Monday, May 21, 2012

INTERVIEW - Nicole of Sub.Mission Denver


Hunt had a chance to catch up with "Nicole Sub.Mission" as we call her in the office. She is the person behind Sub.Mission Dubstep and the woman taking music to the NEXT LEVEL in Denver. We were able to catch up to her after her show at Red Rocks for GlobalDUB. This is the first ever that Global has made a main stage of the genre. It was an ENTIRE DAY OF DUB at RED ROCKS!!!! Maybe now you get the importance of this little lady behind the scenes.....

"If I can get her to stop moving for 15 seconds...I'm sure I can get answers from her. She is as hard to pin down as the Loch Ness Monster but that's cause she's the Hierarchy of Dubstep," is how Hunt put it to us on Friday at the show. You can follow her on twitter, subscribe to her updates on Fb (click her name above ;), check out her Residents, and always GET TO HER NEXT EVENT. She is paving the way for the future......and we are watching every move. 

You can book her artists anywhere in the world, you can see her at Electric Tuesdays at Cervantes, Bassic Fridays at Beta, Dubstep stages across the world, and......

Your first bass drop?  

I was born to bass...

When did Sub.Mission start?                 

Sub.Mission started doing some renegade shows during the year of 2006- we became official April 7, 2007 with Nick Argon at Kasmos

How has the music scene changed in the past 5 years?  

The music scene has become more about business and less about music.  This has led to kids coming out for the hype, not the sound.  Sub.mission is working on changing that.

Goals for 2012?  

Create a shift in consciousness.... sound NOT hype

Favorite show of 2012 thus far?  

5 year with Deep Medi

Upcoming events for the summer? 

We have our annual fesitval Bass Invasion August 10-12, Sonic Bloom in June, Pulse Festival in June- always have our tuesdays at the other side, beta on fridays, as well as our monthly one offs for the heads.

What should your fans watch out for next?  

Keepin it real...

Who's up and coming in the scene in Denver? 

Man theres a grip of people caustik, shiba, doctype, curlyone, so so many more...

What do you listen to during a normal day for music? 


Favorite place to travel? 


When you not running the Denver Dubstep scene..what do you enjoy? 

I enjoy gardening and renovating my house... did I really just say that?  I also enjoy wrecking shit with my new jeep

Is dubstep going to take on mainstream broadcasting?  

Its been there...

Advice to the young raggamuffins out there setting up shows? 


Advice to new DJ's? 

Stay true to yourself, dont make shit that already exists.  Push the limits.

Are you part of the GG Family? 


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