Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mazda M2 - Best Car on Earth

By: Hunt 

After driving this car for the first day I was shocked. Every time I got in, I thought I would see the gas level just slowly fall like a meteor to earth and require more funds to move forward. In fact, it took about 4 days for me to grasp the term "gas mileage." I drive a Ford Expedition, I have no concept of gas mileage. It's like giving an old man a smart phone.....he just doesn't get it. WELL I GET IT NOW!!!! 

This car can park almost anywhere with it's sub compact steeze, it can roll from Denver to Boulder to Denver to Boulder on a HALF TANK!!!! That is about $17.00 dollars total these my life that would get me from the house to the City Market and back. The difference in your wallet is going to be MASSIVE with the cars of the future. I can't wait to get something that is better on the earth, my wallet, and the over all function of life.

This car has 4 doors, great storage for your "life on the go", and has made me contemplate the reason I have my "rig." It isn't necessary to have such large cars....unless your making up for something else...I guess. We have packed 4 "grown ass men" in this thing and taken it out downtown. I have driven it in the worst traffic conditions I can find and it just keeps on smiling away like Nemo in the ocean. It is a car I would tell any single, hipster, humanitarian, smart, graceful, speed demon, or environmentalist to buy. It works for many lifestyles and more than ways that you can think of. Never late for not finding a parking about having to "fill up" before you go anywhere.....or what about the dreaded "Do I have to kick in gas money?"

Starting at $14,530

Most of all, I can feel Mother Nature smiling down every time I turn the key. It's better for the world to use better technology, cars, and systems. Embrace the future. Take it from this "gas guzzling grizzly" --- I'm gonna be the next Larry David. I'm getting a sub compact and gonna enjoy all the laughs. 

get smart, get green, get a sub-compact!!

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