Friday, July 6, 2012

Isagenix - The healthy way to get you "right"

I recently took this challenge:
Live at a lower elevation, take on more office work, less free time, commute more, work out less, and about 5 times more stress....

I relocated Grimey Gatsby from Aspen to Denver for our summer of expansion. We have a larger staff, more events to cover, more clients to attend to, more music, more fashion, merchandise, a radio show, and videos to direct.....on top of the daily routine in business, life, and health. This has all been a great realization about what it takes to "be fit." I used to live in the mountains at 8,000 feet. I could get away with a 6 mile run instead of 10. I could get away with eating something I shouldn't but did. I could walk uphill and burn more calories than you do walking a mile. It's all about your they tell me now. 

I am 31, male, and active. I work out, was a college athlete, and have an athletic build. I love the outdoors but sometimes have to make "due" with a run through the suburbs. I have climbed the Tetons to ski them, ran the Grand Traverse trail from Aspen to Crested Butte, and have done some other pretty grueling physical things to myself just for "the fun of it." And now......I run a company. 

Isagenix has been a positive in this transition. I use it in the mornings for breakfast. I have an energy water around lunch. I work out and recover faster. That helps since I never know when I will be able to work out tomorrow, or this weekend, or next week. I get a window of 30-45 minutes and I'm gone with no watch, no route, no structure...I just run and then back to the grind. The shakes coupled with the protein keep me ready to go. The meal replacement bars are not only working on the go but keep the grocery list a bit lighter. As I use more of the cleanse I can see what it means to live "healthy" instead of just being "healthy." I try to keep my cravings at bay with fruit in the evenings. But the 4th of July always rains down carbs like no other....hahaha

The Gatsby that wrote the article....Hunt

I've been using it for 30 days. I have lost weight (over 5 pounds). I feel great when I wake up and when I work out. I am starting to add time to my runs and climbs. But the best benefit I balanced. Not like a gymnast but like a yogi.....I feel consistent day in and day out. Now matter the stress and curve balls this new life throws at me. 

As a Division 1 athlete, former coach to the national lacrosse teams, extreme sports junkie, back country skier enthusiasts, and now head of a company growing by leaps and bounds....

Isagenix keeps me where I need to the present.

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