Friday, July 6, 2012

"Bless Up with GG" Show - 9:30am-11:30am (MST) Wednesdays

We have been asked to host a morning show for Sub.Mission on Wednesdays. And we couldn't be more happy about it. We would like to ask anyone that is looking for "Air Time" for music, fashion, or interviews to please contact:

We will be bringing you new music, fashion, styles, stories, art, and anything else your lifestyle can throw at us. We also will be interviewing the mover and shakers of Denver, the OG's of the music industry, the Females that make fashion revolve, and the rest of the GG Family. 

All you have to do is tune in....just set your phone, computer, tablet, satellite, or crazy ass space ship to our URL for the show. It's the easiest way to spread the grime these days!!!

Hunt will be hosting the show and we are starting to dial in our programming. If you need to have exposure for your brand we have it!!! Contact us about advertising on our show.....we can do everything from a "shout out" to a commercial for your your starting to see the big picture....aren't you ;)

Here is when we play in your area on

11:30am - NYC, D.C., Miami

10:30am - Chicago, St. Louis, Austin, Kingston

9:30am - Denver

8:30am - LA, SF, SD, Seattle, Portland

5:30am - Hawaii

12:30pm - Tokyo

4:30pm - London

5:30pm - Paris, Amsterdam

12:30pm - San Paulo

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