Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Coult 45 - On the Rise Again...

I recently caught up with Coult 45 before he stepped into his home studio to crank out a new mix. Be sure to pay attention this weekend when it's dropped. He is on the front edge of dubstep, "tear out" to the purists, but all EDM as he told me. "It's not about cliques and 'who's the best genre.' It's about music. We all worked hard to get here and we all get to enjoy the stage. We all wouldn't be here if people didn't listen to music....not just ours...but all of it." He has a great outlook on the future too. "Burning Man is the best and I am always excited when it gets close. But after all the other festivals this summer, the fun, the sets I've played..It's a win. I'm always looking for new places but I've played Red Rocks once and now get to again this weekend [Global Dance Festival]." He embraces the movement of dubstep like no other. I watched him flip through 50 new tracks while answering questions from me and answering a phone that is worse than "the loud kid in the movie." Thing never shuts up...had to wait for two confirmations and one Global call in our hour long talk. This man is submerged in the the hottest city...with the hottest people. 

Did I mention he's playing Red Rocks for the second time this summer?....something to take note for next year when he's "what's hot"......Coult's shooting bull's eyes right now.

COULT 45 & Nicole of Sub.Mission at Global Dub

He has a bunch of things coming up that you can attend in DENVER to see BASS CULTURE. As many know, you can switch those to words around and the sentence still sticks. Denver is Bass right now and Bass is what's gaining more and more attention. Base Code is taking over The Hive this Thursday and Coult 45 is throwing the heat like a true OG. And he also has a "Fire in the Sky" Charity event the same evening. He gives back because he's a local...a native...a ambassador to Colorado. He talks about it with passion but he shows it with his actions. 

Whomp Truck also has a great event planned coming up. A Night Market with food trucks, retail trucks, and music trucks from all over Colorado. You can swing through and catch Coult 45 but you can also see the culture that is building. These mobile shops are a great accessory to the "pop up" trend all over the states. You can have them come to one location and throw the best party/block party/festival/ or Charity event I have ever seen. You can contact Whomp Truck for more about the trucks, the events, and the culture. Great Guys & Great Sound

It was impressive to see all the action "behind the scenes". And to see his phone blow up & he laughed with a big smile, "I guess my podcast is playing on Sub.Mission Radio right now. It's nice knowing your fans love you and they want to hear you. But also when they know your sound so well they can spot it on the radio...and it plays globally which is great to have. The exposure is huge and the audience is the most important." He asked for me to hold on while he answered the texts that streamed in about his podcast (Sub.Mission Podcast).

"Oh and the most important one is Bass Invasion. That's huge and we (Sub.Mission residents) all get to play for the home to speak. I sell tickets to the event and we all take a huge part in the production. Once the sound starts and the bodies's all worth it. The people, the sound, the atmosphere, and the memories from it are all real. It's the movement of the culture and it's awesome to have a part in it," he dropped on me like Plato. You can contact him directly for tickets to Bass Invasion.

After we talked he stepped into his studio and, before I could close the door on my way out, I heard the music start up. I heard the bass kick and I thought about a scientist in his lab working on things or a composer tapping his stick on the stand in front of him.....about to orchestrate the sound of BASS. With three sets this week in 4 days, he's busy. Busy making sure you dance next time and come back for more. 

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