Sunday, July 29, 2012

Skatepark Days!

The weather has been amazing lately, a little hot but still just perfect for that urge to get outside and stay there! I was up by 6:30 and out the door by 8 after checking the morning grime. A close member of the “STL Fam” is on his first week of being a new Colorado resident, so I ventured off to Thorton to hit up some of his new local parks.  He drove by a park about 8 minutes away the night before, while out scoping his new scenery. Find the Thornton Skatepark here!

We pull up and first glance portrayed a small group of young scooter shredders at a smaller sized concrete park. Smaller than some of the Heavenly sized Denver Skatepark or the Arvada Team Pain Skatepark that is. Still the unique design and well constructed park is a blast. The nearly endless flow to this little diamond made up for its size entirely. The large bowl near the picnic bench was filled with different hips and a great-banked wall that was more than enough to get those early morning legs loosened up. The rails, ledges, and corners in the street section were built and placed for endless line possibilities. With the park being rather empty as the scooter kids began to watch more than ride, we got right to the cameras. The late noon sun began to really beat down and as the water bottles emptied we finished a last clip and packed it up. The park is a bit out of my way but is definitely worth the trip for another gorgeous day out on the grime!

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