Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Dandy Warhols - INTERVIEW

Belly Up, Aspen - June 13th

We had the great pleasure of catching up with The Dandy Warhols after their recent European Tour. They are headed to Aspen on June 13th and we can say that we are "little more that BUZZED" to see one of the bands we play weekly in the office. Their new album "This Machine" is out now (cover art below) and they are legend in the world of music. Hunt decided he "wanted to do this one" and we thought that after all the hard work.....we would help him out. Hunt had a great time catching up with Peter Holmstrom.  

"This Machine is the Dandy's 8th official studio album and  was recorded over the course of 2011 at The Dandy Warhols rock clubhouse/ entertainment megaplex/studio The Odditorium. The band recorded the album with their longtime engineer - producer Jeremy Sherrer. Taylor-Taylor describes this record as "stripped down, woody and extremely guitar centric." 
-How is was described to us by the Warhols ;)

How has the last year changed your view on "the road"?

Time off makes you forget the hard stuff. You just remember the fun things so it's easy to get back out there. 2 weeks in and you remember it's a job and start taking care of yourself better.

When do you do your best writing?

While playing guitar with the TV on. 

What is your favorite Venue to play?

L'Olympia in Paris. We just played there for the first time. It's loaded with history and it seems like they thought of everything for everyone. The stage is great, the PA is great, I haven't heard any complaints from the audience and they put a bar backstage for our friends on the guest list!

What is the your favorite city for food on the road?

Amsterdam, for the Falafel. But I've just heard there is a better Falafel in Paris.

Favorite Guitar?

My '71 Gibson SG Deluxe

Best collaboration in 2011, and 2012?

Courtney and David J.

Musical Influences?

Jimmy Page, Nick Zinner, David Gilmour, Keith Richards, Kevin Shields, Robert Been

Writing Influences?

Same as above

Most Grimey thing done on the road? (one story....)

Well I did get stuck in the bathroom on a Greek ferry...

Largest audience played in 2012?

L'Olympia. But its still early on in the year and festival season hasn't started yet.

4 musicians you would like to play with (alive or dead)?

Bobby Gilespie, Nick Zinner, Robert Turner and Damon Reese.

What your favorite part of the recent European tour?

Playing L'Olympia.

"Thanks again Peter for the great conversation and insight on music. If you haven't see The Dandy Warhols then you are missing out. You need to see the live show to be able to understand why you sing it sooo loud in your car when it plays on the radio. 18 years of the love for music comes through in their new album, This Machine. See you all at the Belly Up for the show and get the new album on your play list now....before your friends find it first." 

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  1. Nice! Stoked to hear the new album in full!