Monday, July 30, 2012

Denver Dunk XChange - Sneaks, Peaks, and flava

Dunk Xchange 

We attended the first annual Denver Dunk Xchange at City Hall this past Sunday. We were delighted when Antonio hit us up about the event and covering the grime. He met us at the door and showed us around the venue. Shoes, socks, hats, gear, hip hop, and OG's were all in attendance for this event. We had a hard time taking it all in at first....the LA crew, the Vegas crew, the Yeezy's, the MAG's, the clothing, and the music were all top notch. They did it we knew they would.

Hunt caught up with Antonio for an interview that will be played on our radio show "Bless Up with GG" (Wednesday 9:30am-11:30am MST - Sub.Mission Radio). 

And he also got to see some sneaks that made him take a second look. "I rocked my Safari's today. I realized I was the only cat with some 80's era kicks on. Then I started to see the new school flavor. The youngings are bringing it right but they still need that course in 'history' to slow them down. The Sample's Dunk Low were a real treat (from LA). Haven't seen the pigeon in person for a while 'round here. The first edition Addidas graf with pen set and coloring book brought me back to my days in B'more searching for the hottest pair of yellow's I could find. It's great to see the culture come out and unite for some real love." Hunt had to be pulled outta the event by the end of it. He was a little caught up in all the fashion walking around. 

The best outfit - Leapord Shorts, Red Ganja Socks, LV wallet &  The Kermits

We spotted Civil Clothing, Supreme, Huf, Undefeated, and "Foamposite" was the name of the day....every color...every size. We even saw some Louie's (see pics). It was a solid day of street life, street culture, and sneaker etiquette. Our highlight was the DJ - Tha Land Lord. He dropped the heaters all day to start the crew moving and swanging.

The Nike MAG's were sighted and tried on.......

Dunk Xchange was started when the owner was "ripped off" from an over see sneaker purchase. Since then they have been running the game ever since. Like kings on the local blacktop...they make it take it. We loved the grime and they keep it gatsby.

Grassroots was up in the building

People bringing out the old kicks for the seeing the OG's

The hardest Addidas to find - Yellow tennis fuzz full pack graf set

Old school Supreme was all over - too bad the kiddies didn't notice

The Yeezy next to The Sample - Hunt's personal favorite

The Billionaire Boy's brought the A game to their table
The Louie's chilling.......Foamposite's looming....

The headliner - Ayelogics rocking the "all Olympic" outfit

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