Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This Week's Hottest Party in Denver

This Thursday Cervantes and The Other Side will play host to a dual room event, filling these side by side venues with an epic assortment of musicians.  The crew at Euphonic Conceptions has done it again, putting together an incredible night of music and celebration. The evening launches the River Beats festival weekend, fetes the release of Eliot Lipp's latest album, and honors jazz innovator 
Herbie Hancock . This blend of electronic, funk, jazz and more is sure to be an auditory extravaganza. For those attending Friday and Saturdays's River Beats Festival at State Bridge, this evening will make for the perfect appetizer to your weekend's musical feast. For those who can't make it to the Bridge, this  night will offer a satisfying blend of music that should tide you over to your next big show!

Eliot Lipp dropped his new album Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake on the Pretty Lights label at the end of May, but Thursday night marks the album's debut on the Denver scene, as Eliot takes the stage with his assortment of analog gear and eclectic style.   You're bound to hear a taste of crunk and techno blended in with the predominant funk and hip-hop flavors in Lipp's crisp compositions. Add Lipp's lively showmanship on the keys, mixer and laptop, and you've got yourself one exhilarating set.  Lipp's signature fusion of genres is a perfect fit with the evening's tribute to musical chameleon Herbie Hancock. 

Any diehard music buff can tell you legions about jazz legend Herbie Hancock. The master helped define the role of the jazz rhythm section and was one of the first jazz musicians to incorporate the use of synthesizers and adopt elements of funk, including syncopated drum beats. Hist evolutionary style led him from Miles Davis' Second Great Quintet, through the integration of funk and soul into his sound, all the way to a hip-hop cross over.  Still kickin' at 72, Hancock embodies the kind of musical freedom and expression that many artists strive for.  Thursday night members of Colorado heavy-hitters  The MotetBig Gigantic, and JunoWhat?! will perform a live tribute to this musical titan.  With wailing sax and jazzy keys, this all-star group is sure to drop some serious funk on the Denver crowd.

Check out how Hancock helped pioneer break beats with 'Rockit':

In addition to these great acts, you'll also get to catch the Colorado return of Ana Sia, who blew the roof off Casselman's back in April.  Plus there's the heavy-hitting bass of Denver's own Samples, the  gangsta stylings of Canada's finest Knight Riderz, the sexy sounds of ya girl SuperDre,   Mike Pinto's cool  Cali sounds and Sir Charles' smooth jams. So much music in just one night!

This weekend is bound to be one of the biggest on Colorado's summer music calendar.  Get down to Cervantes this Thursday to whet your appetite, or get your fill!  

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Then check out the schedule and get your tickets to River Beats!

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