Friday, March 23, 2012

Krochet Kids International


In Aspen for Fashion Week we had the chance to link up with Kohl and speak on some topics during their Show at KOTO-Aspen with Berkel Beats spinning some great sounds to shop till you drop. Krochet Kids are continually helping the culture of LIFE with every hat. The knitting, the sales, the shows, the knowledge, and the charity are all together in this company. Their brand is great and their message is massive:

"To empower people to rise above poverty."

How it grew:
"The Krochet Kids quickly grew beyond us to incorporate close friends who shared this desire to see Northern Uganda transformed by hook and yarn.  Halfway through college at this point, we applied to become a non-profit organization and began crocheting again to sell hats and share our vision for what we planned to do.

The following summer, after countless skype meetings and late nights, we found ourselves sitting in a simple brick hut with a group of Ugandan women and bags full of yarn.  What followed thereafter remains to be one of the most surreal experiences of my life, as we watched these ladies nearly master crocheting before our eyes.  Tears, primarily from Stewart, were in abundance."

KK allows you to see who knitted your product as well
Meet the Ladies of Krochet Kids

Check out their store and make sure to keep up with the Kids this summer ----> Krochet Kids Store

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