Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Global Dance Festival 2012 - Recap - Red Rocks

Global Dance Festival, or just "global" as many avid participants refer to it, shook the Red Rocks of Colorado's renowned venue with absurd amounts of bass this past weekend.  It was the festival's tenth anniversary and Triad Dragons Entertainment did not disappoint, putting on Global Dance Festivals  in Colorado, Detroit, Kansas City, and Minneapolis.    Bringing a broad spectrum of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) to the rocks, Global gave Colorado's EDM fans exactly what they wanted.  

Australian duo Knife Party brought London style dub step and Ibiza-tinged house to the party...pardon the pun, but these guys are on the cutting edge of EDM. They have been around for years now but are finally making the big festival scene. Their sound is pure enjoyment.

Chicago trio Krewella, who went on to 'Play Hard'  at Beta as the surprise guest at Bassic Friday, absolutely killed the Rocks with their set. Bodies were dancing all around (see pic below from Hunter Baar). We have them on our radar for sure after this weekend.

Friday was a remarkable day in Colorado, and the crowd at Global was not insulated from the Aurora theater tragedy.  The festival provided many an opportunity to come together in wake of the horror in order to heal through music and dance. A Colorado tragedy, a Colorado cure. Music is always a salvation.

Wolfgang Gartner was a great sight on Saturday. The crowd was huge and the rocks were rocking. The talent was superb. The atmosphere was soothing and the people were getting down to the music. All over the event you could feel Colorado coming together and embracing what they do best....Enjoy their surrounding. 

On Global's final day EDM's sub-genre du jour "trap music" was audible in abundance. Our friends at Sub.Mission had a whole stage to themselves to toss the heat. The "DUB" day of Global was the biggest in attendance as well (side note). We always like to see the family making the sea of people move to the music...not the hype.

One attendee claimed Dillon Francis made her night, when in between dirty moombaton beats of his own creation he yelled "this is going to be the best song you'll hear all night" then dropped 'We Like to Party' by the Venga Boys...we always like a great laugh. Coincidentally, this is the song that plays at Coors Field when the Rockies score a home run. Well played, Mr. Francis.....well played.

 Excision was the biggest treat of the weekend. "He went harder than anyone I've ever seen" was the statement echoing backstage with the talent. This man threw it hard like a boss!!!! He made his mark on Global, Colorado, Red Rocks, and Denver all in one set......most talked about set from the event this week in our offices.

All photos supplied by: Hunter Baar Photography

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