Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Megafauna + Gatsby = Photo Shoot

We had the pleasure of styling a photo shoot this weekend for Megafauna's new products, brands, and accessories for the spring. Hunter Baar Photo was showing Hunt all over downtown Denver for the set. "It was fun to hike around the city and make it your playground for the day," said Hunt after the shoot. We can help you with your next photo shoot, video shoot, or website needs. Always spreading the GRIME!!!!

Green Getup Shirt - Megafauna Sleeveless Hoodie

Aksels Hat - Green Getup Shirt

Auld Sweatshirt

Grassroots Hat - Green Getup T-Shirt

Conk Wear Shirt - House of Howe jacket - Grassroots Hat
Dolce & Gobanna Sunglasses

My Dad's Old Hat Collection Hat - Green GetUp Shirt 

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