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Drunk Guy Singing

Thursday, March 29, 2012

5 & A Dime Lookbook ft. Brother Nature

The website that will keep you in the "know"

"Open Arms" - Lloyd Banks

"Crash" - Belle & Sebastian

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ron Burgundy has an announcement to make...

"Rude Boy Bass" - Skrillex ft. Damian Marley

"Murda Bizness" - Iggy Azalea ft. T.I.

"Been Gettin' Money" - Juicy J (Taylor Gang)

LeBron James singing karaoke.....

Immortal Technique gives advice to the streets...

More Hoodie sitings.....

JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound - INTERVIEW

JC & the Band are playing the Belly Up, Aspen on Wednesday, April 4th. They just played some great shows at SXSW and are going to be touring all over the US this spring/summer. Be sure to swing by the venue near you for their next show. Their sound is perfect for your Spring of 2012!!!!

From the GG Family ---- THIS IS A BAND NOT TO MISS!!!!

When do you do your best writing?
I do a lot in hotel rooms been I have my own room. Almost always then. Also late at night when theres no pressure to be doing anything else. Initial inspiration usually comes during isolation of one kind or another.

What is your favorite Venue to play?
There's so many. In the US the Triple Door in Seattle has pretty amazing sound.

What is the your favorite city for food on the road?
The towns we played in Northern Italy last year are the  general consensus. 

Favorite Guitar?
Gibson ES 335. Billy plays a 1972 model through a variety of Fender Amps. On the record he also emits his 66 Telecaster.

Best collaboration in 2011, and 2012?
Hard to say. The worst was definitely LULU.

Musical Influences?
Otis Redding, Iggy Pop, Al Green, Tina Turner, Motown, The Clash, Television, Prince - currently listening to Azelia Banks & Frank Ocean.

Writing Influences?
Curtis Mayfield and Lou Reed come to mind first.

Most Grimey thing done on the road? (one story....) 
Our truly Grimey stories don't deserve your ink. But yes they do exist. We're gentleman though we can't go into detail.

Largest audience played in 2012?
Id say a couple thousand opening for JJ  Grey and Mofro.

 4 musicians you would like to play with (alive or dead)?
Jamie Liddell
Joni Mitchell
The Staples Singers
The Roots

"Cut me Off" - Cam Meekins

Monday, March 26, 2012


Our hearts are with the Martin family during this time of unrest.....

Trayvon Martin

We all will continue your name in the message of equality and unity!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Website Updates!!!!!

The website is featuring new information for:
Los Angeles
New York

Check out the Fashion, Music, and Events that make everyone happy to be covered in GRIME!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

"Road to Zion" - Damian & NAS

Krochet Kids International


In Aspen for Fashion Week we had the chance to link up with Kohl and speak on some topics during their Show at KOTO-Aspen with Berkel Beats spinning some great sounds to shop till you drop. Krochet Kids are continually helping the culture of LIFE with every hat. The knitting, the sales, the shows, the knowledge, and the charity are all together in this company. Their brand is great and their message is massive:

"To empower people to rise above poverty."

How it grew:
"The Krochet Kids quickly grew beyond us to incorporate close friends who shared this desire to see Northern Uganda transformed by hook and yarn.  Halfway through college at this point, we applied to become a non-profit organization and began crocheting again to sell hats and share our vision for what we planned to do.

The following summer, after countless skype meetings and late nights, we found ourselves sitting in a simple brick hut with a group of Ugandan women and bags full of yarn.  What followed thereafter remains to be one of the most surreal experiences of my life, as we watched these ladies nearly master crocheting before our eyes.  Tears, primarily from Stewart, were in abundance."

KK allows you to see who knitted your product as well
Meet the Ladies of Krochet Kids

Check out their store and make sure to keep up with the Kids this summer ----> Krochet Kids Store

This is the place for shoes in MIAMI (period). 
Anyone that is anyone goes to SOLES when they need the freshest look for their biggest night.

Do yourself, your sneaker collection, your friends, and your crew a favor.

Virtual Business Tour on Google Maps

We are fortunate enough to have met one of the photographers that is "uploading" live virtual tours to GOOGLE MAPS. This service now allows the customer to "exit" the street on GOOGLE MAPS and enter your location to take a VIRTUAL TOUR!!!

Please contact: 
Daniel Holton - (Denver/Boulder Area)

Take a look at what they do HERE!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Saturday, March 17, 2012

LivAspen - "Verbatim" Art Show

Mark Brendon Smith, A-Hah, 2012, Acrylic on Double Canvas, 44 x 44 inches

Please Meet Olivia:

Olivia Daane Reische received a B.A. from Vanderbilt University in 1992 majoring in 16th century English Literature with a minor in Studio Art. She continued her emphasis on painting with color and the written word in Florence, Italy with studio work through Syracuse University. Following these studies, she apprenticed for internationally recognized artist Paul Harmon. She began exhibiting her own work in 1994 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Aspen, Colorado became her home base in 1997 where she continues to reside with her husband Eric Reische and 11 year old daughter Ki-lin and 3 year old son Daane. In June of 2006, she opened her working studio at the base of Aspen Highlands mountain. The LIVASPENART WORKING STUDIO presents her own work in progress along with a rotation of local artists in residence. With the LIVASPENART WORKING STUDIO, she has given the Aspen audience the unique opportunity to interact with the artist and view contemporary works in progress. In February 2011, she opened LIVASPENART GALLERY, a contemporary gallery in downtown Aspen on the Cooper Avenue walking mall. The gallery's mission is to expose the Aspen audience to emerging, contemporary artists from the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond who are just receiving national and international recognition. Each exhibition will be accompanied by the LIVASPENART Contemporary Artist Lecture Series.

Carly Sewell, Apocalypse Fabulous, 2012, Watercolor and Ink on Paper, 22 x 30 inches

Matt Neuman, Supersymmetry #3, 2012, Poured Acrylic and Wood on Panel, 60 x 60 inches

'Second Annual LivAspenArt Loves Fashion Celebration: "Verbatim," a group exhibition featuring new work by Matt Neuman, Shelly Safir Marolt, Mark Brendon Smith, Carly Sewell, and Stephanie Dodes & Marshall Korshak, with a special trunk show by Virgin, Saints & Angels and their visiting representative, Jessica Blackman and a fashion show with Spring pieces from local favorite The Gallerie. There will be a discussion with Andrea Shenk on the Emerging Collector. 414 East Cooper Avenue. "Verbatim" will be on view from March 10 - April 22nd.' - described by LivAspen


Friday, March 16, 2012

"Flutes" - Hot Chip

Dark Shadows - Johnny Depp - Tim Burton's new Movie

Westword - Music Showcase Ballot - COULT 45!!!!

Part of our Family, Coult 45, was nominated for "BEST DJ - Dubstep" by the Westword in Denver. Now we get to vote and let them know who we think is best ----> COULT 45. He has been featured on our blog, our website, in our events, and we cover when he plays in Denver. The kid is on the next level of DUUUUUUUB. He is the pulse on DubStep!!!!!!

To be nominated is a honor; to win is the GOAL.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

INTERVIEW - Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real

Interview with Grimey Gatsby

Be sure to catch the guys at Belly Up, Aspen on April 8th. Also you can head to their website to hear the title track from "Wasted" their NEW ALBUM!!!!

Lukas Nelson (Singer/Lead Guitar):
How has the last year changed your view on "the road"?
I've loved it for one year longer

When do you do your best writing?
Middle of the night

What is your favorite Venue to play?
Belly Up Aspen/San Diego

What is the your favorite city for food on the road?
New York

Favorite Guitar?
My Two Strats 

Best collaboration in 2011, and 2012?
Getting to Play with BB King and Neil Young

Musical Influences?

Writing Influences?
Dylan, Dad, Lennon/McCartney, Roger Waters, Neil Young, Grateful Dead

Most Grimey thing done on the road? (one story....)

Largest audience played in 2012?
Not Counting 

4 musicians you would like to play with (alive or dead)?
Eddie Vedder, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Paul McCartney 

How has the last year changed your view on "the road"?
I'm more grounded and try to enjoy life moment by moment

When do you do your best writing?
When I'm inspired.

What is your favorite Venue to play?
Madison Square Garden - New York 
Red Rocks - Denver

What is the your favorite city for food on the road? 

Favorite Guitar?
I like Rogers drums.

Musical Influences?


Writing Influences?

Largest audience played in 2012?

4 musicians you would like to play with (alive or dead)? 
Bob Marley, Neil Young, Miles Davis, Elvin Jones

Corey McCormick (Bassist):
How has the last year changed your view on "the road"? 
I've been on the road for the past 10 years pretty regularly so it's become just a part of life.

When do you do your best writing?
I personally do my best writing when I'm at home. I can focus on my thoughts a bit clearer with no distractions.

What is your favorite Venue to play?
I generally like the smaller, more intimate venues. But we just played the Walt Disney Hall and I have to say that that was the highlight of my career so far.

What is the your favorite city for food on the road? 
Any city close to the ocean. I love fresh fish. Japan has been the place with the best food I've had any where in the world!

Favorite Guitar?
Well, since I play bass, my 2 favorite basses are my vintage 4 string Musicman and my 5 string Musicman. That was my first electric bass and it's so nice!!!

Best collaboration in 2011, and 2012?
"Wasted" is my debut in the studio with POTR. I'm very excited for the release and for what this year has in store.

"Hands on the Wheel" - A$AP Rocky & Schoolboy Q LIVE SXSW 2012

LIVE from SXSW 2012

"Keep Breathing"

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Flying B - Bentley in Aspen

"Ambition" - Wale ft. Meek Mill & Rick Ross

"Express Yourself" Diplo Ft. Nicky Da B

"There He Go" - ScHoolBoy Q - LIVE at SXSW

Slaughter House Tour - Shady Records

"Louis Gucci" - TKO Capone

Climbing is our Medicine

Kick Aspen - Derrin Carelli

REEF - Gypsys in the City

BTM Meltdown - Colin Tucker, John Hemminger, & Zach Hooper

Grassroots Hats - California to Colorado spreading the grime.....

We have seen this company for a couple years now at music shows, Colorado festivals, California parties, and the lifestyle of the GRIMEY!!! Recently, we got to visit their shop in Denver and see the "behind-the-scenes" action that is Grassroots. From designs to fabrics, hat pins to sleeves of product, they are the hat-makers you need to know. The crew keeps it "family" as they live in their store and have people coming and going throughout the day. Everyone aids in the Grassroots brand. They have made custom hats for Method Man, JDilla Foundation, Capitol Hemp (DC), The Cannabis Cup, Hitman Glass, Bassnectar, Untz (Music Blog), and many many more that you will know. This summer they will be on tour again at music festivals, in your local shops (if not already), and on the top of every big music act performing on stage.

JDilla Foundation + Grassroots = 'nuff said

HEMP - Panda - Steezy & Boss

There's style and grace and then there's grimey & gatsby. Grassroots has the best quality, innovation, and perks (hidden pockets, hat pins to match, accessories, & clothing) that make them the "who's who" of street culture. From custom hats for musicians, dj's, and brands to their constant contact with the streets, they have the knowledge as to what's coming NEXT. Their designers are researching the newest flava's of lifestyle = music, fashion, and events (just like a Good Gatsby should). 

Some of their arsenal

Yup that's Method Man's hat.....

Keeping the hats Gatsby and the lifestyle Grimey in California and Colorado....but don't forget their worldwide now with custom hats, musical festivals, and their massive shipping department. All you need to do is get one before all the rest do.


The big dogs all wear Grassroots

Stacks on Stacks on Stacks - Racks on Racks on Racks

Taco Bell + Doritos Collabo

Taco Bell & Doritos have come together for a collabo of the utmost importance. Now your taco is inside a nacho cheese shell!!!!!! Their gourmet dining experience has taken it to a "new realm" with this exquisite meal. It comes with a handy "advertisement sleeve" to keep those fingers from the "orange dust" (aka cheeto finger). We were at a "tasting" for this taco and it blew us away. It's more Grimey than anything you could want at 2am. Check it out!!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Trying to come Up" - Too $hort ft. Sir Michael Rocks - For the Grimey Cannabis Heads out there....

We stumbled upon a tent at the 9 Mile Music Festival that had an abundance of style and many of the audience gathered at their location. NugBrand was slinging shirts like a gypsy at a carnival. Their brand has many different lines from "yoga" to "ancient aliens" to "strain specific." The quality of design and product is what 5 of the customers we talked with were excited about. "It's one thing to get a shirt from a show; but it's another to bring a new type of style back to your hometown." -Tim from West Palm said after grabbing a shirt for himself and his girl for the way home. 

Expansion Vol. 5 - Vital Films

WOW - Atomic Skiing - Jossi Wells

Thompson Ocean Drive - The Gatsby setting in South Beach

Rooftop Penthouse

(Formerly the Hotel Victor)

We had the joyous experience of touring the hotel before some renovation for the new name and face on South Beach. Our tour with Denise was exquisite, starting with the Penthouse Rooftop. The large bathroom for two is beautiful and superb with all the trimmings and the unbelievable rooftop deck with a lounge for your evening of sunsets. You can see most of the rooms in our pictures here and any of the others on their website. From poolside standard suites that make anyone melt with comfort to the King Suites of luxury, you will be able to get away from the busy streets, sea of people, and engulfing night life of South Beach. Thompson Ocean Drive gives you the ability to enjoy fantastic food (Bice), the best views of the beach, and the seclusion of romance all in one easy location in the middle of all the hustle and bustle that is Miami Beach. This 90 room get away is for any Gatsby.

Spa V is a 6,000 sq foot rejuvenation center in the basement. Andre' took us around from the waiting room of relaxation to the steam room of silence. Your tension eases as soon as you hit the floor in the elevator. Your senses are at one with the environment and the staff does everything but carry you to your massage table. Truly the best feeling of "tranquillo" we saw all weekend. That is the mindset of South Beach locals and customer service, "You must feel tranquillo here or it isn't a vacation."

Standard Room with a view


Thompson Ocean Drive 
1144 Ocean Drive 
Miami Beach, FL 33139

The finer things are always enjoyed

The perfect evening started with 1/2 shell oysters and Bufala Caprese on the patio over looking the boardwalk of movement. People, kids, dogs, and bags roll by over and over as if on the largest baggage claim in the World. The people watching was of the utmost satisfaction and the food blew us away. The gnocchi sorrentina and yellow fin tuna were melting on the plate before we could eat them from indulgence. It was an easy night of rest after this meal for royalty.

The lobby is inviting...

***February -  March is usually 100% full and booked in advance