Monday, April 30, 2012

Breaking News - The World - 5/1/12

We heard a lot of things on the News front today....

1) There is a blind lawyer in China that was jailed for 4 years on trumped charges of "public disturbance" after speaking against "forced abortions & forced sterilization." After being jailed he was placed on house arrest. His mother and wife were beaten and his 6 year old daughter is not allowed to attend school. This is now becoming a Worldwide Headline as the lawyer broke from house arrest and is rumored to be in the possession of U.S. diplomats inside China....

2) The Military of England is assembling missile launch sites on the top of residential houses for the upcoming Olympics. They will be armed and manned 24 hours a day with security throughout the residential buildings for "added protection to air strikes and terrorist attacks."

3) There are rumors of "impeachment" with Obama after his actions in Libya. They are deemed "high crimes" according to many foreign sources. This information is in a "media blackout" in America. We are looking into this subject more....

4) A ferry in India Assam's state river - Brahmaputra - capsized during a storm Monday. 103 are said to be dead - 40 bodies have been found. 100 people have been rescued so far since the incident. Those that have survived were on top of the boat when the storm hit throwing them into the chaotic waters.

5) Turkey is starting to draft their first civilian constitution to replace the one put into effect under military rule over 30 years ago. It is to be completed by the end of this year.

6) Manchester City beat Manchester United 1-0

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Levitate Festival - 4/20 - RUSKO & DJ Shadow

We had the pleasure of seeing some LIVE ASS BASS MUSIC last week.
Here's the video we did with High Country Media Ltd. in Denver.

Filming: High Country Media Ltd.
Photography: Hunter Baar Photography
Editting: High Country Media Ltd.
Design & Concept: Grimey Gatsby & High Country Media Ltd.


We met R.L. through our Los Angeles family during the production on Touye Pwen. His mini series that is now going into the "Featured Films" file.

This is his biography from the IMDb:
"Action Director R.L. Scott was born in America and raised in Salvador Bahia Brazil. He began studying martial arts at the age of six, writing at the age of sixteen and one year later, made his first short film. He always knew he would be a director and spent the following six years in high school and ultimately college, learning all he could about motion pictures. R.L. holds a fifth degree black belt in martial arts; so directing action films was an inevitable choice. He graduated with a degree from film school. Since then, R.L. has been involved in over forty shorts and feature films in many capacities including writing, directing, fight choreography, production work and editing.  He wrote, directed and Choreographed the action for the feature film "Champion Road" in 2008, which has seen great success internationally on DVD. It's sequel "Champion Road: Arena" is completed and released in fall 2010."

Since 2010, he has been coming out with more and more action packed films. The new one coming out is:

Check out what R.L. & Hunt discussed about his passion, life, and future.

When did you find your passion as a director?

R.L.- I started pretty early. I knew at 15 that I would be a director, so from there I began educating myself through books and so on. International movies fueled my imagination.

What was your first camera (film)?

R.L.- I bought a Sony Beta cam at age 16 (before VHS) to start writing and shooting little 5 minute short films with my friends. They didn't understand what it was back then, as this was before film making became popular. This was before the internet was accessible... before digital and firewire connections. There was no home editing suite back then, Lol... so I used flying erase head VCR's to edit my shorts.

What was your first acting job?

R.L.- I have studied Chinese Martial Arts my whole life, so I would end up fighting in my own shorts... not much acting though. I respect really gifted actors and I know that's not my calling.

Some actors & Actresses you like to work with?

R.L.- There are a great deal of actors I like working with... I can't name them all. I have to say two of my favorite actors are Shaun Mixon and Monyque Thompson Scott. They always surprise me with the level of depth and passion they put into their performances. I will also say that one thing that I respond to in actors the most aside from talent is humility. Being a humble person who respects others is huge for me.

Where are you from?

R.L.- I was born in North America but grew up in South America. In my late teens I ended up in North America for good.

Who is your mentor?

R.L.- I have several directors/ martial artists that have influenced me throughout my career. Currently I would have to say a combination of Donnie Yen and David Fincher. I am a fight choreographer as well as a writer director, so Donnie is the best of the best to me right now in terms of action directing. David Fincher for his ability to tackle any genre of film he chooses and do it well... I am a fan of smart films and films that have a certain edginess to them.

What are your favorite 4 movies?

R.L.- I would have to say... Sha Po Lang, Old Boy, A Bittersweet Life and I saw the devil.

Words for aspiring directors?

R.L.- Quality is the key to success... I cannot stress that enough. Having great storytelling, great shot composition, sound, lighting and casting great talent. High production value will carry you further than just throwing together a bunch of stuff to say you made something. Also, create something that feels different and unique. Don't follow anyone else in terms of style, cut your own path.

The most grimey thing you have ever done? (1 story)

R.L.- Film wise... I would have to say, guerrilla shooting a fight scene in a police station.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

R.L.- I think to date... writing, directing, producing and getting distribution for my first two feature films (the Champion Road Franchise.) I am currently shooting my third feature (Kill Point) as we speak, and going through the process of making those first two films seriously prepared me for the one I am shooting now... it's massive! I also plan on rebooting the "Champion Road" movies with a new trilogy in the next few years.

How has the film industry changed in the past 5 years?

R.L.- There are some great things, and some bad things as well. Digital technology has bridged the gap between the Hollywood Elites and the independent filmmaker. The playing field is close to being level now, unfortunately with things being so accessible... the respect for the craft has suffered. Anyone who can afford a camera now is calling themselves directors so the overall  quality of productions have dropped immensely. I feel that the true artist and true actors have suffered the most. But again, the upside is that true artists who otherwise may not have had the tools to create on a competitive level are able to now.

Your favorite location for a "set"?

R.L.- Someplace warm, large, extremely well lit, and with an interesting texture and quality that makes it unique. Other countries than America are also always great in terms of production value.

Favorite food?

R.L.- Sushi... hands down, Lol.

How do find your creativity?

R.L.- I find inspiration in everything... in other films, in games, in animation, in artwork... it comes in many forms. It is a privilege to be in the position I am in and to have the support I have so my fans and supporters also inspire me to bring them something unique and interesting every time.

Are you part of the GG FAM?

R.L.- I applaud the GG Fam for their awesome contribution to the game, and spreading the word on what's hot and current in the industry. I am definitely down with Grimey Gatsby!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

808 Drum Machine

The Garbage Patch - Pacific Ocean

"The Pacific Ocean Litter Field"

We hear a lot of things in our office...from radioactive fish with 4 eyes in Japan to shootings in Crooklyn to "Mom's for Marijuana" in California. We keep it GRIMEY say the least. We had part of our GGFAM drop us a line on this feature. The currents of the North Pacific Gyre circulate daily and create an Abyss of trash. There is 6 times more plastic than plankton in the Garbage Patch. Our wildlife and sea creatures are dying daily from plastic poisoning and not being able to digest PLASTIC. PLASTIC is 100% NONBIODEGRADABLE!!!!

"There is a plastic island larger than TEXAS in the PACIFIC OCEAN"

We wanted to write a piece about it...To talk to the people that have swam through the "plastic globe of garbage"....We couldn't....People didn't want to talk about it
People haven't wanted to REALIZE or ACCEPT this is REALITY!!!

So here ya go....these video's are disturbing

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

RUSKO & DJ Shadow w/ Sub.Mission - Levitate Festival

We were asked to come with Sub.Mission to a great event this past Weekend.
The Levitate Festival on 4/20/12 in Denver at the 1st Bank Center. It was nothing short of BASStastic!!! We saw Picture Plane, Paper Diamond  (new EP out May 3rd - Wavesight), DJ Shadow (LEGEND!!), and RUSKO.....yeah...Rusko was the headliner. Not too shabby Sub.Mission, if we do say so ourselves.

The place was glowing with neon and black lights. The private boxes were squeezed with people flailing back and forth to the beat. It was a great thing to witness for the evening's events. Paper Diamond turned up the heat once Picture Plane was finished. We have been anxiously awaiting his new EP coming out on May 3rd and he did not disappoint with his set. He brought some great new sounds to his arsenal and the crowd was bouncing the entire time. He is really coming to age with his showmanship and music!!!

It was time for DJ Shadow to enter the scene. [Side note: We were at his show in Aspen the night before and it was just as amazing to see] He came out to his usual announcement and opening..."I am here to open your mind to new music and to melt your face." Simple enough for the master of drums, Sargent of sound, and Yoda of the vinyl. He destroyed the house. He played the OG tracks, the new tracks, and he showed the crowd how a DJ really can "make" music instantly. He is traveling around with the "Shadowsphere" - A spherical dome that allows him to have his weapons of bass destruction inside and visuals hit the outside the whole show. He has a turntable (vinyl), abelton, synth, and his Mac all at his disposal for the set. And he uses every inch of the sphere. It turns around during the set so you can see him at his best as can see it in the video we found below....

We have seen all of the acts of this evening except one:
The englishman that is killing crowds, slaying festivals, and shaking asses across the world. He has played most of the large Festivals already and is now dominating the rest of the industry with his tracks, tours, shows, and lifestyle like none other.

"THE MOST ENERGETIC DJ" of today is how he was described to us on the way down over the phone. "He would do a flip at the tables on stage if he could"....was the other quote about RUSKO. So, we are ready - Photographer, Writer, and Filmer all at the show to see this animal in his element. And he took home the GOLD in our book. He dropped all the noise you know, all the noise you don't, some great new reggae infused Dubstep tracks, and kept our ears ringing until Saturday night......People everywhere in the Bank Center flowing to the music like a flesh ocean. The bass hit so hard that the kids in the front row left with BASS FACE. I saw some college guys walking around the venue after it ended looking for their "melted face with sprinkles in it." I would assume this is a WIN in RUSKO's book, the event promoters, and our GG Family. RUSKO was moving the entire time like his light system. The kid never stopped dancing, talking, and DJing. He took the place back to Brixton for a while. It was an extremely delightful evening for us.

We have a video coming soon from Levitate Festival this week to show you more of what we saw. But for now you can see what the audience captured from the event. ENJOY!!!!!

PICTURES!!!! GG smugmug

We covered some great events this weekend:
Rusko & DJ Shadow - 4/20/12
Cannabis Cup 2012 - Denver - 4/20-4/22
Ruckus Fashion Show 

(more to come too)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Yosemite Timelapse

Vital Films - Aspen Shoot


Aidan Sheahan - SW Double 10 truck....werd

"No. 1 Against the Rush" - Lairs

High Times Cannabis Cup 2012 - Denver aka "Dabville"

The High Times Cannabis Cup......we know what you are thinking: a forest of Cheech & Chong's bumping into each other like monkeys with is nothing like that at all. Believe us...
We arrived at the Cup on Saturday with the Steephill Lab (Addison & Jessica Demours) and linked up with our crew from RAW - (Tarren & Kevin). Already this story is starting to shape up for a great day of lost phones, red glazed eyes, and the movement which is the main focus. 

We entered the vendor area and started to cover the glass, clothing, detox, storage, extraction, integration, books, hats, and anything else that you can think of.....then we bumped into Danny Danko (High Times writer) for a bit. Great time discussing the lectures of the weekend, the new technology in the industry, and also the future of his work and passion - The plant & writing about it for High Times. Great guy and truly in tune with his passion. Also we stopped and chatted with Rick Cusak (High Times Editor) & Keith Stroup (Founder of NORML) for a bit about the convention. "When I go to California, I know what I'm getting kids here in Denver, really know how to kick up the pace. I just hear the watch in my head going...tick, tick, tick. Another Cup is about to be finished and it is always a great site to see." - Rick

Steephill Lab is the place to know for evaluation of cannabis. They test, analyze, and instruct on how to become better at your growing skill. They are partnered up with the best shops in San Fran, LA, Denver, Boulder, and Sacremento. Also they are the best stop to make sure you are using the correct recipe, products, and tools to increase your CBD, THC, and strain specific needs in today's world of high end growing systems. Addison and I spoke for a while about the new "dablife" that has taken over the realm of weed: "It's all about micro concentrates now-a-days. If you want it to be potent, effective, and beneficial for the patients direct needs...then you need concentrates. It's about the internal system of the body and how it moves the CBD's to the area needed. Today, we can use the medicine the best way possible with the technology of micro concentrates. And testing it always helps with knowing about the movement. We see it all from Colorado to California. It's what we do. We keep making sure the patients are getting the best possible medicine. I love it day in and day out."

GG Pics from the Cup

Jessica, Addi's wife, showed us around the entire venue from food, to Hitman glass, to lectures, and the edibles......ohhhhh the edibles. Jessica also gave us the pleasure of meeting Nico Escondido, Nelson, and some more of the OG underground world. If you are a grower, waxitier, rigman, Oil of Olay (a women that dabs), or just a patient reading High Times...this event is something that will enlighten you to the people that are "with you" in the fight. The Cannabis Movement is something that is nationwide. From NYC to LA, there are patients that are trying to lead a more healthy, productive, and free lifestyle. It was beautiful to see people of all ages and races sitting around the event speaking, smoking, writing, and connecting.

We then took off with Kyle & Tarren to see the RAW side of things....pun intended. The lectures with Nico & Danny were great. The rooms were filled with people taking notes, others talking about the topic, and it was a great venue (The EXDO). People streamed around the smoke filled rooms like conveyor belts in a factory. As the day continued the crowds changed and the movement continued to swirl like a tornado. We cruised through the lounge area filled with Arcade games, pool tables, seats, and food. This event is all inclusive!! We were escorted to the "Medicine Tent" to see the MC (Medical Center), Edibles, and other assorted Cannabis industry. Steephill & Pink House had a great location for us to set up for our filming. The people flocked from booth to booth taking in the information and more. There was a featured "judging area" where you can test the medicine and vote for your champion.

Here's some of the things we found at the Cup:

The High Pad

(clothing line)

(grow lights)

(Extract System)

(Glass of Gangsta's)

Grassroots Grand Opening - Denver

2209 Larimer - Denver 

There was a great gathering at the Grand Opening this weekend which was followed by festivities all over the city. We arrived Friday 4/20/12 at 4:10pm at the store and it was already a buzz and flurry of sales, new designs, and family roaming the store, street, and alley talking about memories, the future, and the accomplishments at hand. Jumbie made his way to Denver for the weekend and we met more people from all over (Aspen, Boulder, California, New York, Florida) that made the voyage for the weekend of Grassroots and Love.

New Grand Opening Sign made by: Jumbie

Kids played arcade games, the DJ's threw tunes till the evening, the crews mingled and talked over new collabo's, events, and the summer of "booth life." You can check our Facebook page for some of the new styles that were dropped (Chicago Bowls, Denver Dank, VibeSquad, Two Fresh, and many many more). These cats have the head game on lock from coast to coast with their bands, DJ's, lifestyle clothing, and Integrated customization with great graphic designs. 

Started in California and making it's way East with every breathe, Grassroots is something we have followed for over a year now. They have a great love for street culture and also embrace anyone that needs somewhere to relax. They are part of the new school customer service.....even when you leave the store; Their still everywhere you need to be. 

Before you can open a have to build one!!

Saturday featured a block party and live glass blowing in the alley behind the store. The people again flocked from all over the city to come see the new spot for "freshness."

The new freshness from Grassroots.....

100% custom.....nuff said

Thursday, April 19, 2012

NO BODY - Interview with GG

Ruben & Kevin make up "No Body." We recently have been building content for our LA site and found these two to have some great noise. Enjoy some knowledge from the chaps!

How has the last year changed your music?

Our music is always evolving. Sounds come and go and we always try to stay in the

loop to some extent. This year we have leaned a ton about production and

engineering so the quality of our tracks has improved greatly.

What is your favorite Venue to play?

Voyeur, San Diego. Great Crowd, Amazing Sound system and best LED wall ever!!

What/Who got you into the EDM movement?

Fatboyslim and Moby like 10 years ago. Praise You and Honey are two highly loved

tracks by both of us. Mabye alittle of Benassi too lol.

Favorite Speakers?

The KRK VTX 8 or the Yamaha HS80M

How are skiing & DJing similiar?

They both involve large amounts of snow lol jk

Can you really do a 900 on ski's?

only a 900 mctwist

Favorite Food?

After a crazy show we would have to say, In N Out. The Hangover Cure

Musical Influences?

Fatboyslim, Tommy Trash, Thomas Gold

What city do you want to play most?

San Diego definitely. LA needs some more love tho.

Most Grimey thing you've done?
Used the bathroom at EDC lol

Largest audience played in 2012?

LED OMFG on new years eve, i think it was around 7-8k.

4 people you would like to play with (alive or dead)?

DJ AM, 2MANYDJS, Fatboyslim & Dada Life

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Grimey Gatsby - How to find your GRIME!!!

We have:
Instagram (@GrimeyGatsby)



10 Deep - 2012 LOOKBOOK


Mishka - NYC flava for SUMMA!!!!


AmberMay Dating Services - Gatsby in SLC!!!

By: Baya Voce

Let's be honest, Salt Lake isn't known for it's hip dating scene. Actually, it can be quite bland. I moved from Aspen to Salt Lake, where I grew up the summer of 2011. As everyone knows, Aspen is hip, it's hot, it has status... and rightfully so. When I moved back into SLC all of my friends were in relationships -- literally, every single one of them. And as a single girl, nothing was going on here! When I met Amber (the co-founder) she had recently been laid off. I asked her if she would be into starting a dating company and she was immediately on board. Salt Lake needed zest in a MAJOR way, and that's exactly what we provide. I definitely take a little of the Aspen steeze and bring it to the Salt Lake scene; lord knows it needs it.

Baya & Amber of AmberMay Dating Services....

At AmberMay we have an array of services catering to everyone -- single or taken. We offer speed dating and mixers for the singles - from casual to formal and themed events all over SLC. For people in relationships we offer date planning -- we plan anything from dinner and an event to a stay-cation or a weekend away. We do proposal planning, which is similar to the date planning. From simple and intimate to over the top and extravagant, we take care of all the details for you. The best part is, you get all the credit. The last service we offer is consulting. This ranges from styling, to matchmaking, to date guidance and beyond. 

NOW Magazine cover.....

Since we're so new, day-to-day is a TON of online networking, reaching out to media and trying to get the community involved in our company. When I moved to SLC from Aspen, I had no idea I would be a business owner; I mean, I came here to study film. Dating, love, relationships -- they're my life, but I never thought they would be my career. I've been in and out of relationships since I can remember, I am always giving advice to friends and colleagues about dating, love, breakups, etc, and not to toot my own horn (or maybe a just a little), but I'm really good at it. This type of work is my passion, it only makes sense that I would make a business out of it. 

The great thing about my partnership with Amber is that she has lived here her whole life and has worked in the nightlife scene for years. She knows all the great spots to go in town, whether you're looking for a bar, a lounge, a great place to eat, or something to do for free. I, on the other hand, have been traveling since I graduated high school; so I bring a lot of the flavor from different cities to influence our ideas.

Their services can be used ANYWHERE. You can better your wardrobe, style, communication, and listening all from your home with their help. And, of course, if your in should be down with AmberMay. It's the Gatsby thing to do.