Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Wandering Gypsy

“As the ground rises to meet your tattered shoes, and
the wind blows memories of times gone by.
The sun brings you back to reasons you fly;
giving you a reason to let it all slip by.
Get your soul, bag, & spirit all packed…
Ready to hit the streets with that same pride, smile, & tact.
Whenever you land is where you are;
but every time you run you won’t get too far.

The life keeps spinning and the world
keeps gripping. That soul that you share is
that soul which you bare. Keep your mind clean
and your love serene for the reception ahead.

‘One day you will find a place to rest your head.
That day is when the wandering stops;
for the Gypsy has found it’s spot.’

And with the ground under your feet and the
skip in your beat. Don’t forget, you continue the Gypsy’s
saunter till you have tranquility like no other.”

-Hunt on the road

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