Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fountain Multimedia

We are please to announce a new addition to our production team. Fountain Multimedia has been in animation and production for years now and is going to be bringing their skills and services to our clients for the future of digital business. From intro's of music videos to endings of commercials, We will be doing it all for our clients. If you need something for a film...we can make it. With our graphic design department and our new FOUNTAIN MULTIMEDIA partnership, we can make a video game or a animated movie. All you need to do is ask....

Enjoy his demo reel and let us know when you need help from the Gatsby

Ab Workout - Towson Lacrosse Team

Hunt recently caught up with his college roommate....Dan Cocchi aka Towson Men's Lacross Defensive coach aka Long Island Lizard professional player aka Danimal.......

Cocchi doing what he loves.....

You get the point. He is well versed in athletics, fitness, and also keeping on top of the health in his professional career. Dan had a long historical career at Towson and then went on to the professional ranks and also has been coaching since he graduated. He skills are in defense, game knowledge, brute force, and uncanny speed. Something that we know all too well at Grimey Gatsby.....

Dan passed along this workout to us. We felt we should share it with you. The Towson Men's Lacrosse team is something that trains hard, works hard, and is at the top of their "industry"........Division I lacrosse. Hunt played there back in the day...Dan dominated there and still does now. Towson has a strength & conditioning coach....along with it's unbelievable facility. Unitas Stadium to the work out centers to the pools....Towson give's their student body a great experience.

If you want the rock hard body that college student-athletes are relentlessy trying to attain....here is the workout straight from their weight room. They do it after every lift. And we are sure you will be happy with the results once you start this training. You can do it at the office, at your home, camping, traveling. ......

Sit ups
Legs up - toe touches
Right foot over left knee crunch
Left foot over right knee crunch
Bicycles - elbows to knees
Straight leg out hold for 60sec
Straight leg scissor crosses
Oblique twists

50 reps per set
hold a 20lb weight - every other day

for best results: 
slow count the numbers
emphasize the motion
don't cheat yourself

......a big THANK YOU to


Monday, July 30, 2012

Witnes at Community Service in Denver

We had the distinct pleasure and invitation to watch Witnes tag the walls at Comm. Serv. He was in town to see the shop, check in with EAST, and display his immense artistic talent. He dropped the panda and spray can on Friday inside with a great white back drop. Saturday he torched the back of the shop with an unbelievable piece. You can swing through the shop to see them in person. 

We always like to see the street culture from dunk xchange to LRG graffiti artist's....we
cover it all.

Denver Dunk XChange - Sneaks, Peaks, and flava

Dunk Xchange 

We attended the first annual Denver Dunk Xchange at City Hall this past Sunday. We were delighted when Antonio hit us up about the event and covering the grime. He met us at the door and showed us around the venue. Shoes, socks, hats, gear, hip hop, and OG's were all in attendance for this event. We had a hard time taking it all in at first....the LA crew, the Vegas crew, the Yeezy's, the MAG's, the clothing, and the music were all top notch. They did it right...like we knew they would.

Hunt caught up with Antonio for an interview that will be played on our radio show "Bless Up with GG" (Wednesday 9:30am-11:30am MST - Sub.Mission Radio). 

And he also got to see some sneaks that made him take a second look. "I rocked my Safari's today. I realized I was the only cat with some 80's era kicks on. Then I started to see the new school flavor. The youngings are bringing it right but they still need that course in 'history' to slow them down. The Sample's Dunk Low were a real treat (from LA). Haven't seen the pigeon in person for a while 'round here. The first edition Addidas graf with pen set and coloring book brought me back to my days in B'more searching for the hottest pair of yellow's I could find. It's great to see the culture come out and unite for some real love." Hunt had to be pulled outta the event by the end of it. He was a little caught up in all the fashion walking around. 

The best outfit - Leapord Shorts, Red Ganja Socks, LV wallet &  The Kermits

We spotted Civil Clothing, Supreme, Huf, Undefeated, and "Foamposite" was the name of the day....every color...every size. We even saw some Louie's (see pics). It was a solid day of street life, street culture, and sneaker etiquette. Our highlight was the DJ - Tha Land Lord. He dropped the heaters all day to start the crew moving and swanging.

The Nike MAG's were sighted and tried on.......

Dunk Xchange was started when the owner was "ripped off" from an over see sneaker purchase. Since then they have been running the game ever since. Like kings on the local blacktop...they make it take it. We loved the grime and they keep it gatsby.

Grassroots was up in the building

People bringing out the old kicks for the event....love seeing the OG's

The hardest Addidas to find - Yellow tennis fuzz full pack graf set

Old school Supreme was all over - too bad the kiddies didn't notice

The Yeezy next to The Sample - Hunt's personal favorite

The Billionaire Boy's brought the A game to their table
The Louie's chilling.......Foamposite's looming....

The headliner - Ayelogics rocking the "all Olympic" outfit

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Skatepark Days!

The weather has been amazing lately, a little hot but still just perfect for that urge to get outside and stay there! I was up by 6:30 and out the door by 8 after checking the morning grime. A close member of the “STL Fam” is on his first week of being a new Colorado resident, so I ventured off to Thorton to hit up some of his new local parks.  He drove by a park about 8 minutes away the night before, while out scoping his new scenery. Find the Thornton Skatepark here!

We pull up and first glance portrayed a small group of young scooter shredders at a smaller sized concrete park. Smaller than some of the Heavenly sized Denver Skatepark or the Arvada Team Pain Skatepark that is. Still the unique design and well constructed park is a blast. The nearly endless flow to this little diamond made up for its size entirely. The large bowl near the picnic bench was filled with different hips and a great-banked wall that was more than enough to get those early morning legs loosened up. The rails, ledges, and corners in the street section were built and placed for endless line possibilities. With the park being rather empty as the scooter kids began to watch more than ride, we got right to the cameras. The late noon sun began to really beat down and as the water bottles emptied we finished a last clip and packed it up. The park is a bit out of my way but is definitely worth the trip for another gorgeous day out on the grime!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Some pictures from our coverage in July....

A glance of our month of July coverage....

Art Beat 7 happened in Aspen on the 7th and it was a great event with live music, art, and people getting down in Aspen. 

We spent the 4th with Ink Monstr in Washington Park in Denver. This place was a sea of people going crazy and celebrating our nation's holiday.

Tommy Lee tore down the house at Belly Up, Aspen. And if you look close you can see our Bowser toy on the table under his finger in this picture. If you see Bowser tell him we love him...

New hat was released at Grassroots (Denver) and we had to swing through to see the grime. These boys keep it real grimey - day and night.....

Ink Monstr's summer pool series has been OFF THE CHAIN!!! We decided to grab some pics this time of the tom-foolery. It didn't disappoint.....we promise

Global Dance Festival came and conquered Red Rocks this past weekend. We were there...just like Global Dub to cover the movement that is EDM.....These pictures are some great pieces of the scene!!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Recycling Vs Upcycling

          Recycling Vs. Upcycling
 The reuse of our daily materials has played a major roll in the continuing evolution of mankind. The constant growth in population of man on earth and the continuing rise in demand for the earth’s providing materials is causing damaging affects. Many convenience items, such as plastic water bottles and aluminum containers for a drink on the go, take away too much energy from our planet and release toxins back into it. The reuse of materials produces less toxic pollution into our planets atmosphere. It also takes less energy from our planet to reuse materials rather than creating new ones. This act in turn allows the earth to produce improved water, air, plants, and wildlife. All of which are a key component in the health and wellness of the human body. With all this stated it is also important to discuss the major economical benefits of both recycling and up cycling. The cost of virgin materials is much higher, and so is their supply processes. In comparison materials being reused in similar forms or in the same form are far more economical. Recycling and up cycling are both very beneficial to our environment and overall health, and they will both continue to be a more proficient source for improving our longevity.

            Recycling has been a part of our society for some time now, and the benefits are remarkable. Many cities and states alike have been requiring recycling to be done in every home. The popularity of reusing materials as a society has grown tremendously since even the beginning of 2000 A great amount of space in our landfills has been reserved. Recycling has also greatly conserved our natural resources. It has cut back on pollution found in our air and water that are toxic to the human body. However, the rapid growth of developing societies needs for improved living standards. Along with the more economically developed societies over consumption of resources, that is much higher than the ability to regenerate. Recycling materials can be well assisted by the promotion of up cycling. In the growing improvement needed to help sustain proper living standards while also decreasing the exploitations on the planet. To continue with the proper standards of living for further evolutions of mankind, the need for more sustainable lifestyles in society in a must. The truth is that only so much can be done to the planet before it just runs out, and at the rate of consumption over regeneration it is only a matter of time before all our virgin resources are all dried up.

            Up cycling is a new improvement from recycling that reuses materials with out disturbing its quality of composition for its next use. Plastic bottles are too toxic to be recycled into products that may contain any items that may be ingested. This causes most recycled plastics to be used in clothing, toys, and carpets to name a few. This means that these items are becoming now non- recyclable items that will still one day add to our waste. Aluminum cans on the other hand, are melted down continuously into more aluminum containers. Newsprint also has been improved when reused to allow for a continuous cycle of reuse. This allows for items to stay in use, unlike basic recycling which only extends the life of a material. Up cycling allows materials to last far longer than entire generations will be on this planet. Allowing for less virgin materials to be needed to continue bettering our living standards. Which gives the planet the necessary time to redevelop these resources. This continuous recycling sends the reused materials back up the chain of produce. If this spread it would mean less mountains mined for virgin metals, less oil wells drilled for plastics, and less trees would need cut for paper. Reused materials saves much needed energy resources from our planet, and both recycling and up cycling are ways to greatly improve these processes.

            Both recycling and up cycling will tremendously prolong the human species. Saving energy the planet uses to create more virgin materials is being overly consumed at a rapid pace. If these habits are improved the environment will in return produce more proficient materials and wildlife for the betterment of mankind. The need to move more in the direction of up cycling to continue to move forward with this progress is very important. Even though recycling prolongs the use of materials for a period of time before still becoming waste. Preventing this can even extend into household items like TVs, furniture, and almost all other electronic devices in today's homes. Instead of tossing out broken items to become waste and then purchasing new items to replace old items. Instead the utilization of repairs on broken items will not only prolong the life of these materials, keeping them from taking space in landfills. But will also cut back on the demand for virgin materials on products not made from reused resources. The process of moving resources back up the supply chain will continue use of these materials long after the current population has been long gone. Up cycling is a process to repeat in the returning of materials back to a usable form without down grading them to a lesser value. Recycling will always play a great part to help in the improvement of our environment, but up cycling will play a major roll in the future growth and longevity of our planet. 


This weekend Squaw Valley plays host to the Wanderlust Festival, the yoga music and healing arts festival that originated in North Lake Tahoe in 2009.  The festival has grown over the years and this summer will be held in four locations (Vermont, Colorado, Lake Tahoe and British Colombia).  Guru Gatsby was at the Colorado Wanderlust at Copper Mountain , and found that Wanderlust is no ordinary festival.  Festival founders Seane Hoess and Jeff Krasno, who played in bands together in college, had a musical production company housed in the same building as Jeff' wife's yoga studio.  As the two men were introduced to the yoga community they saw an opportunity for a new type of event, fusing their skills in production with the political, social and moral values of yoga culture. 

Yogis in Action

Wanderlust is one of a kind, providing four days of yoga sessions and Speakeasy lectures with extensive Q+A periods, as well as outdoor activities like guided hikes, mountain biking and rafting.  The festival is meant to be participatory, with attendees "interwoven into the fabric of the event", as the founders put it.  It also brings music into the mix, with everything from the yogic chanting of Krisna Das  and the devotional hip-hop of MC Yogi to the majestic artistry of performance artists Quixotic and Beats Antique.  The founders said they chose artists based who fit with the philosophies of Wanderlust, such as Vegan DJ Moby and peace activist Michael Franti, as well as artists who push the boundaries of what is music and what is art.  Witnessing the visual sumptuousness of Quixotic's presentations (full of video art, contortionists and elaborate costumes) and Beats Antique's vibrant and lush sounds blended with the enticing dance of Zoe Jakes, one can see this mission brought to fruition.  


Bonnie Paine of Elephant Revival

At the Colorado Wanderlust, Guru Gatsby relished the positive and joyful festival atmosphere, soaked up that Rocky Mountain fresh air and sunshine (punctuated by much-needed afternoon thunderstorms....rain dance, anyone?), and met fascinating creative and conscious folks of all ilks.   One highlight was the Speakeasy held by conscious mind expert Dr. Ron Alexander and yogic adventurer Shiva Rea, entitled "From Woodstock to Wanderlust: Festivals and Shifts in Consciousness".   These two discussed the introduction of Kundalini yoga to the West in the sixties and the natural urge, as old as fire, to gather and celebrate. This urge was satisfied in many ways at Wanderlust, from the communal feel of the Farm to Table dinner to the tribal exuberance of Shiva Rea's global trance dance sessions.  

Dr. Ron Alexander and Shiva Rea

This year's Wanderlust festivals are also the launch pad for the Yoga Votes, part of Off the Mat, Into the World, an organization that mobilizes the yoga community into conscious action.  On Saturday of the Colorado Festival a large group of teachers, including OTM founder Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Rod Stryker and more, led a practice and rally centered around taking civic action.  Yoga Votes is non-partisan and simply urges yogis, 20 million strong in the US, to get out and participate in elections guided by the principles of yoga.  Congressman Tim Ryan, author of 'Mindful Nation' and the only national level elected official who openly advocates for mindfulness and the incorporation of yogic ideals in policy-making, also joined the effort. 

Seane Corn and Tim Ryan speak to the Yoga Votes Rally

From down dog to mountain top hikes, from wine tasting at "Winderlust" to treatments in the Healing Sanctuary (featuring local massage therapists, Reiki practioners and more) to the variety of conscientious and creative vendors (look for profiles of some of these vendors to come on Grimey Gatsby), Wanderlust has something for every seeker. 

If you're in Northern California this weekend, head to Squaw Valley  to stretch your body and your consciousness with all-stars like Baron Baptiste and Dr. Wayne Dyer. Then shake that Bodhisattva booty with the likes of Shpongle and Eskmo.  If you can't make it, there's also one final weekend at Whistler (August 23rd-26th).  

Every yogi has their own experience at Wanderlust, but what Guru Gatsby took away from this magical weekend was that yoga is not just a physical practice. It's a mental and spiritual lifestyle that this community cultivates in all its actions.  Every day we make choices, and every day we have opportunities to live in love and awareness. As Deepak Chopra told an enormous crowd on the festival's final day, today is not "just another day. It is the one day. The one day that was given to you.  It is a gift and the only appropriate response is gratitude"

Deepak Chopra

1 year anniversary!!!!

Today is our first year in business. 
It's a great feeling to see it grow daily and globally. 
We appreciate all your support, feedback, and comments. 

If you want to CELEBRATE with us.....share this link on your facebook timeline.

The entire GGFam will be "celebrating" today in the digital world.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Global Dance Festival 2012 - Recap - Red Rocks

Global Dance Festival, or just "global" as many avid participants refer to it, shook the Red Rocks of Colorado's renowned venue with absurd amounts of bass this past weekend.  It was the festival's tenth anniversary and Triad Dragons Entertainment did not disappoint, putting on Global Dance Festivals  in Colorado, Detroit, Kansas City, and Minneapolis.    Bringing a broad spectrum of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) to the rocks, Global gave Colorado's EDM fans exactly what they wanted.  

Australian duo Knife Party brought London style dub step and Ibiza-tinged house to the party...pardon the pun, but these guys are on the cutting edge of EDM. They have been around for years now but are finally making the big festival scene. Their sound is pure enjoyment.

Chicago trio Krewella, who went on to 'Play Hard'  at Beta as the surprise guest at Bassic Friday, absolutely killed the Rocks with their set. Bodies were dancing all around (see pic below from Hunter Baar). We have them on our radar for sure after this weekend.

Friday was a remarkable day in Colorado, and the crowd at Global was not insulated from the Aurora theater tragedy.  The festival provided many an opportunity to come together in wake of the horror in order to heal through music and dance. A Colorado tragedy, a Colorado cure. Music is always a salvation.

Wolfgang Gartner was a great sight on Saturday. The crowd was huge and the rocks were rocking. The talent was superb. The atmosphere was soothing and the people were getting down to the music. All over the event you could feel Colorado coming together and embracing what they do best....Enjoy their surrounding. 

On Global's final day EDM's sub-genre du jour "trap music" was audible in abundance. Our friends at Sub.Mission had a whole stage to themselves to toss the heat. The "DUB" day of Global was the biggest in attendance as well (side note). We always like to see the family making the sea of people move to the music...not the hype.

One attendee claimed Dillon Francis made her night, when in between dirty moombaton beats of his own creation he yelled "this is going to be the best song you'll hear all night" then dropped 'We Like to Party' by the Venga Boys...we always like a great laugh. Coincidentally, this is the song that plays at Coors Field when the Rockies score a home run. Well played, Mr. Francis.....well played.

 Excision was the biggest treat of the weekend. "He went harder than anyone I've ever seen" was the statement echoing backstage with the talent. This man threw it hard like a boss!!!! He made his mark on Global, Colorado, Red Rocks, and Denver all in one set......most talked about set from the event this week in our offices.

All photos supplied by: Hunter Baar Photography

Bless Up with GG - July 25, 2012

Our playlist and information that was broadcasted today on "Bless Up with GG" on Sub.Mission Radio. Thanks for tuning in if you did. If you didn't we air weekly on iTunes through this station. Feel free to listen in or advertise.


"War" - Bob Marley
"I Chase the Devil" Max Romeo
"Give me a try" Sizzle
"Hills & Valleys" Buju Banton
"Land of Promise" Nas & Damian Jr. Gong Marley
"Your Gospel" Dub Kweli
"Stand Up" The Upstarts
"Mesmerized" Jahdan Blakkamoore
"Que Sera" Wax Tailor
"One Day as a Lion" Wild International
"Warrior Poet" Tomorrow's Bad Seeds
"Get Money" Junior M.A.F.I.A.
Timeline track
"Intl Players Anthem" UGK
"Pop Shots" ODB
"Gold and a Pager" The Cool Kids
"Flava in your ear" Craig MAc
"Niggas in Poorest" Yasiin Bey
"Dirty Mef" Method Man ft. ODB
"Better Dayz" Tupac
"Cookin Swag" On Blimey
"Bad Girls" MIA
"Humpty Dance" Digital Underground
"Supligen" Gemmy
"Marka" Dub Phizin & Skeptical ft. Strategy
Bob Marley Interview Clip

News/ Top Stories:
Christian Bale at Aurora Hospital yesterday...

Over 3 million so far for the victims has been donated
(Dark Night Studio donated 1 million to the victims)

Isagenix - Health & Wealth

Big Fish Tattoo - Solana Beach, CA

Big Wrap - Aspen, CO

Hawaii North Shore Surf Report
Huntington Beach Surf Report
North County SD Surf Report

GG Events this weekend
Friday - Bassic Friday - BETA Nightclub - Liquid Stranger
Saturday - Woodward Copper Snow Sess Public Day 9am-12pm
Saturday - Whomp Truck Night Market
Sunday - Denver Dunk Xchange - shoes shoe & shoes

Bass Invasion 4 - Denver, CO

Ink Monstr - Denver, CO

Year 1 for Grimey Gatsby is FRIDAY

Colorado Fire Relief Stickers:

Silverton Mountain - $399 season passes till Friday

RAAP - Rape Awareness & Assistance Denver
Hotline - 303-322-7273

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This Week's Hottest Party in Denver

This Thursday Cervantes and The Other Side will play host to a dual room event, filling these side by side venues with an epic assortment of musicians.  The crew at Euphonic Conceptions has done it again, putting together an incredible night of music and celebration. The evening launches the River Beats festival weekend, fetes the release of Eliot Lipp's latest album, and honors jazz innovator 
Herbie Hancock . This blend of electronic, funk, jazz and more is sure to be an auditory extravaganza. For those attending Friday and Saturdays's River Beats Festival at State Bridge, this evening will make for the perfect appetizer to your weekend's musical feast. For those who can't make it to the Bridge, this  night will offer a satisfying blend of music that should tide you over to your next big show!

Eliot Lipp dropped his new album Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake on the Pretty Lights label at the end of May, but Thursday night marks the album's debut on the Denver scene, as Eliot takes the stage with his assortment of analog gear and eclectic style.   You're bound to hear a taste of crunk and techno blended in with the predominant funk and hip-hop flavors in Lipp's crisp compositions. Add Lipp's lively showmanship on the keys, mixer and laptop, and you've got yourself one exhilarating set.  Lipp's signature fusion of genres is a perfect fit with the evening's tribute to musical chameleon Herbie Hancock. 

Any diehard music buff can tell you legions about jazz legend Herbie Hancock. The master helped define the role of the jazz rhythm section and was one of the first jazz musicians to incorporate the use of synthesizers and adopt elements of funk, including syncopated drum beats. Hist evolutionary style led him from Miles Davis' Second Great Quintet, through the integration of funk and soul into his sound, all the way to a hip-hop cross over.  Still kickin' at 72, Hancock embodies the kind of musical freedom and expression that many artists strive for.  Thursday night members of Colorado heavy-hitters  The MotetBig Gigantic, and JunoWhat?! will perform a live tribute to this musical titan.  With wailing sax and jazzy keys, this all-star group is sure to drop some serious funk on the Denver crowd.

Check out how Hancock helped pioneer break beats with 'Rockit':

In addition to these great acts, you'll also get to catch the Colorado return of Ana Sia, who blew the roof off Casselman's back in April.  Plus there's the heavy-hitting bass of Denver's own Samples, the  gangsta stylings of Canada's finest Knight Riderz, the sexy sounds of ya girl SuperDre,   Mike Pinto's cool  Cali sounds and Sir Charles' smooth jams. So much music in just one night!

This weekend is bound to be one of the biggest on Colorado's summer music calendar.  Get down to Cervantes this Thursday to whet your appetite, or get your fill!  

Check out more of Euphonic Conception's events 
(held in Colorado, New York and California) HERE.  

Then check out the schedule and get your tickets to River Beats!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our most recent projects in the video world

We've had a great time this past week gearing up for our 1st Year Anniversary. We dropped a music video for Dirt Monkey & Ishe. We tossed up a nice video fro Ink Monstr's Pool Party and we have some epic filler shots for some of our graffiti clients. All in all, this past week went by fast but we were able to get this up for you...the audience. You can see pics from the Pool Party in our SmugMug Account (if you were there...you'll probably be in there).

We have been dropped some info from our graffiti heads about the Denver area and it's legendary art. We set out to grab some shots for our clients on the East Coast for a piece they requested. We have more "spots" to see. We also have plenty of heads that would love to toss up your logo if your looking for that "guerrilla aspect." Just let us know.... thegatsby@thegrimeygatsby.com

Over 1,100 views in a week for Play Me records. Dirt Monkey & Ishe's "Turn Up the Ride" is sitting in the top 5 dubstep albums on Beatport. If you haven't seen it - check it out. If you have - Thank you. Music Videos are one of the many things we can direct, design, and produce for you. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Light Geist - Our Aspen Staff Photographer

Our photographer in Aspen is one of a kind....he is usually our making things happen on his own. In remote locations, we find him capturing the essence of nature and also jumping head first into the Grime. From fashion shows to time lapses of stars, Light Geist if the one for your next Roaring Fork Valley event. He can turn anything into elegant with his touch and style. He also can get you the best marketing photo's we've seen recently. This man knows how to make people move....like buy your products "move." Take a look at some of his work this past year....and you'll understand why he's part of our team.