Friday, July 20, 2012

Aurora Theatre Shooting - July 20, 2012

We, at Grimey Gatsby, would like to take a second to reflect on what happened last night in our home town of Denver, Colorado. Our thoughts are with all of the is hard to grasp the true impact of this on our community. People are scared, others are angry, and millions around the globe are sad. We are going to keep your informed on our Facebook page with information from the local area. We also would ask you to send your thoughts, prayers, ital vibes, and positive energy to the victims of this tragedy. It is a sad day in Denver.......some are dead, some are critical, kids are in hospitals, and families have lost people already.

If you are in Denver, please take a second to donate blood, hug your loved ones, and stay strong. We will prevail and we will unite.

Now more than ever, we need LOVE. Unity, Peace, and Love....spread it, embrace it, and be it. We can always take a second to make some one's day better. We can all take a positive proactive approach to what we do. This sad day has brought many together. We have people on our staff that were directly effected...and others that were "supposed to be" in the theatre last night.

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