesdays at Cervantes, Bassic Fridays at Beta, Dubstep stages across the world, and......

Your first bass drop?  

I was born to bass...

When did Sub.Mission start?                 

Sub.Mission started doing some renegade shows during the year of 2006- we became official April 7, 2007 with Nick Argon at Kasmos

How has the music scene changed in the past 5 years?  

The music scene has become more about business and less about music.  This has led to kids coming out for the hype, not the sound.  Sub.mission is working on changing that.

Goals for 2012?  

Create a shift in consciousness.... sound NOT hype

Favorite show of 2012 thus far?  

5 year with Deep Medi

Upcoming events for the summer? 

We have our annual fesitval Bass Invasion August 10-12, Sonic Bloom in June, Pulse Festival in June- always have our tuesdays at the other side, beta on fridays, as well as our monthly one offs for the heads.

What should your fans watch out for next?  

Keepin it real...

Who's up and coming in the scene in Denver? 

Man theres a grip of people caustik, shiba, doctype, curlyone, so so many more...

What do you listen to during a normal day for music? 


Favorite place to travel? 


When you not running the Denver Dubstep scene..what do you enjoy? 

I enjoy gardening and renovating my house... did I really just say that?  I also enjoy wrecking shit with my new jeep

Is dubstep going to take on mainstream broadcasting?  

Its been there...

Advice to the young raggamuffins out there setting up shows? 


Advice to new DJ's? 

Stay true to yourself, dont make shit that already exists.  Push the limits.

Are you part of the GG Family? 


Global Dub Festival - Red Rocks

Sub.Mission invited us to enjoy this great event at Red Rocks. And we tagged along for the DUB FUN at RED ROCKS for the FIRST TIME EVER!! Sub.Mission was featured on the main stage and absolutely killed it for the Denver home crowd. Their true grasp on the DUB culture is something we have been following for a year now. They are the reason Denver = Dubstep Capital. 

The Sub.Mission crew opening up the Festival!!!!!!!

To kick things off Dayquil, Coult 45, Dodger, RumbleJunkie, and DirtMonkey crumbled the main stage with intense FILTH, as they all mixed in and out of the set it was the OG's of DENVER DUBSTEP. Crazy to see it live with them all throwing heat to send off the evening. Speakers to the ceiling and endless whomp came outta Sub.Mission's main stage set. You have got to peep these DJ's if you listen, play, or book Dubstep in your area. They are what's next in Denver aka "The Capital of Dubstep"

Downlink threw a terrific set and after he blew out RED ROCKS; he went and played BASSIC Fridays for Sub.Mission. He was followed by Datsik. Who we all know these days is turning heads in the "mainstream" world. Then Doctor P and Flux blew ear drums till the early morning. Flux dropped three new tracks for his first time at Red Rocks and followed the show with a simple line...
"Red Rocks you have changed my life!!"

the scene at the rocks is always LIVE!!!!

Doctor P had some great words to say about the Denver Dubstep Movement (@DenverDubstep) - "I've been all over the world playing music...they all say Red Rocks is magical and different. I'll tell you straight...Their right. This is Dubstep!!!" 

Red Rocks was a flurry of lasers, lights, and laughing as the crowd moved all over the stadium. In our pictures you can see the crowd fill up the stands and in the video you will be able to see the motion of the whomp ocean. From the Beasties to Ben Harper, Led Zep to Zedds Dead, Thievery Corp to the Beatles, they have all played at this holy sanctuary of sound. And now the bass is coming to full growth  - even in a pot full of rocks.

We have pictures coming soon from the event and we know some of you are in them -- Check out SmugMug for our album of GRIME!!!!!

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Dolce & Gabbana bring you another great spring look

There's plenty of summer left, So hit the streets with your girls! Grab your dude paint the town. Keep it Gatsby w/ these tasty dimes from Dolce & Gabbana. You can take these looks anywhere that your trying to be Gatsby.

Hot Days
Kool Aid
Grimey Nights
Gatsby Drinks! 

Coult 45 - The sound from the Dubstep Capital

Coult 45 has been involved in the Dubstep scene for a while much so that he is a Resident for Sub.Mission, Beta, Whomp Truck, and has played at Burning Man for some years now. Check out what we made him after some great shows he's been throwing. Enjoy the bass...Follow him on Twitter...Give him a his noise from Soundcloud...really if you like Dubstep. This is your man of music. Grimey Gatsby has approved this message and he has been stamped with the GG for a while...just look back over our features and you'll see what we mean.

MEANt Clothing - Denver's new line for ladies

MEANt Clothing is a Denver-based brand of practical, fun and funky threads for those chicas meant to create, dance, and live a vibrant life! They are the soul of the female groove. Keeping the streets of Denver wrapped in style and "today's" look.

The ladies of MEANt have been called “the crayola gangsters”, and upon walking into their showroom in the Knew Concious Gallery , one can see why.  Yes, there’s the headdress made from numerous crayons, but there’s also a bevy of spring funky  patterns and bold colors. They're fun like a coloring book.

 I love the Southwestern prints, the luxe fabric choices, and the great attention to details—like coordinating hoods that snap onto the MEANt party dress – “The Whomper”. They make plenty of things that are worth a peek. Swing by and check them out when in Denver.
There’s also the useful bandeau's and the clever “Booty Bs” that, when paired with the whomper and the Dea Blouses, will keep you vibing and vibrate this summer! 

Design Director Talia Sandoval makes accessorizing your look  a breeze with fresh headbands,  infinity scarves, and new totem bags--check out fresh designs on their blog!  
Stop in the showroom to see Talia and Lauren or catch them on the festival circuit, vending their finery at Symbiosis this weekend (May 17-21)  and Wakarusa (May 31- June 3).

"Fractured Feelings" EP - Fisk *TreeThugger*

For anyone not familiar with the style of glitch-hop, we offer this, our favorite definition of the genre, proffered by Daly City Records Founder and Producer Mochipet:  “Glitch-Hop is like Hip Hop stuck into a blender whipped and then poured over layers of Bass lasagna and topped with a good heaping of Rave Synth Sauce and some 8-bit samples of Chucky Cheese Parmesan” If you listened to Prefuse 73 or Aphex Twin back in the day, you are an OG glitch-hop fan, and maybe you didn’t even know it.   
Glitch –hop is a genre based on an aesthetic of failure.  The sounds of CD skips, system errors and other audio mishaps make up the building block of these beats.  It’s the electronic embodiment of the phrase “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade."  Mid-tempo hip-hop beats, rap, and crunk samples blend with these glitches to get the hybrid which is Glitch-Hop.  Think: bangin old-school boom box and OG Nintendo system had a baby for your aural pleasure.
This genre is poised to leap from the underground and give dubstep a run for its money on the Denver scene, led by Colorado artists like Tree Thugger and international acts like Opiuo, who threw down with TreeThugger, Govinda, and Gaudi recently for Re:Creation at Cervantes. Greg Fisk, aka Tree Thugger produces original glitch-hop tracks that capture different moods, but he always keeps the bass bumping and the heads nodding. The Fractured Feelings EP moves you through a sonic journey that visits beautiful melodic mountaintops and booty shaking bass valleys.
We love Anonymous for taking us on a mystical ride that’s a delicate blend of relaxing and uplifting.  And really,  We're not gonna lie, SubSonic Dart hits just the right key of 90s dance jam for us.  It strikes a chord with girls who used to choreograph dances to En Vogue in the driveway after school. The EP also features remixes by Colorado favorites like Samples, Crushendo, Just Ben, Papa Skunk and ProJect Aspect.  Support Colorado music and get on this release!
TreeThugger's live audio manipulation blends swagger and stutters into an irresistible performance. Follow his movements with the Whomp Truck, which he is involved with. This summer he will be playing at Sonic Bloom and at River Beats at State Bridge (July 27-28) as part of live remix act Fresh2Death, a group known for getting the party live! 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

LFL - Women's Contact Football

Las Vegas Sin Player
Lingerie Football League

The Lingerie Football League (LFL) is a women’s full tackle, 7 vs 7, Arena style American Football League,  founded in 2009 by Mitchell Mortaza.  The League has quickly gained a dedicated fan base, recruitment of the best female athletes, exceptional television ratings, and a strong consumer demand. Business Week (April 2012): “The LFL is a rarity in sports – A Women’s Professional League that’s Actually Growing.”


The League’s growth is constant and continuous, and to quote the League’s Commissioner, Mitchell Mortaza (@MitchellMortaza) as of this week: 

“Growth, Growth, than Growth. #LFL.”

Approaching its 4th Season with Expansion teams Nationally and Internationally, adding teams above the border with the OFFICIAL addition of LFL Canada.  Nationally televised Global Exhibition All Star Games, the one already held on May 5th in Mexico was a Grandeur event as it filled the Sports Palace in Mexico City with 15,000 FANS, and the next to be held this June in Australia.

As a Player, I will tell you, this is NO JOKE FOOTBALL.  All of the Ladies take their field play extremely seriously.  It is a rewarding relief to be surrounded with talent, ambition, and a shared will and pursuit at the most elite level of play I have ever personally experienced among competitive sports.

My Las Vegas Sin is a strong franchise, losing last year only once the entire season with an upset in The Championship Finals to LA.  This year we plan on taking that title HOME!!! Our veteran roster is strong, as we have LFL's MVP quarterback, Nikki Johnson, as well as many other ALL-Stars, including Wide Receiver Cassandra Strickland and Tight End/Linebacker Sunshine Misa-Uli.  We have a depth chart of raw talent in the rookie line up. Raw as in my girl, Elise, is the daughter of NFL Legend Timmy Smith . . . you want to talk about some good gifted athletic football genes, and with the right focus, work, and skills set technique taught, this could be the Strongest Roster in the League.

Our interim Head Coach has been The Commissioner. Let me tell you, the respect I have for this man is immense.  Here is an Individual that turned an idea into a company. And that company is now a League. It has cultivated and nurtured its maturation to the Global recognition and reality it has become today. He continues to manage the entirety of it’s success on the Executive Level. He has single handedly united hundreds of thousands with his creation of The LFL.  

Every pracitce I hear a little voice inside of me testing my mental focus with a serenade of ‘OH my BaH GeEz UhhhS I’m gonna die, puke, and tinkle my self all right now, simultaneously, at the same time, It’s happening, is it happening?,’  I put my hands on my hips, stand UP taller, and wait at attention for that big hopeful . . . 

“Great Job Ladies, Bring it IN!”

Follow for more @BodyByBecky