Wednesday, April 25, 2012

RUSKO & DJ Shadow w/ Sub.Mission - Levitate Festival

We were asked to come with Sub.Mission to a great event this past Weekend.
The Levitate Festival on 4/20/12 in Denver at the 1st Bank Center. It was nothing short of BASStastic!!! We saw Picture Plane, Paper Diamond  (new EP out May 3rd - Wavesight), DJ Shadow (LEGEND!!), and RUSKO.....yeah...Rusko was the headliner. Not too shabby Sub.Mission, if we do say so ourselves.

The place was glowing with neon and black lights. The private boxes were squeezed with people flailing back and forth to the beat. It was a great thing to witness for the evening's events. Paper Diamond turned up the heat once Picture Plane was finished. We have been anxiously awaiting his new EP coming out on May 3rd and he did not disappoint with his set. He brought some great new sounds to his arsenal and the crowd was bouncing the entire time. He is really coming to age with his showmanship and music!!!

It was time for DJ Shadow to enter the scene. [Side note: We were at his show in Aspen the night before and it was just as amazing to see] He came out to his usual announcement and opening..."I am here to open your mind to new music and to melt your face." Simple enough for the master of drums, Sargent of sound, and Yoda of the vinyl. He destroyed the house. He played the OG tracks, the new tracks, and he showed the crowd how a DJ really can "make" music instantly. He is traveling around with the "Shadowsphere" - A spherical dome that allows him to have his weapons of bass destruction inside and visuals hit the outside the whole show. He has a turntable (vinyl), abelton, synth, and his Mac all at his disposal for the set. And he uses every inch of the sphere. It turns around during the set so you can see him at his best as can see it in the video we found below....

We have seen all of the acts of this evening except one:
The englishman that is killing crowds, slaying festivals, and shaking asses across the world. He has played most of the large Festivals already and is now dominating the rest of the industry with his tracks, tours, shows, and lifestyle like none other.

"THE MOST ENERGETIC DJ" of today is how he was described to us on the way down over the phone. "He would do a flip at the tables on stage if he could"....was the other quote about RUSKO. So, we are ready - Photographer, Writer, and Filmer all at the show to see this animal in his element. And he took home the GOLD in our book. He dropped all the noise you know, all the noise you don't, some great new reggae infused Dubstep tracks, and kept our ears ringing until Saturday night......People everywhere in the Bank Center flowing to the music like a flesh ocean. The bass hit so hard that the kids in the front row left with BASS FACE. I saw some college guys walking around the venue after it ended looking for their "melted face with sprinkles in it." I would assume this is a WIN in RUSKO's book, the event promoters, and our GG Family. RUSKO was moving the entire time like his light system. The kid never stopped dancing, talking, and DJing. He took the place back to Brixton for a while. It was an extremely delightful evening for us.

We have a video coming soon from Levitate Festival this week to show you more of what we saw. But for now you can see what the audience captured from the event. ENJOY!!!!!

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