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Medical Centers in Denver --- SECRET patients REVIEWS

Patients speak about their shopping experiences at the MC's of Denver. Where there are more dispensaries than McDonald & Starbucks combined!! We are in the search for the BEST Dispensary in Denver, Boulder, Aspen, and Colorado.

You can write in your anonymous experience to our company --- EMAIL --- If you have a place you like, or you know of a place that patients rave about often. LET US KNOW!!! We are on the hunt for the BEST of the BEST.  Enjoy the information so far and please SPREAD THE GRIME!!!!

Colorado Alternative Medicine - Denver
The selection was good (above average) for the shelf stock I have seen. They had a good store with easy access but the staff was confusing. One man helped me, another rang me out and charged me for the "free gram" the first man talked about. Changing my total from $30 to $40 with no explanation. The hostess was cheerful but way too "over the top" with the smiles for miles.

I purchased the Alien OG. The strain is a hybrid as did was it is suppose to. Which is nice, most places call it one things and the effects are completely different IE I want a day time high and get couch lock. The plant was grown hydroponically using chemical based solutions. Very easy to tell from the dense formation and the over excessive crystals on the stem & leaves. I have no problem with the hydro fire. It usually works great for my insomnia.

Overall Shop - 6/10
Medicine Visually/Salesmanship - 8/10
Customer Service - 6/10
didn't hear any bullshit but was charged for the "free gram" :/
cost - 6/10 - $30-$40/eighth range
medicinal effect - 9/10
first time deal --- no deal was given
member pricing - $30/eighth
The store has construction all over the main road which makes it harder to park and visit the store. The staff was friendly and they are talking about opening a location in Carbondale for the Roaring Fork Valley. There were 3 total patients during my visit. 2 edibles were sold to one & the other purchased an ounce. The atmosphere of the shop was marginal.

Good Chemistry - Denver
I called ahead to see if they had the strain I was looking for but they were "all out." They spent the time to talk to me about the strain I was looking for and the comparables they had to offer. It was enough information to get me off the couch and down to see "what I thought." I checked out a few other things that usually help me painful back. I didn't decide on any flowers but I was able to pick up a few edibles that made my night a little more enjoyable. When I get an evening off my feet I like to enjoy it without pain...if possible. Working in the night scene means your running, standing, shuffling, and lifting all the time. And it has taken a toll on my "off time." Good Chemistry helped me find a solution...not just what to purchase to help them out. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and honest (which goes the longest with me).

Overall shop - 6/10
Medicine Visually/Salesmanship - 6/10
Customer Service - 8/10
no bullshit lines just didn't have what I wanted
cost - 2 Edibles $8
medicinal effect - it worked the whole evening on my lower back
first time deal - I had been there before
member pricing - didn't look
The staff was cordial and informative. They gave me plenty of options on what "might" work best depending on my symptoms and previous experiences. They also were very informative about the other stores and what they may offer as for as flowers. This was nice to hear people being informative without cares of their profits.

Ballpark Holistics - Denver
I was told about them from a friend of mine and decided to check them out while walking through Downtown Denver. I was from out of town and figured it would be nice to have some medicine for the evening once all the walking and sweating was finished. I was greeted promptly and given great service. I hadn't been there before so they offered me a "first time" deal of a $15/eighth. Where I live the MC's are selling flowers for $40/eighth so you can understand how big my smile was when I heard the deal for me.

Their selection was solid and they had just about anything I thought I would need for the evening. A soda, a joint, and a gram of something to put me to sleep after a long day in the big city. The attendant helped me with ease and I was taken care of for $16.42 after tax with my eighth. I had a great evening at the hotel enjoying some room service and purple Afghan.

Overall Shop - 5/10
Medicine Visually/Salesmanship - 7/10
Customer Service - 8/10
bullshit lines:
"We grow all of our medicine in Denver, not like some of the other guys"
"We hand trim it all ourselves." "We have the hardest hitting indica in the city."
cost - $16.42 = 1/8 for the first timer
the actual medicinal effect - 8/10
first time deal --- see cost
member pricing - $20 = 1/8
They are two blocks from the ball park. That always helps when your heading to the Rockies game.
They neighbor is another MC and they feature $2/joints. They are always open to new clients from other cities coming to town. They asked me to tell a friend or two about their shop (that is now done).

The Giving Tree - Denver
I was told about this MC because they have the "most comments" on the Internet about their shop. My friends said, "If all these other cats go there and are jazzed then maybe you should." So I did.....what the heck...I feel like I should hit every MC to see what they have but also to make sure I know my medicine. The staff was great. All smiles, very helpful, and very knowledgeable about their craft. I was looking for Blue Dream....they didn't have it. But their Chemdawg Sister was something that is hard to find to a "bud head" like myself.

I was given a "free gram" of another type for my first time shopper deal. I also was able to ask a few questions about my plants at home. It's nice to know the people at the counter know enough about the plant to talk to me about some issues I have been having. My garden is baby. They helped me get it back on the right track. All in all I give this place a 9/10.

overall shop - 9/10
medicine visually/salesmanship - 8/10
customer service - 9/10
no bullshit lines here
the cost - $20/eighth
Medicinal Effect - 9/10
First Timer - It was my first time
Member Pricing - $25/eighth
The girls love Durango & Aspen. They are always happy to be there and working. They asked me to tell some friends about their shop or comment online to help them keep up their Denver Best's Awards. This place was the best one I have been to in the past month. Gonna go back too!!

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