Thursday, April 19, 2012

NO BODY - Interview with GG

Ruben & Kevin make up "No Body." We recently have been building content for our LA site and found these two to have some great noise. Enjoy some knowledge from the chaps!

How has the last year changed your music?

Our music is always evolving. Sounds come and go and we always try to stay in the

loop to some extent. This year we have leaned a ton about production and

engineering so the quality of our tracks has improved greatly.

What is your favorite Venue to play?

Voyeur, San Diego. Great Crowd, Amazing Sound system and best LED wall ever!!

What/Who got you into the EDM movement?

Fatboyslim and Moby like 10 years ago. Praise You and Honey are two highly loved

tracks by both of us. Mabye alittle of Benassi too lol.

Favorite Speakers?

The KRK VTX 8 or the Yamaha HS80M

How are skiing & DJing similiar?

They both involve large amounts of snow lol jk

Can you really do a 900 on ski's?

only a 900 mctwist

Favorite Food?

After a crazy show we would have to say, In N Out. The Hangover Cure

Musical Influences?

Fatboyslim, Tommy Trash, Thomas Gold

What city do you want to play most?

San Diego definitely. LA needs some more love tho.

Most Grimey thing you've done?
Used the bathroom at EDC lol

Largest audience played in 2012?

LED OMFG on new years eve, i think it was around 7-8k.

4 people you would like to play with (alive or dead)?

DJ AM, 2MANYDJS, Fatboyslim & Dada Life

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