Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Brick by brick, Branch by branch, Hand in hand" - Colorado Fire Relief - Ink Monstr, Colorado Red Cross, & Grimey Gatsby

Colorado Fire Relief

The cabin that your ancestors built to establish their settlement, the trail you took your kids on to hike the Rockies every year, the first time you slid on snow, the tree you carved your initials in with that lucky girl way back when, the skate park that you frequented every weekend, and for the people that have lived, played, ran, walked, hiked, swam, climbed, and embraced this State for it’s true beauty, the smoke, flames, and ashes of the Colorado fires have stripped what was once ours down to acres of scorched earth.

Have you been to Red Rocks to see a show? Have you traveled to Colorado to see the mountains, the trails, the rivers, and the animals? Do you ride SUP’s down the river? Are you a skier? A boarder? A tuber? Worked as a liftie at your local mountain? What about your cousin that you visit to get away from the “grind” and into the “mountain life”? 

How about the future generations that might not have the same place to visit? You can tell the impact of the fires on our people. We are facing more than thousands of people without homes. First, we must rebuild those places. We are involved to help the rebuild, restructure, and the betterment of Colorado. Ink Monstr, The Red Cross, and Grimey Gatsby are bringing you the best “badge of honor.” A sticker to prove your commitment to the outdoors.

The fires burned down schools, businesses, houses, parks, and playgrounds in Colorado Springs, Boulder, Mancos, Delta, and more.  We are taking it back to the streets, to the skate parks, to the skiers, the boarders, the climbers, the block parties, the cruiser rides, the float trips, the camping expeditions, the long boarders, the mountain miners, and the simple backyard games. We are the state of  the outdoors. We are the state of rugged lands and even grittier locals. 

We are the locals of Colorado and WE WILL REBUILD!!!

All you have to do is get a sticker and slap it on your life – your MAC, your PC, your water bottle, your roof rack, your car, your bike, your board, your skis, your camper, your cabin, your 4x4, your vacation town, your home town...  


Brick by Brick - Branch by Branch – Hand in Hand
We will always be COLORFUL COLORADO!!!!

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