Monday, April 30, 2012

Breaking News - The World - 5/1/12

We heard a lot of things on the News front today....

1) There is a blind lawyer in China that was jailed for 4 years on trumped charges of "public disturbance" after speaking against "forced abortions & forced sterilization." After being jailed he was placed on house arrest. His mother and wife were beaten and his 6 year old daughter is not allowed to attend school. This is now becoming a Worldwide Headline as the lawyer broke from house arrest and is rumored to be in the possession of U.S. diplomats inside China....

2) The Military of England is assembling missile launch sites on the top of residential houses for the upcoming Olympics. They will be armed and manned 24 hours a day with security throughout the residential buildings for "added protection to air strikes and terrorist attacks."

3) There are rumors of "impeachment" with Obama after his actions in Libya. They are deemed "high crimes" according to many foreign sources. This information is in a "media blackout" in America. We are looking into this subject more....

4) A ferry in India Assam's state river - Brahmaputra - capsized during a storm Monday. 103 are said to be dead - 40 bodies have been found. 100 people have been rescued so far since the incident. Those that have survived were on top of the boat when the storm hit throwing them into the chaotic waters.

5) Turkey is starting to draft their first civilian constitution to replace the one put into effect under military rule over 30 years ago. It is to be completed by the end of this year.

6) Manchester City beat Manchester United 1-0

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