Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Garbage Patch - Pacific Ocean

"The Pacific Ocean Litter Field"

We hear a lot of things in our office...from radioactive fish with 4 eyes in Japan to shootings in Crooklyn to "Mom's for Marijuana" in California. We keep it GRIMEY say the least. We had part of our GGFAM drop us a line on this feature. The currents of the North Pacific Gyre circulate daily and create an Abyss of trash. There is 6 times more plastic than plankton in the Garbage Patch. Our wildlife and sea creatures are dying daily from plastic poisoning and not being able to digest PLASTIC. PLASTIC is 100% NONBIODEGRADABLE!!!!

"There is a plastic island larger than TEXAS in the PACIFIC OCEAN"

We wanted to write a piece about it...To talk to the people that have swam through the "plastic globe of garbage"....We couldn't....People didn't want to talk about it
People haven't wanted to REALIZE or ACCEPT this is REALITY!!!

So here ya go....these video's are disturbing

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