Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wanderlust x Parotees Collab Shirt!!!

WanderLust = Emily Bache + Abigail Breslin. They have continuously brought you their discoveries, events, and some of the latest designer features. Together they offer some of the best styling, modeling, consulting, photography, film, and personal shopping you could ask for. Always working to keep you ahead in this constantly changing industry WanderLust takes any and all fashion into complete interest.

Paro Tees Clothing is redefining the way you think of graphic tees.  They completely devote themselves to the constant change in New York City fashion. From the grimey street life to the refined quarters of the "City that Never Sleep." From the sophistication and graphic design sensations that really define the New York City lifestyles to the collaborations that we love, ParoTees hopes not only to have it’s customers looking good but feeling good about it!   

As always the girls are finding new ways to inject their great taste into your daily fashion needs. Making it as easy as grabbing a tee before hitting your grime. Perfect fit and comfy look with the "Lower East Side" slouchy tee. Portraying the beautiful black lips and un-ashed cigarette on this rock inspired tee in both men and women's. Or throw on that NY Backbone for those bold adventures throughout these summer nights. This incredible collaboration from such great minds; WanderLust and Paro Tees are both proud to bring the new looks for everything the summer brings your way.

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